My friend Kendra‘s parents have a huge family album that they display on the coffeetable from Thanksgiving to New Year. “We all flip through it every day,” she says, “Our childhood photos inspire conversation and great memories.” So sweet, right? As part of a three-part series sponsored by Canon, we wanted to share some tips if you’d like to make one for your own family…

The red album belongs to Kendra’s parents, and the black album is a new one that Kendra created. “These days, we don’t always go back home for the holidays, so we want to start our own traditions,” says Kendra.

“My mom includes things like her gingerbread-house recipe, which she makes every year,” says Kendra. “So I’m putting in my sugar cookie recipe, and I’d love to include funny notes to myself, like ‘you didn’t serve enough food at the party! serve more savory food next year!” I love how Kendra also wrote a list of the presents her daughters got for Christmas—how sweet to remember what they were excited about each year.

Would you make an ongoing family scrapbook? Do you already? I love the idea of putting it out for everyone to leaf through and chat about. Any other tips or ideas of things to include? xoxo

P.S. Kendra’s amazing holiday cards and pretty nail polish.

(This post was sponsored by Canon as part of a three-part holiday series. Thanks for supporting the sponsors that make Cup of Jo possible. Photos by Alpha Smoot for Cup of Jo. Styling by Kendra Smoot)