Have the Most Unbearably Sweet Weekend You Can’t Even Stand It.

The other day, Toby woke up from his nap crying (bad dream, maybe?) so Anton went in and held his hand and they both fell asleep for an hour. I love how the teeny little brother is taking care of the strong big brother. It feels like the true beginning of a beautiful friendship. My heart was bursting times a million. Anyway, hope you have a wonderful weekend, and here are a few fun posts from around the web…

Love this bear tattoo.

Dress like you’re in a movie.

A cheese trick.

Peek inside food.

I snuck out for a pedicure this week and discovered the sexiest color: Lacy Not Racy.

Painted business cards.

Dinner parties nowadays.

Woman Takes Short Half-Hour Break From Being Feminist To Enjoy TV Show.

George Clooney played a prank on Matt Damon.

Shoes for warmer weather. (Can’t wait.)

For the love of money. Makes you think.

A smart take on the Lena Dunham Vogue photo shoot.

Who else secretly wants to take ballet as a grown-up?

Those crazy pants from the movie Her are actually for sale.

Finally, would anyone like to have bangs? We’re doing a tutorial on February 8th and are looking for readers who don’t currently have bangs but would like them. If you’re interested, please email with a snapshot of your haircut. We’d love to hear from you! Thank you so much, and have a great weekend!

  1. I have always believed than a one and only child is more than enough. But this photo, and even more, the story behind it! is the only thing I have ever read or heard that actually convinced me that more than one kiddo is good.

    “It feels like the true beginning of a beautiful friendship.” You nailed it Joanna!

    PS. I don’t ever write comments, but this one got me!

  2. This sentence in the Lena Dunham article is a pretty brilliant mix of jargon and astute observation! “Unretouched photos are the ultimate female-media clickbait, offering the prurient appeal of ogling another woman’s fat and pores, under the fig leaf of feminism.”

  3. Elephantine’s post truly touched my heart. I also took ballet for close to 15 years. Eventually it became too much and I knew I had to concentrate on where my heart and future truly lied, design. Finally, a friend and I officially signed up for our first adult class in a few weeks. I’m nervous but I hope it still brings me the peace and tranquility it once did when I was just a girl. I assume you were once a dancer? I’ve noticed a lot of beautiful ballet references on your blog. :)

  4. Your photos are so beautiful. I can relate so well when you know that your child is the last baby. Enjoy the simple moments.

  5. cutest thing ive seen in ages. just scrumptiously gorgeous.

  6. cutest thing ive seen in ages. just scrumptiously gorgeous.

  7. hi! where did you get the polka dot sheets on tobys bed? I might have copied your whole bedding ensemble but realize I need a second set!

  8. I’ve just started taking ballet again as an adult as a absolute beginner at the Joffrey and I am loving it!

  9. That photo almost made me cry – it’s so beautiful! We just moved our boys into the same room – Alec is 3 years old and Louis is almost 18 months old. The first night they spent together my husband told Alec “If Louis wakes up and is sad, you just tell him not to worry and then you call me”. In the morning my husband was awake before the children and he stood outside the bedroom door and heard Louis start to wake up. And then he heard Alec say “Don’t worry Louis, I’m here. Let’s call Dad.” And then they both called their Dad. Cutest. thing. ever.

  10. Love this story about the two brothers!!!!

  11. Thanks for posting the article from NY Times, For the Love of Money. Good read.

  12. That picture of your sons warms my heart. What a beautiful moment you were able to capture!

  13. em says...

    I just read For the Love of Money. Absolutely amazing article. Thanks for sharing, I will be passing this on to everyone I know.

  14. I did adult beginners ballet, it was so great! Relaxing but you also had to concentrate really hard so you forgot about everything that happened that day, I always left the class feeling refreshed of mind and tired of body :) I need to sign up again.

  15. I think it’s so special to have children of the same gender. They really do develop an endearing life-long friendship. I find my younger one is more spirited and tougher emotionally than my sensitive older one. I love watching their different personalities develop and especially seeing how they complement one another. Things will only continue to be more exciting for you from here! Have a good one!

