Fall Trend: Navy Nails

Fall Trend: Navy NailsFall Trend: Navy NailsFall Trend: Navy NailsThis fall, I’ve been spotting beautiful women all around the city with navy nails, which look incredibly chic and elegant. Here, my friend Kendra is wearing this polish (Midnight Cami). Thoughts? Will you wear navy nails this fall?

(Photos by Alpha Smoot for Cup of Jo; styling by Kendra Smoot. Army jacket from Urban Outfitters, similar chambray shirts here and here, and pouch from American Apparel)

  1. maybe a few years late but just painted my nails navy! :) love it with the green cargo.

  2. yes yes yes! navy nails are all i wear right now:) so chic with everything! EasyWayFinder

  3. Navy nail polish is on my to-buy list.

  4. I love those navy nails in combination with winter white and the army gorgeous!

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  6. i’m still searching a good basecoat that won’t make my nail staining like smurf. I tried OPI but it didn’t work. Can you recommend me basecoat that actually work?

  7. I wish I had seen this post before my last mani! I had been searching everywhere for the perfect Navy polish that isn’t pearly/shimmery/glittery. Just a perfect, matte Navy Blue, please!! I went to Sephora, local beauty supply shops, and couldn’t find the right shade. Finally found some random brand at a nail salon and have been LOVING my navy nails!

  8. Obsessed with navy nail polish. I just bought OPI Road House Blues!

  9. Yes, what is the name of the navy polish? I clicked on the link, but it just showed a variety of Essie polishes. I tried a Navy nail polish that was so dark, it looked black. The one you show is a true Navy and I’d like to try it:)

  10. What is the name of the Essie navy blue polish? Thanks so much.

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  13. I have navy nails right now! Now I know how cool I am ;)

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  15. Love the color! I’m wondering the same as Emily, what color is it, because your link doesn’t send you to the exact color of navy. I just found your blog and am looking through it, it wonderful!

  16. What is the name of the blue Essie polish here on your blog? When i click on the link it takes me to a Essie light blue polish color. I’m not sure the exact color the model on your blog is wearing. Thanks.

  17. Gotta love Essie!!

  18. Rocking Essie’s Midnight Cami right along with my dark red NARS Terre de Feu that you recommended! Channeling fall colors … thank you!

  19. joanna – any idea where your friend got those adorable star baby legwarmers? my little one is about to start crawling and we’ve got horrible berber carpet that is bound to tear up her sweet knees!

    • I just bought a pair from for $6 with free shipping. You can also do a yahoo search for “babylegs warmers super star.” They are sold by many online sites including amazon.

    • I just bought a pair from for $6 with free shipping. You can also do a yahoo search for “babylegs warmers super star.” They are sold by many online sites including amazon.

  20. Oh, really elegant! Love it. But here we have spring now, I will have to wait.

  21. Okay this adorable babies thigh highs? ADORABLE! Back to the topic, I love the navy, I’m currently wearing ox blood burgundy but my next polish change will have to be navy!

  22. I’d love to wear that color (and that army jacket), but I haven’t had any luck finding it in stores around me or around my work.

  23. I was so excited about this post I went out and bought the Essie polish today. Can’t WAIT to apply! :)


  24. I wore navy nails last year for the Superbowl and I loved them. I would totally do them again. And, actually, I got tons of compliments on them – even from my mom, who normally dislikes any polish that basically isn’t white, pink, or red.

  25. It’s too warm in Charleston right now for most of my fall clothing (still well into the 80s), so I have to find other ways to remind myself it’s October. Just painted my nails navy yesterday–thanks for the suggestion!

  26. Ok, you have to find you where that baby’s hat is from!! :)

  27. As wonderful and tailored as they look I know I’ll wind up sticking with red…nothing else ever feels quite right on me as much as I might love it on someone else…or like my husband says, I really need to expand my comfort zone!

  28. I just got Essie’s Smokin’ Hot. It’s a dark gray with a bit of eggplant in it. I really like it and it goes really well with jeans. :)

  29. I just bought dark purple and dark green nail polish. And after seeing these pics I’m pretty sure navy blue needs to be the next purchase! So pretty!

  30. @tabitha…the little girl is wearing babylegs warmers in super star.

  31. @tabitha…the little girl is wearing babylegs warmers in super star.

  32. oooo… now i am dying to get some navy polish.

  33. I just slammed my finger in my fire door last week and it’s slowly becoming a perfect shade of navy. An excuse to paint my other digits to match? I think so.

  34. I must say, they look perfect with the chambray and Army green! Great styling job, Kendra. Those chubby baby legs and that perfect cap … sigh.

