When I was twenty three, I went to the dentist and discovered that I had ten cavities. Ten. How mortifying is that? I swear I’m not totally gross. Meanwhile, Alex somehow has never even had one, so, needless to say, we’re hoping Toby takes after him. Here are three things that have helped three-year-old Toby get excited about brushing his teeth…

1. My friend Kendra recommended getting a wooden step stool so Toby can reach the sink and brush his teeth like a grown-up (!!!). He likes standing up there so much that we actually have to tell him after a while to step away from the sink.

2. Watch this Elmo video. Warning: The annoying song will get stuck in your head, but kids adore it. We sing the song (“Brush brushy brush brushy brush brush, huh!”) when Toby is brushing his teeth and he always starts laughing. And funnily enough, Nicole Kidman, Bruno Mars, David Hyde Pierce, Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber are in the video, too.

3. Find natural toothpaste that actually tastes good. The Honest Company—which we love and already use for our household, bath and baby products—just came out with toothpaste for both kids and adults. The adult toothpaste is mint, and the kids toothpaste is strawberry. Toby loves it and even asks for more squeezes onto his toothbrush. And there are no questionable chemicals or artificial sweeteners or dyes.

Any other tips for getting your little stinkers to brush their teeth? If you’d like to try out Honest products, get 40% off a bundle with the code ACOJBundle. Limited to U.S. and Canadian residents, applies to your first bundle order only, and expires October 9th.

P.S. The Honest Company also has the CUTEST diapers.

(Photos by Alpha Smoot for Cup of Jo. Thanks, Alpha! This post is sponsored by The Honest Company, whose products and mission I adore. Thank you so much for supporting the sponsors that make Cup of Jo possible.)