Laughter yoga

Have you guys heard of laughter yoga? Indian physician Madan Lal Kataria encourages people to get together in small groups and start fake laughing; after a while, he says, the laughter will become genuine and euphoric. Dr. Kataria believes that laughter can cure physical and psychological ailments. It sounds nutty, but my friend Scott recently tried it with a group of friends and said it was surprisingly awesome. Would you give it a shot?

P.S. Also, marshmallows!

  1. laughter yoga so awesome!! i can’t wait to go try

  2. This makes all kinds of sense. I would love to try it. :)

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  5. Laughing is very simple medicine which help in every cause so please try it

  6. Thanks for share.

  7. Thanks for this information this is very useful for us Retreat Yoga

  8. I loved this post so much I had to repost the video on my blog!
    It was exactly what I did this week. I returned to Denmark after 3 months of travel in the States to find a water leak had damaged the floor while I was away and left the place smelling like a barn! super awesome. laughing is much more fun than being stressed. *a

  9. I walked past a laughing club once when I was on the beach in Chennai, India. I knew what they were doing and watching them made me giggle, and soon enough I was standing right behind them, laughing my head off. I’m laughing right now just thinking of it! It’s so silly and fun that once you get started it’s pretty hard to stop. I always think of it as something ColorMeKatie would do :)

  10. i use to do laughter yoga everyday in the morning with my group….

  11. Oh yeah, it’s some good times … my friends and I use to do it occassional. It really does work … because you start laughing at the ridiculous way you fake laugh! :)

  12. i love laughter yoga!

  13. S says...

    I am from Bangalore (India) and I see this all the time, when I go out for walks in the morning. A lot of elderly people do it, including my grandparents’ friends and it really makes them happy from inside.

  14. yes, I’ve heard about this, it’s amazing! Of course it works! Laughter really is the best medicine, it’s amazing! Simply smiling releases serotonin into the brain! xo

  15. i was just hearing about this! there’s a great little vegetarian place close to my house that has yoga classes upstairs and they do laughter yoga on mondays…so awesome!! i can’t wait to go try

  16. we do this in my yoga class every once in a while! it really is tons of fun :-)

  17. This is such a wonderful idea! I think I’m going to have to find a group of friends to do this with me. It seems so relaxing, especially when we’re all crazy stressed with school. Thanks Joanna, this is great!

  18. The Childrens Hospital in my city has Laughing Yoga lead by clowns. I think it sounds hilarious and might be exactly what you need sometimes when you’re feeling blue

  19. One of the yoga studios I go to has laughter yoga. I’ve been meaning to attend a class, but haven’t done so yet.

  20. I read this article to my 12 yr old daughter and we both cracked up. I must say, just *thinking* about having a laughter yoga session makes me feel giddy. Will report back on findings after experimental session is over.

  21. Brilliant. Isn’t there a saying, “laughter is the best medicine?”

  22. Absolutely, sign me up!

  23. when my boyfriend & i get into cranky little arguments at the end of a long work day, one of us will start fake laughing & next thing you know we can’t stop and we’ve forgotten about all our worries. i would absolutely try this! :]

  24. my friends and I started a laughing club back in high school. it’s fun from time to time. there are days when it just doesn’t work, though…

  25. hmmm…i think i would feel pretty ridiculous doing it, but hey, it’s worth a try…

    : )

  26. I have heard of this
    every time I watch is I can’t help but laigh myself. It is so contagious. thanks for sharing!

    -Morgan (Blackbird Fly)
    Blackbird Fly

  27. karman, that is so hilarious!! haha, i love these comments!

  28. love this! i believe in the healing power of laughter so i would definitely give it a shot!

  29. oh these groups are called laughing clubs and they are very common through out urban India. People go for a walk in the morning and then get together at the park and laugh it up!

  30. Well, laughter is described as ‘infectious’ – it’s the only kind of infection I don’t mind catching one little jot.

    We’ve done this in teambuilding too – yes it’s weird at first but the whole point is losing your inhibtions …

  31. I would definitely give it a shot!!!
    Nothing is better than being positive and laughing is definitely just that!
    It helped my bf and I get through a tough time when he was sick :)


  32. although laughter is the best medicine.. I think I’d feel kind of odd doing this!! :]

  33. Definitely MY kind of yoga!

  34. S. says...

    I saw this yoga in Jessica Simpson’s program “The Price of Beauty”, It was so cool. That’s why people says laughter is the best medicine.


  35. I have no doubt that laughter can cure anything.

  36. i love that your friend scott decided to try it out! sounds like it would make for a fine evening.

