This weekend, to help cheer up the cold winter, my friends Sharon, Kendra and I decided to have a mama/kid sleepover! We figured it would be like taking a trip together but without having to leave town.

So, one afternoon, we all piled into Kendra’s house uptown (her husband was on a work trip). As we arrived armed with travel cribs, backpacks and rowdy kiddos, she joked, “This is either going to be the best idea we’ve ever had or a total disaster.”

After playing and exploring the neighborhood, that evening we made pizzas. Kendra’s awesome tip: Buy fresh dough from your local pizza place! Smart, right? It was easy, cheap and tasted great.

The kids each made mini pizzas with sauce and cheese…

And we made some for the moms, including one with cheese and grilled red onions. Delicious.

(Eeks! Those cheeks!)

But the highlight was the Nintendo Wii dancing game that Sharon brought. Have you played it? You try to do the same moves as the dancers on screen, and the game somehow tracks you to see how well you do.

Nailed it.

Here are the kiddos rocking out. They did it for HOURS while the ladies talked and ate cookies in the kitchen (and sometimes peeked in).

The next morning we had bagels and bacon. It was so much fun; I can’t believe we had never thought of it before! We could really relax and hang out without having to rush home for naps and bedtimes. The only catch is that we got approximately zero hours of sleep that night:) But it was worth it.

Would you do this? Do you already have grown-up sleepovers? Or travel with friends? I’m so into it!