1. How creative! One for Aussieland pls.

  2. When I moved to Texas I bought some cute address label stickers, but then I moved again five months later and had to just leave them in a drawer in the house. :( I need to order some more for my apartment.

  3. Love these! The whole site is filled with wonderful finds .. I love the pencil sets too!

  4. Love these. Perfect gift idea.

  5. Yeah, the Colorado stamp would be pretty boring:(

  6. Too cute!! My heart tugs for NY (where we used to live) but getting our current state Virginia wouldn’t be bad at all since I’m a total stamping nerd!

  7. absolutely adorable! much more fun than writing my address, especially since my penmanship is horrible. :)

    midnight snark

  8. So darling. These would be the perfect touch on handmade stationary!

  9. But I live in a square state! :(

  10. These are gorgeous! If only there were versions of these for Canadians… :)

  11. Holy Moly!
    Those are so awesome.

    I blame you for introducing me to all of these excellent ways to spend too much of my mulah. :)

    Manda from Eat Cake

  12. I saw these the other day. I love them. It would be neat to order Hawaii and see what happens.

  13. jm says...

    What a great idea!

  14. Love these! What a great idea!

  15. always wanted something fun like this, and bonus that people could read my address since my hand writing is somewhat serial killer like according to the hubby.

  16. Wow, a brilliant idea. Looks so beautiful that it makes me want to get one (with Iceland) and start writing letters!

  17. Those stamps are perfection! I have a booklet myself <3

  18. They are fabulous! Hawaii is going to be interesting. I wonder how they would get the address to fit.

  19. Great find! It’d be fun to collect these for various addresses if you moved from state to state.

  20. Bahaha, i like your idea with Hawaii!

    I love these. The price is a little steep right now, but one day! Texas has such a nice shape, if I do say so myself. ;)

  21. LOVE these!

  22. these are so cool! i love this creative way to schnazz up an envelope. lovely!

  23. I love these! If I ever move to a house of my own in the US I’ll choose my state based on it’s shape so that I can order a stamp (and necklaces and cheese boards…)

  24. These are so fabulous! I love ways to make letters unique. Receiving a small envelope full of news is the best treat!

    Also, love using a wax seal on my letters!

    Thanks for the links!


  25. I’m in love with these stamps, Ohio is perfectly shaped to hold my address.