  37. Hihi, this looks like fun :)

  38. my mother in law does this, but shes always laughing so i think she thought, Heck, if i can laugh more, why not

  39. PS love this site!!

  40. I have heard of this but never knew much about it. What a powerful tool this is as a mother to set the tone of the house. We all woke up grouchy this morning, and then I watched this. I immediately went to my 2 year old daughter and we just had a giggle fest! I think we both feel 100% better. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  41. I worked for a theater director who did entire workshops about this to help the actors (they were kids) learn how to laugh and react realistically on stage. It was awesome, and it really worked. And everyone felt great afterwards!

  42. As soon as I read this post, I signed up for a laughter yoga class!

    I’m excited. Thank you!

  43. I have heard of this! I first heard of Dr. Kataria a couple years ago during Pangea day. It really is a cool experiement! I remember when everyone got together for pangea day and everyone was watching by satellite we all laughed at the same time :) laughing does a body good!

  44. I’m all about it! My favorite exercise is where they were lying on each other’s stomachs, laughing at feeling each other’s laughter. Very inspiring video.

  45. This reminds me of bridal shoots, particularly one this past summer! The photographer told us to pretend laugh and before too long the entire bridal party was rolling :)

  46. i’d love to try. i absolutely think everybody should laugh more and i get the giggles just by listening to other people laughing, so i guess this would work.

  47. this is brilliant!! i never saw this during my travels through India last summer, but somehow I’m not surprised :).

  48. I almost did this when I was travelling in India a few years ago but never got round to it. I’ve heard good things tho. Sounds hilarious!!

  49. I have done this at a women’s conference of 10,000 ladies. The euphoria was ridiculous and it took about 15 minutes. We still had the giggles hours later, and a really great ab workout.

  50. I would love to try this…I have always wanted to! xxoo :)

  51. haha i remember the first time i tried yoga i couldn’t keep a straight face. now this. oh that wouuld be memorable@

  52. ha, it makes me laugh to hear others laugh (especially babies!!!), but this program makes me feel a little weird or awkward- it is just so unnatural to see laughter faked!

  53. I would try it in a heart beat! Fake it till you make it sort of situation =)

  54. no way, sheena! that is awesome. i had no idea it was so pervasive.

  55. i saw this on jessica simpsons price of beauty show- hilarious- i’d do it.

  56. When Im photographing ppl I always get them to fake laugh. Its so weird and awkward that you start to laugh for real and those laughing shots are always some of my favorite ones :-) I like it.

  57. I saw a documentary on this in high school and am a firm believer in laughter as a miracle cure.

    thanks for reminding me of the importance of laughing.

  58. I’m a believer! If I’m ever feeling down, I like to try smiling from within – even at first if it doesn’t change my mood, I think sort of thinking it, really genuinely makes a difference.


  59. i think the world needs a little more laughter so why not?!

  60. I can attest to the fact that it IS a bit crazy. We did this as a team-building exercise at work once. It was weird at first, but once we let go of our inhibitions, it was fun. What was even more fun was telling the story later!

  61. I’m laughing as I watch this! I love it, thanks. :)

  62. One of my fellow Americorps VISTAs is a certified laughter yoga instructor, and has brought the hilarity to rural America. I love the classes. They remind me in a way of my days as a vocalist, and I always end up feeling energized and happy afterwards. Yes, you are doing silly things, but everyone else is doing them, too. It’s fun, and surprisingly very focusing.

  63. I attended a Laughter Yoga class about a year ago for an Anthropology class. It was really, really strange at first but you do have a good belly laugh going on by the end of it! I don’t think I would do it long-term but it’s definitely fun to go try it out.

  64. that’s a great idea! thanks, joanna. i’ve had quite a bit of extra stress lately, and have been trying meditation. i don’t seem to have the patience for it yet, though. maybe with more practice…

  65. A few months ago my friend took me for class like that (and didnt tell me what it is at first)…and when we arrived I was shocked at first…You can image, right? But after about 20 min I had a blast:)
    Something to try for sure…
    Would you try it, Joanna?

  66. It’s really very common here in India. Especially in my hometown, if you take an early morning walk in the park, you’re bound to cross paths with a group of people giggling and guffawing. Apparently it makes a huge difference to their day and their outlook.

  67. I tried something along those lines for an acting class and it does work! You do leave the space having genuinely laughed and it just gets more and more hysterical as time goes on; the type of laugh that makes you weak! Love it!
    xo tash

  68. Laughter and sleep … God’s medicine !!!

  69. i would totally try that! i do yin yoga once a week and while it’s supposed to be quiet and soothing everyone once in a while somebody gets the giggles and then the entire class ends up laughing.

  70. A friend of mine and I used to do this, like in junior high. We’d just start a ridiculous fake laugh and it’d turn into a real one. We’d do it to cheer the other one up (or just because we were bored) and it’d always make us both feel better!

  71. I think I might feel silly doing that :)

  72. I just laughed when I read this – so I guess it works!!! A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.