Oxblood Red Nails

How gorgeous is this Chinatown red nail polish for the holidays? My friend Kendra is wearing it here, and it looks romantic and elegant. The color is deep, rich and glossy. It would be so pretty to wear to a party. (We also liked this dramatic red, if you want something even darker.) Which polish are you wearing right now? xo

P.S. Oxblood shoes.

(Scarf from Madewell. Photos by Alpha Smoot for Cup of Jo. Styling by Kendra Smoot)

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  2. what rings are these?? i love them! looking for a wedding band

  3. I have to say, the thin rings are the most endearing thing!

  4. Love it! I have this color on my nails still from my wedding on the 9th :]

  5. This is so tempting, but I have probably five bottles of almost this exact shade. In fact, last week I put a second coat on that was a different color than the first, and didn’t notice until I put the bottles away…

  6. No polish for the everyday for me, nail polishes and mommyhood don’t seem to go together for me ;)
    This one does look beautiful, perfect for the holidays!

  7. I’m also loving her short nails! I have short nails and sometimes it makes me think twice about certain colors but hers look great.

  8. Oxblood is my favorite nail polish color for fall! I wear it almost all the time

  9. May I ask where you found your gorgeous barely-there-beautiful-rings???
    I am smitten with them in addition to the beautiful red nails!

  10. Just stopped by the Madewell website and it appears that the scarf is available.. wooo hoooo.

  11. I’m wearing blue bird nail art stickers by Sephora and OPI! They are crazy but so fun! These nails do look exquisite – the short square shape makes it so sophisticated.

  12. this colour is gorgeous, i love oxblood for fall and winter

  13. I just applied a very similar color by OPI called “Suzy Loves Sydney” a couple of days ago. Always been a favorite!

  14. Love the polish but i also love the scarf! where did you buy it?

  15. H says...

    I don’t want to give your advertisers any ideas, but I just went out and bought this colour :)

  16. Love this polish! It does look perfect for a party, and for a t-shirt and jeans. Chanel makes one, too that is pretty amazing called Rouge Noir. I am definitely going to give this NARS one a whirl!

  17. Love it!! My fav is “Wicked” from Essie (a vampy dark) but this one is just perfect. I’m gonna buy it NOW.

  18. This is the PERFECT colour. I bet it looks good on everyone!

  19. Incredible color ;)

  20. I LOVED the gray nails that were posted just a short time ago! I have oxblood red and love it on everyone I see wearing it; I’d like to try the darker red shown in the link for the holidays as well. Maybe with a bit of sparkle on one nail?

    My 5 year old told me I needed to shake things up a bit, so I have a deep dark purple with confetti sparkles on my middle and ring finger nails (yes, I said confetti sparkles lol).

    I always adore Kendra’s style! And your blog :)

  21. This is gorgeous! I’m currently loving the Winter collection from Essie, so I’m wearing Parka Perfect with a matte finish :)

  22. You’ve inspired me to go red again. ‘Tis the season:)

  23. LOVE. I’ve not been liking all of the blues and greys, and I think this is way warmer and sexier!

  24. I love, love, LOVE oxblood. I just got a new coat in that very color and I’m smitten. I think it’s perfect for winter.


  25. I agree, this is a great color for the upcoming holiday season! My nails are also that color as I type this :)


  26. Oxblood is rapidly becoming my new favorite color. I’m surprised by how versatile it is! Now I’m saving my pennies for a pair of Fiorentini and Baker boots in oxblood. Until then, I can at least wear the color on my nails!

  27. This is gorgeous! I love the deep plums and deep reds that I’m seeing around right now.

  28. Love the Color! I went blue last week but Oxblood Red is next! I think Fall is finally starting to peek its head in South Florida (we struggle wearing fun cold weather colors ).
    Love it, thanks.

  29. I love this color for nails because it’s a really brown-red. I don’t care much for bright or pink-reds.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  30. Love the color and the rings.

  31. The scarf the scarf!! Where can we get the scarf please!

    • the scarf is from Madewell!

  32. I’m Not Really A Waitress by OPI is my fave for the upcoming holidays! It reminds me of bright cranberries!

  33. somehow i can’t go back to rings, nail polish colours and such after the yesterday’s post…… my mind has been going back to this baby Paul and his mum all day….

  34. Disregard my previous comment! I figured it out!

  35. I like this color. I followed the link and it took me to the Nars polish page on Nordstrom, but which color is it exactly?

  36. Pretty! I’ve been drawn to emerald green for nails this season. :)
    xo! Dakota

  37. These pictures and this color are absolutely GORGEOUS! :) I just painted my nails a little lighter red :) I would be honored if you checked it out

  38. I really love Head Mistress by Essie. It’s a darker red.

  39. I’m actually wearing the Essie polish you’ve linked to: Shearling Darling. I’m totally loving the dramatic yet sophisticated darks cabernets this season. Another favorite this fall was Ruffian’s Fox Hunt, a shiny, corally red. Such fun!

