What are you up to this weekend? We are going to our friends’ house tonight to play poker (it’s my first time ever:) and tomorrow is supposed to be in the 50s! Finally! Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

French socks.

Crows playing in the winter!

How Merv Griffin came up with that weird question-answer format for Jeopardy.

This hot chocolate is famous in NYC.

Always inspired by this home shop.

Would you go without mascara?

Japanese travel tips when visiting America. (The laughing part was fascinating.)

Finland is spray painting reindeer so they glow in the dark.

Spanx now has a bra for your booty. Thoughts?

Pretty shirt (and haircut).

Jimmy Fallon and Jonah Hill are awesome.

Brand minimalism.

When taking photos, do you have a good side?

Tinder makes its first match in Antarctica.

Was Olympics figure skating rigged?

Send a hug!

Plus, three posts you may have you missed:
* Laughter yoga.
* Do you kiss your babies on the mouth?
* My fashion uniform.

(Photo of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong)