Sweet Anton

Anton has been teething for what feels like a hundred years (his top two teeth are taking their sweet time) and it wears him out. He’s been fussy, sleepy, feverish…and yesterday, he petered out and just laid his head down on the coffee table. Poor bunny!

But then Toby teased him by doing the same thing, and it worked! Sometimes only your brother knows how to save the day.

Hope you guys have a good weekend! Links coming up shortly…xoxo

P.S. Brothers taking a nap, and Toby standing for the first time.

  1. Hi Joanna,
    My niece is turning 1 this month. I know you have two cutie lovely boys but as a mother, do you have any recommendations about gifts? Any gifts that you have received that you personally liked?
    Thank you so much!
    I really am encouraged and uplifted by your blog!

  2. My heart melts. Nothing makes me want to have more children more than seeing how much our boys love each other and knowing they’ll be there for each other long after my husband and I are gone. If only we could afford more then 2 children in NYC! I’d have half a dozen :-)

  3. This is incredibly sweet, Joanna! Just dying over the cuteness!

  4. Hurray for brothers! Happy Nesting.

  5. I love this..thanks for sharing

  6. Sweet babies!

  7. Awww, I love how Toby is being the supportive older brother by laying his head down on the table too.

    Our 14 month old is teething too and I feel SO BAD for him. Poor little guy.

    Maria xx

  8. How adorable. Your boys are too sweet. :)

  9. So, so sweet. Makes everything right in the world. xx

  10. This is SO sweet! Makes my heart melt.

  11. This is so sweet! Those boys :)

  12. Sounds like little dude may have an ear infection?

  13. So sweet – made me think of my boys.

  14. Joanna, I’ve heard really great things about these Baltic Amber teething necklaces (I’m a Dental Hygienist I hear a lot about teething and teeth):

    Best of luck! Hope Anton is showing off those new teeth with lots of smiles.

  15. Gaaaah so precious!!

  16. sweet! It’s amazing to me, how empathetic and insightful Toby is! I feel like he has YEARS on me… I can’t imagine how proud that must make you!

  17. This is so cute I said “aww!” and then showed my boyfriend, and then he said “aww!” Too cute.

  18. Aww! That was the sweetest thing ever! Poor Anton – teething is the worst :(

  19. What sweetness!! Such beautiful photos of your boys. And poor Toby. Teething is the pits for sure.

    Thanks for sharing these lovely photots…

  20. Nothing like brothers!!! Our one year old can be in the foulest mood but once our 3.5 year old steps in, it’s nonstop laughs. Of course, it’s always loud play that brightens the mood (e.g. knocking towers over, pretending to fall down, ball throwing)

  21. I can’t. Just can’t. The look on his face. Just. Too. Sad.

    I’m so sorry he’s having pain teething.

  22. Seriously, this is the sweetest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

  23. Aww this is so sweet. It makes me want to make a brother/sister for my 1-year old boy so that they can share in moments like this.

  24. The big highs and big lows of motherhood.
    Sweet brotherly love

  25. You captured beautiful pictures. Yummo an adorable!

    Happy Friday!

  26. Warm fuzzies! SOOooooo sweet! Happy weekend to you and your boys.

  27. Oh my, that’s tears in my eyes Adorable!
    He probably likes the cool feeling of the wood.

    Bravo Toby!
    Wishing Anton a faster teeth pushing in!

  28. Did you try making him wear an amber necklace? I can’t imagine why but apparently it takes the teething pain away, every mom in my circle is using it (not your usual hippies). xoxo

  29. Oh man this makes me look forward to having another baby one day! Sibling love is so sweet. xox happy Friday!

  30. Little cubs! Poor Anton. My little one has also been such a fussbug recently thanks to the slow emergence of her top two teeth. I have been making that one-ingredient banana ice cream. I think it must feel so good on her gums.

  31. Oh my preciousness!!!! xo

  32. Poor Anton! Growing is so tough. And oh dear goodness, Toby is so sweet and smart. What a good brother.

  33. What wonderful photos.

  34. Siblings can be so sweet together. I just had my 2nd baby a week before you posted that napping picture of the two of them so I had never seen it. So cute- hope my two enjoy each other as they get older.

  35. Way too cute! Wish my kids were that little again ( okay maybe for a day!)

  36. Teething is brutal :( My one year old has had a diaper rash and GI issues all week because of teething.

  37. There’s a picture you’ve shown of you and Lucy smiling at each other and Anton’s smile reminds me so much of that!

  38. this made me so happy! what a great way to start a friday at the ol’ office.

    thanks jo!

  39. So sweet! Anton looks just like you, Joanna! Sweet Toby looks like your hubs! xo

  40. Oh, Joanna! My heart needed this this morning. Brotherly love is so sweet.