Great Idea for Holiday Cards

My friend Kendra, who is a prop stylist, had a fantastic idea for her family’s holiday cards: They choose a holiday song lyric and take a photo inspired by it.
As part of a three-part series sponsored by Canon, we wanted to share a bunch of their past cards, as inspiration. Take a look, below…
Above are all the cards from past years—from top: “Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la,” “It’s Lovely Weather for a Cab Ride Together,” “Oh Bring Us a Figgy Pudding,” “Giddy Up, Giddy Up, Giddy Up, It’s Grand Just Holding Your Hand,” “Bundled Up Together Like Birds of a Feather,” “O Tannenbaum,” “Hark the Herald Angels Sing,” “Bah Humbug” and “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.”
Such a cute tradition, right? “It’s a fun challenge,” Kendra says. “We build on the theme every year.” Will you be sending holiday cards this year?

P.S. How to take photos of kids, and Kendra’s pretty nail polish.

(This post was sponsored by Canon as part of a three-part holiday series. Thanks for supporting the sponsors that make Cup of Jo possible. Photos by Alpha Smoot for Cup of Jo. Styling by Kendra Smoot)

  1. I love this idea! It’s so cute. I just can’t figure out how to make these cards with pinhole press. Is your friend using another site or have photo shop? I especially like the format of her “it’s lovely weather for a cab ride together” card, but pinhole press sadly doesn’t offer a template like this. Any other suggestions for ways to make these cards?

    Thanks!!! xo Amanda

  2. Does anyone know where you can find the red and white tape that affixes the photos? Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. I might need to copy this.. Ugh, its just too cute!

  4. they don’t do holiday cards here in the UK! everyone looked at me with a question mark on their face when I asked what ideas they had for their christmas card. :D as expats, we’re still sending them out…hopefully a shot from arthurs seat (in edinburgh). love this idea!!!!

  5. they don’t do holiday cards here in the UK! everyone looked at me with a question mark on their face when I asked what ideas they had for their christmas card. :D as expats, we’re still sending them out…hopefully a shot from arthurs seat (in edinburgh). love this idea!!!!

  6. Such a simple and clever idea!

  7. i love this post!!!
    i designed a card that says “jingle” in silver foil on the front, blank inside… slip in a cute pic and you are ready to send :)
    xo, m

  8. I like this idea.. it would be fun to brainstorm different ideas each year! I look forward to the point in my life where I send out family christmas cards:) xo!

  9. This is excellent and so creative! Thanks for sharing. I also wanted to thank you for the discount code for the Pinhole Press cards – it realllly helps! Can’t wait to get my cards.

  10. had to laugh so hard at the “hark” card! best christmas card ever! ♥

  11. great idea!

  12. This is wonderful! I love the bit about hoping. That’s the thing that really got me to make my final decision to sign with my agent she had this amazing optimism just leaking out of her pores when she called to offer representation.

  13. I LOVE getting their cards each year…I’m always anxious to see what they’ve come up with :)

  14. Dear Jo

    I love your blog!

    and i also love your name!

    just wanted to tell you,
    the protagonist in my recent short story shares your name. i am always looking out for lovely names. wanted you to have a look at this story. you might enjoy reading it!

    your blog radiates positivity and happiness!
    i often come here to charge myself!


  15. It showed the Canon sponsorship on my iPad…

  16. Our first christmas together was last year, and we did an awesome holiday card with our picture that everybody loved. We wanted to keep up the tradition each year, especially as we’re now living together and getting more serious, but I just lost my job (literally – as of yesterday), so finances are reeeeaaaallllyyyy stretched this season.

  17. Cute, creative and simple. Love the ‘Hark’ one.

    Perfect timing as I’m planning to take our holiday card photo this weekend.

  18. Your page is truly beautiful! Alot of awesome stuff on here! Hope one day my page could have this.. :)

  19. daja, i LOVE that you’d send a card with your roommate. that is too cute. makes me miss my old roomies!!

  20. jenny, you are so sweet:) thank you!!

  21. I love this idea so much! How lovely! x

  22. This is an amazing idea. Now if only I can bring myself to start doing actual Christmas cards instead of digital ones! Thanks for sharing anyway!!!

  23. Joanna, the sponsor is not showing up for me, either – in both places it says “sponsored by ” and then no Canon. (I’m using a Chrome browser.)

    I love your site, and have gotten all the other ladies at work hooked!

  24. I’m absolutely in love with this idea. So creative, so cute – and such great photos, too! I’d love to try this myself!

  25. I had never sent holidays cards before but this year, I don’t know why, I was seriously considering it and these are of great inspiration!

  26. perfect idea!

  27. Cute, but I’d run out of lyrics! Yes, I send cards with a short letter every year. I keep the letters for my kids when they grow up.

  28. It’s a cute idea. But why is no one smiling in their cards? To be honest, I wouldn’t want to get an “artsy” photo of a family where no one is smiling.

  29. I absolutely LOVE this idea. I want to do this with my roommate and send it out to our mutual friends and family. Thank you for sharing.


  30. Love this idea! My brain is swirling with ideas. Do you know of any sites that could assist with the design of these? I am NOT good with photoshop or anything of the like, and would rather a professional do it!

  31. It shows up with Canon as the sponsor on my phone. Comes up as a link so maybe it’s not working across all platforms. BTW… cute cards :)

  32. This is a great idea. Creative and a good photo challenge. I really enjoy the distressed chalkboard too.

    Sending cards? I’ll probably hand some out but not send very many.


  33. This year I ordered my christmas cards from pinhole press. Thanks for the discount code in a recent post! I dragged my kids to the beach last week when the weather was mild and got some good shots. I probably looked a little crazy the way I was ordering them to pose and hold hands. They probably think I’m a pain but as their mom i guess that’s my job!

  34. I love this idea! Any suggestions for getting the custom printing done for the lyric/salutation? I’m guessing there are good ways to DIY it at home probably, too…..

  35. thanks, shelby!! that’s really weird. it’s appearing correctly for me. i will have my programmer look into it!

  36. For some reason “Canon” never shows up on these posts. It just says “sponsored by”.

    Really cute idea!

  37. Hi Joanna,

    I could tell from the tag that it was sponsored by Canon, but there are two parts (one at the beginning and one at the end) that say “three part series sponsored by ,” and the space is blank, and at the end note that is in parentheses.

    Hope this helps!

  38. These are too cute! What a great idea!

  39. shelby, i did write it, i think? did you see the note at the end? (want to make sure it’s appearing!)

  40. You forgot to write to fill in that it was sponsored by Canon! Just a heads up :)

  41. what an adorable idea!