  16. Siblings together is the BEST part of having more than one child. Oh to see love bubble up…what a gift!

  17. I always look forward to this weekend link list, Joanna. A perfect combination of style, sweetness, and smarts!!

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  19. Oh my God that is just the sweetest thing ever. You are so lucky to have caught a photo of it. So so sweet – makes my chest hurt!

  20. From the looks of it, Anton has it under control. The notion that he knew what to do at such a young age says a lot. Nice work, Mom. ; )

  21. You should write a post about what you eat daily. I’ve always had a fascination about what other people eat. I pretty much eat the same things every single day until I get tired of it.

  22. Wow this picture is so… so…
    I think there are no right words! Pure love!

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  24. What a sweet SWEET photo! Have fun with ballet! It’s fun to try something new!

  25. If this doesnt make me want to have more kids i dont know what would, i can only hope my children love each other like this. I love how you said ” have the most Unbearably sweet weekend ” it definitely makes me want stay in from the cold to cuddle with my cutie all weekend.

  26. Hi Joanna…that has got to be the sweetest photo ever! Awesome links as always. I especially liked the ballet post. I took ballet for 9 years as a kid and quit at 12 years old when my mom died. I re-discovered my ballet love 2 years ago. It was like I’d never stopped. Well…minus the balance and flexibility issues. It was the best decision of my life! Thanks again for sharing.:) Enjoy your weekend. – Donna

  27. That photo of your boys is so sweet! I love it when my girls (6 and 3) cuddle up together. Oh, and they both have that lovely striped t-shirt that Toby is wearing too :)

    I have also thought about going back to ballet many times. I had to quit when I was quite young as my family lived in a small country town and the ballet class moved to the next town an hour’s drive away. I did actually pick it back up again when I was about 20 but was too nervous to join an actual class so forked out extra cash for private lessons. Unfortunately it only lasted about a year as I kept suffering from shin splints and was in a lot of pain :( I still have my ballet shoes though (15 years later) and every now and then I find myself popping them on and walking around my apartment en pointe :)

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  29. I’ve been going back and forth about bangs. thanks for all the awesome links-I love them every week :)

  30. I have to get that nail polish! I love Essie and I use their reds/deep colors all the time, but I don’t have that shade yet! Thanks for the tip!

    The Rambling Fangirl

  31. Sweetness!

  32. oh it’s not a typo, actually! toby woke up from his nap & we took anton into him, and anton took toby’s hand. it really was the little brother saving the day! :)

  33. the sweetest photo ever. seriously.

    ahhh i would LOVE bangs except i’m getting married next month and a drastic hair change the month before is definitely a no-go — i have enough wedding anxiety as it is! womp. womp.

  34. This picture is so cute! I have a 20 month old son and he LOVES to hold hands. Totally heart melting. :)

  35. oh my goodness-cayuuuuutest picture-ever!!

  36. Oh, my God, Joanna, I just had lunch with my Bulgarian friend and was telling her that I recently started taking ballet lessons again (after 20+ yrs), and how much I love it! It all came back surprisingly easily. Do it! I’m still searching for pointe shoes that are BLACK not pink. Haven’t had any luck, though. The picture of your sons nearly gave me tears; second time today after reading HuffPost’s piece by Ellen Jacobs on nannies and their attachment to the children for whom they care. You were lucky you were there and caught the moment. I think is lovely that you appreciate your children, not just love them – have a wonderful, motherly weekend.

  37. So sweet! Can’t wait for my second little man to come in April.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  38. Oh my goodness, my heart is bursting!!!

  39. Perfect Memorable shot!

  40. I think my heart just stopped. Pure sweetness xxx

  41. I think my heart just stopped. Pure sweetness xxx

  42. Awh, so sweet!

    Joanna, do you think you will ever blog Anton’s birth story?

  43. That For the Love of Money op-ed makes me think of The Wolf of Wall St. It really is an epidemic. And an addiction. Scary thought.

    And I’ve totally thought of taking ballet now as an adult. Just haven’t done it yet.