  35. Hi Joanna…love your post today and navy nails! I just did my nails a Bordeaux color – the new popular color trend this fall. I love it! Have you seen Bordeaux colors around NYC? They are all over here in Hong Kong! I even did my post today styling all Bordeaux and my first giveaway! Very exciting! Thanks again for your great daily posts.

    xo Grace

  36. So ready to bust out my Royal Navy by Butter. I love it.

  37. I love it. Sadly, my nails are never in good enough shape to polish them!

  38. I’m actualy down with cobalt blue right now. I just did my nails in Cobalt by Nina Ultra Pro from Sally’s. In a couple of days, when I’m bored with it (I change polish every other day), I plan to layer butter London’s Scouse over it to freshen things up.

  39. I love Army jacket! It goes with everything!


  40. Also, what kind of socks/tights is the baby girl wearing? They are super cute and would love to try that on my daugter. Shes just now 7 weeks old; shopping for girls is so much fun!!

  41. I love nail trends. Especially anything during the fall!!! I will definitely be trying the navy nail color that is one of my favorite colors. The pics are great!! Do you think red nail polish is a good color for any time of the year?

  42. I’ve been wearing navy nails for a couple of years now and i LOVE IT. I’m obsessed with all things Navy, why not nails??

  43. Wow! I love it! Wonderful to celebrate fall. :)

  44. OOOOH I love this! I heart navy…I will have to give this a try :)

  45. Love the colur! Not as stark and in your face as the black polish – I could never pull that look off myself. I’m more of a red colour kind of gal… But I think I will give the navy a go!

  46. Beautiful! I’ve been pining to find a new nail color but just didn’t know what to get. Thanks!

  47. i got a navy gel manicure yesterday. my nails are really short just like your pics. i love the way it goes with everything. especially khaki which is on of my favorite fall colors. try it. it’s dreamy!

  48. I’ve recently gotten into gel nails because it’s worth the investment to me to have good nails for a month instead of having them chip after 3 days and make my hands look childish. Right now I’ve got a silver shimmer on them BUT…I feel persuaded to try out navy next time! Either that or a deep purple/gray, or a maroon. Maybe I’m just indecisive.

  49. I’ve always been a big fan of navy nails. One of my favorites is Russian Navy by OPI. For a cool color between navy and purple, (it’s kind of a dark periwinkle?) I love Marrow by Butter London. Dark nails that are so chic and can be edgy at the same time! xoxo

  50. Love it!

  51. Oohh love this! I wonder if it’s work appropriate? (I’m an attorney.) I guess I’ll try it and find out!

  52. Love this midnight cami, I’ve been a fan of navy for years… so glad its now in, apparently.

  53. Love this blue. Off to shop now!

  54. I got some navy polish with a hint of charcoal in my birchbox and I am loving it!

  55. currently wearing a fantastic version by illamasqua called phallic. dark navy and slightly sparkly. bought it at sephora and love, love, love it!

  56. I love the navy! This is a color I’d probably save for a manicure rather than trying to mess with dark polish at home.


    Kristina does the Internets

  57. I looove this color, especially in combination with army green (as in photos above)!! Love it.

  58. oh, yes!!! love. i also have the baby accessory to go with, so i’m all set for fall.

  59. Love this color and as a matter of fact I am already rockin’ it :)


  60. i absolutely love this! and all the pictures are cute, too. that always helps.

  61. so pretty! i love the dark trend, feels so chic!


  62. I love the navy nails! I’m going to grab a color soon. I like that army green jacket too.
    -Michelle {LiveLoudly}

  63. such a great color, if i wasn’t a red kind of person i would try it

  64. I love navy nails. Dark purple also makes me giddy :)

    -Sarah {}

  65. I haven’t made it quite over to navy yet because I’m stuck on dark purple! I’m wearing Devil’s Advocate by Essie. Maybe I’ll have to pick up the dark blue next time I’m at Target!

  66. I’m really liking the look of this and I think I will definitely give it a try.

  67. …Is that baby wearing leg warmers?

  68. I love navy nails! I could never pull off black nails, because I bite mine so my hands always looked stubby. But, with navy nail polish they’re cute and don’t look short. Win, win situation for me :)

  69. I’m still addicted to your galaxy nails tutorial. I usually wear them midnight blue for a day, then the next day I continue with the galaxy effect!
    They are still wow, AND blue!

  70. I think this dark blue looks great! Very elegant and chic. I definitely need to get some blue nail polish asap. :)
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  71. I love the little ones hat…do you know where she found that? :) the nails are fun too!

  72. I literally just finished painting my nails navy! OPI’s “Road House Blues” is another great option.

  73. Love it!

  74. I just bought essie’s “No More Film” and I’m obsessed – it’s a dark indigo/purple/navy and it is my new go-to for fall.

  75. i have navy nails right now!! whootwhoot!

  76. Oh, I have been sporting navy toes and fingers all year. I love it!! Yesterday was the first time that I switched to a deep purple, almost black, which I also love!

