Thank you for all the well wishes for our move! Everything went smoothly last weekend, and we’re now settling in. Here are a few photos of the apartment, if you’d like to see…

Here’s the living area, which has a dining nook and an open kitchen. We love how bright and airy the room feels; it feels like you’re outside even when you’re inside. You can’t see it in these photos, but the windows on the left actually have river views; we set up the rocking chair right there, so when I nurse Anton, we can look out over the sailboats.

Here’s the master bedroom, which also has water views to the left. (Thankfully the room feels bigger than it looks in this teeny photo.) We also look onto the building across from us, which feels straight out of Rear Window.

Here’s the boys’ nursery, which looks over this hidden playground! Toby calls it “our backyard,” which I love.

And here’s a picture of our floor plan which gives you a birds eye view of the whole apartment layout.

(A Shake Shack picnic our first night there:)

Thank you again for all your sweet notes! Wish us luck decorating! xo

P.S. Our old apartment in the West Village.