1. nice and aesthetic pictures
    interesting idea

  2. It looks really amazing. I loved it. Thank for sharing such an amazing post with us. keep sharing.

  3. Hi
    I love your stamp(return adress)
    I’m from South Africa,where did you get your stamp made?

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  5. I’m late to the party on this one, but thank you for posting these! Hadn’t heard about these ladies before. I’m designing our wedding invitations and am torn between getting an embosser or a custom calligraphy stamp. There are so many great options on Etsy.

  6. These are great—we have a wax stamp as well we love.

  7. I was just thinking about wanting my own embosser the other day. These are just lovely! I love the more modern options they have. You read my mind. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Love these! What a pretty wedding or housewarming gift for a new couple!

  9. Great, great, great! Love it. So chic and useful.

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  11. We have that exact one on the bottom left and several different plates. I’m a stationary freak!

  12. But what style did you choose? I LOVE monograms but my one issue with having a different last name as my husband is not being able to easily choose 2 initials for both our last names to put on stationary, embossers, etc!

  13. definitely on my list of to do once i find a permanent home. thanks for sharing!

  14. These embossers are by Three Designing Women and they are absolutely AMAZING! The plate is interchangeable so you can have more than one design- address, monogram, 2nd address if you move.
    For all you out there who like a good deal, they are having a sale this weekend on One King’s Lane – custom embossers, custom stamps, and stationery!

  15. My husband and I made all our wedding stationery and had one of these made online with our names and wedding date. It was super affordable and we stamped everything – the invitations, programs, menus – and it really heightened our simple, brown-paper look.

  16. This is too neat! I feel like I am always moving (apartment living..), but once I feel like I am going to stay some place a while, I’ll have to get one of these. They would be perfect for post cards too as I never want to “waste space” with writing my address on it!

  17. Oh my, this looks so amazing!

  18. I’m a sucker for anything embossed. My favorite is embossed, dark grey paper with a little bit of gloss to it. It just looks SO chic.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  19. I got an embosser (the design in the bottom left as a matter of fact), as an attempt to simplify my stationary supplies. There is something really nice about having it – it will last as long as my address does and never need another thing to function. Makes me feel a little posh when I use it too.

  20. I really like this and thought about buying for a friend but $65 seems silly. Oh well. Sticker address labels is the way to go I suppose.

  21. wow – love these!! dammit! I just designed/ordered a stamp for our wedding invites…and I totally would have done this instead!!

  22. I love this! I think it could actually be brilliant for sending products to customers

  23. Fancy! Though I’d probably end up obsessing about getting it exactly centered. About the spending much of your life in front of a computer—I’ve found the same thing, which is why I think I’ve swung heavily toward handwriting a lot of my correspondence lately. Get the right pen in hand (for me that’d be an extra-fine Pilot Precise V5) and some pretty stationery (à la Rifle) and my thoughts and hand actually slow down enough for me to write something introspective and legible. :)

  24. Oh my goodness, how beautiful, what a great idea! It’s the little things like this that I love about your blog. I would never have known otherwise. Thanks for sharing. :) Happy Weekend!

    Ellies Wonder

  25. Ooh la la, how fancy! Post-Christmas gifts are a thing, right? Am I allowed to start another Wish List? Hmmm :)

  26. I love this idea! I never realized how sloppy my handwriting had gotten until I was looking over some notes from a year or two ago – it’s crazy!

  27. So pretty! I have one that stamps, but it is kind of temperamental and sometimes doesn’t stamp the whole address clearly. I might have to get this before next year’s Christmas cards!

  28. Ohhh, my friend got this for a wedding gift and was so jealous! :)

  29. These are such a perfect embellishment to an envelope!
    and much less messy than a wax seal :)

    I’ll have to keep it in mind for someday, though, when I’m not often on the move.

  30. Beautiful. But $65 could get me probably 25 years worth of adhesive address labels. Don’t do this if you think you’ll move!

    • Hey Collette! These embossers are by Three Designing Women and the plates (that do the embossing) are actually interchangeable! So if you move, you don’t have to buy a whole new one. Pretty cool huh?!

  31. I was just looking for embossers! Found one at william somona. Another awesome use is to buy a “The LIbrary of…” as a gift for a kid. I’m getting an embosser for my nephew, really excited about this gift!

  32. jm says...

    These are so elegant! Love them!

  33. love these. great idea ;)

  34. Oh my gosh – these are beautiful! Now that I own my home, I totally want to get one!
    Much love,

  35. oh beautiful! I have always loved stationery, I was the girl at school who was pre-occupied with her pencil case, arranging it and re-arranging it! This definitely makes the wish list, I haven’t changed :)

  36. We have one of these…it’s ancient and huge but still works!

  37. I love these! I wish I was my living situation was a bit more stable and I was same place for more then a year! This would make a great mother’s day gift.

  38. Love this! Very clean and elegant.

  39. These are so beautiful. Would make a perfect shower or housewarming gift.

  40. Gorgeous! We have a stamp, but as we are planning a move in 2013, I’m going to hold off until we have a more permanent address to get one of these bad boys. I love them so much!

    Haute Child in the City

  41. When I finally stop moving around from apartment to apartment, I’ll have to get one of those. Return address embossers are definitely a sign of reaching true adulthood.

  42. Was given one of these at a bridal shower… makes thank you notes a breeze and beautiful! I’m definitely getting one as a gift for my next bridal shower.

  43. Pretty! Would be a fun purchase for when you move into a new house :)

  44. These are so pretty!! Whenever I get married I definitely want to do this!! =)

    Ergo – Blog

  45. How beautiful! Love these. Thanks for sharing!

  46. Would be perfect for when you have to send a lot of letters at once! Christmas, wedding invites, thank you cards, etc. I must make a note to get one once I am no longer living at University and live in a (at least semi-) permanent home.

  47. So pretty! I have a stamp version but will have to head this route when it runs out of ink…