How talented and gracious is Lupita Nyong’o? I just love everything about her. She seems so warm and down-to-earth. I’d love to hang out with her, wouldn’t you? And if we did hang out, after we ate dinner and talked about hopes and fears and dreams, we would do what all good friends do…play around with makeup.

She actually shared her tip for flawless skin with Racked: “I use a lot of natural oils—like avocado oil and Hawaiian kukui oil—and try to drink lots of water. I think your skin really needs to be nourished from the inside rather than outside, so eating right and drinking water really goes a long way. I’m very low-maintenance.” (Now I want to douse myself with oils every night before bed.)

Plus, a few more photos, just because I love her…Lupita, keep doing what you’re doing!! xoxo

P.S. Another natural beauty trick.