  77. LOVE! I’m doing navy nails for my wedding!

  78. I’ve been wearing them all summer long…..whoops?

  79. always love navy nails and wow it now becomes a trend! :D

  80. I am wearing navy nail polish on my toe nails right now!

  81. I’m wearing it now! OPI Roadhouse Blues. Love.

  82. I LOVE navy nails, my roomie got me navy nail polish for my birthday in April and I actually used it as my summer color! So chic.

  83. I’m wearing navy nails right now :-)

  84. I love them in theory, but I think the color actually only looks good on some skin tones. On others (read: mine) it looks pretty corpse-y, way more so than straight up black. So I’ll avoid it myself, but I encourage everyone else to rock it!

  85. absolutely. it’s on my wishlist some time now..

  86. I absolutely LOVE the navy nail. You know what else I love right now? The forest green nail. :) Just blogged about it a couple weeks ago – kind of obsessed!


  87. I bought this nail polish this summer and I love it!

  88. yes, i will totes sports them this fall.

  89. I wore my nails navy for about 6 months in 2008. LOL I do really like it. I might have to bring it back this winter. :)

  90. I love dark nails for fall… As a pale girl I don’t like to wear straight black, I think navy will be an awesome alternative!

    XO Lucy

  91. YES! I’ve done it, and I’ll do it again.

  92. Wow, I’m ahead of a trend for once?! That never happens! ;) I wore navy nails for my engagement pictures last fall — I loved them!

  93. I love navy nails, but you have to find a color that actually reads as navy out of the bottle… some end up looking a little too electric blue once on your nail.

  94. Love the navy nails! I also love a dark chocolate (almost black) or dark teal for fall.

  95. CND does have a Shellac shade called Midnight Swim that is brand new and amazing, for those looking for a dark navy nail that LASTS.

    Also… where is that Chambray shirt from? It’s to die for!

  96. i’ve got navy right now! :) love love love fall colors.

  97. I searched high and low for Essie’s Bobbing for Baubles last year and finally found it at a crappy CVS. It’s a perfect navy, too. So pretty!

  98. Would love to know the info for the army green jacket and clutch! The color combo looks great.

  99. Love it!!

  100. I should say that I don’t like this tren, because I don’t. But these pictures may change my mind!

  101. I love the blue nails… I want to learn how to make my nails look as professional as when I go to the nail salon. RoRos World

  102. I love it. Navy’s my favorite color – so I may need to grab some for fall!

    My “something blue” for my wedding was a blue pedicure too!

  103. I love it! Navy nails suit me more than the black trend that was popular for a while. I would love to know where Kendra’s chambray shirt is from. I have been searching for the perfect one for a long time. Thanks so very much!

  104. I like it. Essie has some pretty colors. I might have to treat myself to a new color.

  105. was just contemplating what my go-to nail color should be for the fall so i could go pick up a bottle – thanks!

    and i’m totally trying the Pam trick from the comment above …

  106. I like it–but I never get manicures because they don’t last long enough.

    Side note: My “something blue” for my wedding was a pedicure with blue polish!

  107. ps that army green jacket + chambray button down is one of my exact favorite fall outfits! right down to the curls + navy nails! so chic & simple!

  108. yes yes yes! navy nails are all i wear right now:) so chic with everything! xoxo

  109. They look fantastic with the army green and oatmeal. I suppose with any earthy color they’d look great. And, if the weather goes all schizophrenic and we have an 80 degree day, they’d still look stylish with a hot pink sun dress.

    • It really does go well with those tones! In fact, I was thinking about how hard it is for me to find nail colors that work with both my darker Asian skin tone and the (usually Caucasian) skin in beauty blog posts, and how suitable I think this navy is for both… and I just realized that’s probably because *I’m* an earthy color!

  110. I wore navy nails last week–Butter London’s “Royal Navy”. It was by far one of my favorite manis ever and I can’t wait to wear it again in a week or two!

    Ps. Jo, for at home mani’s have you tried the Pam trick? Spray your at home mani with Pam (yes the cooking spray) and wait about 5 minutes, wash your hands and your nails are completely set! Perfect for mom’s on the go–enough time to dry and get some stuff done before nap time is over!

    xo Katie

    • Wow, that is an awesome tip. Going to try it tonight!

    • WHOA! Thanks! :)

  111. Yes, I like this trend! I bought a midnight blue OPI color last year and hardly wore it. Glad I can get more use out of it this year. Maybe it’s not appropriate for work, but on the weekends – definitely. Keep up the good work.

  112. Oh wow. LOVE the navy nails. I wonder if they have it in shellac as a manicure lasts a hot second on me.

  113. I love the navy nail trend. I had mine painted navy last week and I loved it.

  114. I think I’ll try it! I always wuss out once I’m at the nail salon and end up getting a pale pink, but I think this time I’ll follow through and be bold ;).

  115. Oh I love that – wish I had read this last week before my manicure!