    Your boys are so sweet :)

  44. Oh my god, Toby and Anton!! My ovaries just exploded.

  45. Adorable photo!!!
    Where are Anton’s leggings from? I’ve been looking for some for my baby boy – those are perfect!

  46. Too sweet for words! Adore the brotherly love.

  47. k. says...

    I just started taking ballet classes again as an adult! It feels great, I wish I had gone back sooner.

  48. That photo – WOW! How you can function after your heart exploding that much is a miracle.

  49. Such a beautiful picture of the boys!! A framer for sure.

    And wonderful posts from the web. I love the post on taking adult ballet classes. I did ballet for 10 years and stopped when I was 15. I regret it to this day. A little inspiration to find an adult ballet class was needed.
    Cheers to you.

  50. Gorgeous!


  51. That is just the cutest! And I love Anton’s pants. Where are they from?

  52. i am actually starting a grown up ballet class after 2 decades of not dancing tomorrow…super excited!

  53. What a funny coincidence – my kids woke up together the same way today. 4YO son is going through a phase where he has to sleep on the floor in his sleeping back. 6YO daughter came in and told me she didn’t want to be alone. I said, “Why don’t you sleep in [son’s] bed, since he’s not using it?” And I found them crumbled on the floor in a tangle this morning.

  54. This is so adorable! My heart just grew a billion times bigger. I can’t wait until the day my little 2yo nugget gets a baby brother/sister suprise

  55. This is so adorable! My heart just grew a billion times bigger. I can’t wait until the day my little 2yo nugget gets a baby brother/sister suprise

  56. What a caring older brother! Have a wonderful, restful weekend!

  57. I think this picture might be the hightlight of my day!! This is just too sweet!

  58. Must the bang candidates be in NYC? My hair-that-never-changes just may want a change:)

  59. I also took ballet as an adult! I danced for several years before I had my first child three years ago. I hope to get back into it in a few months (post-second child). My legs looked better than they had in years!

  60. I TOTALLY took ballet as a grown up! After 10 years of dancing as a little girl, I took a “ballet 1” class at a local dance/music/etc school. I was the model student! Granted, all the other ladies were grandmas wearing socks instead of real slippers, so I couldn’t gloat too much…

  61. I don’t know if I can survive that photo. What else, after that, would one ever want to look at?

  62. Loved that love of money article. And his organization groceryship sounds like a terrific program. Thanks for sharing (and those sandals are adorable!)

  63. your boys are adorable. have a fantastic weekend, joanna! x

  64. Taidgh is my husband’s name. My name is Stephanie. ;)

  65. Joanna, you should get bangs! You are always writing about them and they would look great on you. Plus, if you don’t like them, it’s just hair! It grows back.

  66. OMG that is the cutest pic! I’m expecting my second boy in early May and the brothers are going to be almost exactly 3 years apart. I can’t wait to see this new sibling relationship develop. The pictures you share of your boys give me so much to look forward too. Thank you!

  67. Wow! That photo is the best ever Joanna! You must be so in love. We all need our hand held from time to time, no matter our age! How truly sweet. Have a great weekend lovely mama xxx

  68. That photo of your boys just warms my heart, it is so precious. You have such a beautiful little family!

  69. It’s interesting how siblings take on certain roles that don’t necessarily match their “rank”.

    Even though I don’t know your boys, I’ve followed your blog for years now and have always had the impression that Toby was the sensitive, sweet boy and then the first photos you posted of Anton, I thought “Woah! He’s so much tougher than Toby.” and he seemed right from the get go that he’d be the “strong” or “brave” one.

  70. Exactly!, photo made my day :) I actually see this with my two (4 years and 13 months) I feel like the baby is the stronger personality and her sister needs the comforting and hand holding a bit more

  71. That photo just made my day. So glad to see your two boys getting along so well!

    Hope you have a great weekend. Stay warm!

  72. What a sweet picture! Have a delightful weekend.

  73. The sartorial movie mash-ups?
    Utterly brilliant.
    Have a fun, warm, weekend!

  74. That photo is insanely sweet, I love it so much!

  75. Cutest typo ever. Reminds me of how I was, “Chri-Lauren!” for most of my life thanks to an older brother named Christopher.