Return-Address Stamps

You know those little inventions that make life so much easier? Salad spinners. Lemon squeezers. Google maps. Dry shampoo. Pacifiers…Well, I have to say, I ordered a return-address stamp a while back and it’s one of those little things that I love using every single time. This sounds dorky, but it gives me a thrill to just stamp our address on letters on be on my way. And it makes our rent check look so fancy!

P.S. United States stamps, and return-address embossers.

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  7. I’m going off topic, but since you brought it up…what kind of dry shampoo do you use? My favorite is Sashajuan but it’s too pricey. I’m looking for a good drug store brand.

  8. I’m going off topic, but since you brought it up…what kind of dry shampoo do you use? My favorite is Sashajuan but it’s too pricey. I’m looking for a good drug store brand.

  9. I love these! I’ve been wanting to have one made for a while now. Thank you for the inspiration!


  10. hahaha i read this post yesterday and now i remembered that i had a dream about this stamps last night :D i saw them in a store and was thrilled and said to my friend: “That was on cup of jo yesterday! I can’t believe we also have that here in Croatia” :)

  11. I love address stamps I just think that they are so cute. It’s too bad I move so often otherwise i would totally invest in one. I love writing letters and I would love to keep the envelopes too. Things like this just make me happy.

  12. I love my address stamps. We’ve moved a few times in the last few years so I’m getting a collection of them! My first few stamps were bold with a rock’n’roll style but I decided to go for a simple type writer style for my latest. It totally looks like I typed out my address on an old typewriter!
    You can see them both here:

    I like to give address stamps as wedding and housewarming gifts too. Everyone I have given them to has loved them ;)

  13. I have a self-inking ampersandity address stamp, and it really does make sending letters and bills so much more fun – dorky-sounding or not! :) She does beautiful work.

  14. Pacifiers! Speaking of pacifiers… my two month old takes one now (my first never did.. I was anti….) but back then I had all the free arms to hold my first born as much as he needed. With my second, let’s face it, I need anything to make life easier!!! We love our pacifier.

  15. I’m always on the look out for these ‘every house needs one’ items for christmas gifts.

    A few years ago, the ‘address stamp’ was the choice. Almost everyone LOVED them. Except my brother and his wife…nobody bothered to tell me their house had just been foreclosed. I guess my mother wanted to save them embarrassment at the holidays. (How could I NOT know? Well, they live in a differnt state and he’s much older – so we’re not super close – sorry). I was horrified.

    Its still a great gift (for people with an address!)

  16. Looks so cool! Definitely ordering one of these :)

  17. Love this idea… when we stop moving and changing our address every couple years!

    Also, I am hosting a beautiful clothing giveaway on my blog this week and thought you and your readers might be interested!

  18. OMG– bizarre! I was JUST looking for something like this, literally seconds ago, and was thinking to myself: “I wish someone would just SHOW me where the cool ones are!” Decided to take a break to look at your blog, and behold. Cool address stamps ;)

  19. jm says...

    That would be such a sweet wedding present!

  20. My boyfriend and I just moved in together and a friend gave us a return address stamp as a housewarming – I LOVE it! I thought it was so sweet and thoughtful and now I want to write more handwritten notes! (Or get engaged so we can write some thank-you notes but that’s a WHOLE nother story, hah!)

  21. i get them for people when they get engaged. they are super helpful for save the dates, wedding invites and ESPECIALLY thank you cards. i have found the wood handle ones look cute, but the self inking ones are way less mess and you get a better stamp with them.

  22. i totally second auste’s comment! what name goes on it? i kept my maiden name and now we have a daughter so it can’t just be our first names? guess i could just get the address with no name?

    • I kept my maiden name too, but both my kids have my husband’s last name… so to resolve the issue we’ve got a “pet family name” that we use in correspondence. My last name is Logan, his is Bekker… combined we came up with ‘Lekker’ (which also happens to be the Afrikaans word for “good” or “delicious” or “awesome”) and since his family is South African, they all find it rather cute.

      From, the Lekker Family

    • oh man i love that idea! that is adorable and i’ll have to give this some thought ;)

    • Oh Faith! We have a “pet family name” that I only really ever use as a joke… but i LOVE the idea of putting it as our last name on the stamp. So great!

  23. What a fun idea!! It’d also be fun to customize it with a little sketch of your house.

  24. My real estate agent gave me one of the self-inking versions when I moved into my home. Such a useful gift!

  25. We buy these as gifts for friends when they buy a house! My favorite shop is ForYoo and NoteTrunk. They’re not very expensive, and there are so many great designs to choose from! You can go practical with the self inking variety, or classic with the wood handle and ink pad. I get a thrill every time I use mine, too!

  26. If I knew I was honing to live in the same place for more than two years, I would totally buy one of these- they are lovely!

  27. ah! perfect for our upcoming move!

  28. love this! such a great idea. I think I need one of those, since I’m still a huge fan of snail mail…

    The Casual Classic

  29. I’ve been wanting an address stamp for a while now, but can’t figure out how to address the last name issue… I’ve kept my maiden name, so do I put both last names on the stamp? I was thinking we could keep it more casual and just put our first names… How did you resolve the last name issue on your stamp – since I think I remember reading a while back that you’ve maintained your maiden name as well?

    • same thing with me and my husband – we did our e&r and then the address.

    • Hi! I just got one as a gift to celebrate my boyfriend and I moving in together – clearly different last names. It just says Liz & Brian and our address. It’s cute! Definitely not super formal, but neither are we, and I think it works for mailing things to friends and family who know who it’s coming from.

    • Initials.

  30. we need to invest in one of these. if only to save the mailman from my serial killer handwriting and quick!