Anton and Toby are interacting so much now! It’s totally adorable. Toby has a trick where he says, “Shoulder ride!” really loudly and Anton will crack up with his husky throaty laugh. And they took their first bath together yesterday. Their growing relationship is so, so sweet to watch and makes my heart burst. So that is going well.

But although we’re getting into a rhythm now that Anton is 4+ months, it’s still pretty nuts. It ebbs and flows, right? Sometimes when we’re hanging out with friends and Anton’s wriggling around and Toby’s cracking jokes, I’m like, we are parenting geniuses! But then a few hours later, the little dudes are freaking out at home and I feel like a total mess.

Also, one of the less glamorous parts of having a baby: My hair is falling out, which, according to google, is because of dropping estrogen. Did you lose your hair four months after having a baby? In the picture above, my hair was still thick and glossy, but now I look like this:

Anyway, I’m curious to ask parents of two: When does it get easier with two kiddos? When did you generally get back on your feet? When I’ve casually asked friends with two kids, the most common answer has been “when the youngest child turns three.” (WHAT!) Also, I’m curious: When did you think it got easier with one child? I remember feeling like myself again (thank goodness) once Toby turned one.

P.S. Always helpful to remember: Babies be babies.