  40. Oh, I’m kind of in love with that color. Unfortunately, dark colors don’t really go so well with light freckly skin tones. Tends to look a little more goth than romantic. Boo!

  41. Those rings!!

  42. Love that color! I’m currently wearing and obsessed with Big Apple Red by OPI for this time of year! It’s a much brighter red, but it’s perfectly festive for the holidays!

  43. Thanks for these sweet comments! Kendra says the circle ring is from her friend’s jewelry shop: And you can find similar thin gold rings at Catbird. And her scarf was from Madewell, but is now sold out. Good luck! xo

  44. I’m obsessed with Big Apple Red by OPI around this time of year! It’s much brighter but so festive for the holidays!

  45. i have to have that delicate gold ring! anybody know where it’s from??

  46. Very nice color! I am wearing something slightly darker – Chanel Rouge Noir.

  47. Love these intimate shots and the oxblood nails with classic tartan. All over tartan this fall/winter

  48. The scarf is from Madewell…I think it’s sold out…mine came last week, but was on backorder for a few months.

  49. thanks – that’s my next color. wearing a light grey right now, which i love and get lots of compliments on – goes with absolutely everything and is fresh!

  50. ooh joanna goddard, no one makes me want to drop everything and paint my nails like you do…

  51. I love it! Where’s her scarf from?

  52. I like this nail polish and own a few that are similar- but what I really like seeing is that she isn’t afraid of having cute, short nails.
    I’ve been petrified to cut mine short for who knows why…

    Manda from Eat Cake

  53. they have a gel polish that is that oxblood when you are cold and then turns to a brighter red when you warm up. I had it for a few weeks and LOVED it. i think it is by gel-ish. i had it done at a salon and got so many compliments

  54. none as usual. But this looks so lovely…I am attempted although I have a day of gardening planned for this week!

  55. Lovely color. I am always drawn to dark colors.

  56. Gives new meaning to maroon five. Classy color

  57. OPI All Sparkly and Gold, for a touch of festivity.

  58. love the color – but the SCARF! where does that come from?

  59. Pretty!! Love the scarf too (where is it from?).

  60. Yes, where are the skinny gold rings from? They’re lovely!

  61. This fall I’m in love with cement, grey, cloudy polish. Matches most of my wardrobe pieces :)

  62. jm says...

    i adore that color!. I saw someone next to me getting it last time I had a pedicure and it looked amazing. It would be perfect for holiday parties.

  63. Love that delicate gold ring!

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  65. You Dont Know Jacques by OPI

  66. Yes! So elegant (but still very cool).

    What polish am I wearing right now? I think it’s called Macarthur Park from American Apparel. And honestly? Not sure how I feel about it. My BF snatched a free bottle for me at some swag table (bonus!), but the color is somewhere between mustard and pea soup. Tried it on last night anyway & taking it for a test run today!

  67. same here!! Where are those gorgeous rings from??

  68. I’m wearing a Maybelline Color Show polish in “Impeccable Greys.” My only problem with it is that it’s more a muddy purple than grey…but it’s still very pretty. It’s just that I have, like, 4 polishes in a similar shade because apparently “grey” polish isn’t always grey. :-/

  69. I love grey nails right now. My current fav: Savina Dolphin. It’s a nice matte blue grey. Perfect for soft winter days.

  70. Ah, I was debating between oxblood and matte silver last night – the latter won. Gorgeous, autumnal color. And that scarf in the first photo is gorgeous.

  71. Beautiful color. Would love to try it! I’m still stuck on mint :)

  72. Nice colour! Not sure that it would suit my skin colour though. Right now i’m wearing chinchilly (gray).

  73. great, versatile color. I have a bright red on for Veteran’s Day, but feeling like darkening it up.

  74. I love that color, but I wanna know where she got that skinny gold ring on her right hand! :)

  75. I love that colour! I may have to pick it up!
    I almost never have nail polish on my finger nails because working with my hands and constantly washing them causes nail polish to chip and peel off, but my toe nails are almost always red.

  76. So funny, I’m wearing this exact color right now! I love it for the fall : ) I’m also wearing a lot of navy and deep purple.

  77. I’m still hooked on the navy nails you posted about last year, Jo! I’ve had Gelish Deep Sea put on the past two times I got my nails done. Love!

    • The rings really are gorgeous! So simple and dainty.

    • YES! Where are the rings from? They are gorgeous!!!!

    • Yes please! Love them.

    • hey ladies! try checking out – they have a lot of “threadbare” rings that look similar to these!

    • has some similar dainty rings as well!