Let’s Talk About Books…

Awesome People Reading is an addictive tumblr.
Jane Austen’s face is coming to British money.
11 authors who hated the movie versions of their books.
Home inspiration: Leaning artwork on bookshelves.
Bookworms are smarter in old age. Keep reading!

P.S. Round-ups of fashion, cheese and summer…and Roald Dahl mugs and stamps.

(Reading nook photo from Martha Stewart Living and leaning art photo by Victoria)

  1. this is fabulous. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  2. What a love clever post–I love this! I took a peek into Well-Read Women and the illustrations are gorgeous!! Congrats to Samantha!

  3. lovely bookfest roundup! I’ll have to save this to mine for ideas for next year’s Library Week…Those t-shirts are amazing. I may need to get the Hamlet one.

  4. This is a fun post! I love to read – coincidentally i just posted about The Bel Jar :) Your friends book looks really interesting,I love how other people can imagine how a character looks like – we all see them differently in our heads :)

  5. H says...

    Joanna, I really love everything about this post. I wasn’t able to check in on your blog until this morning and it was nice to see this great post about books. I already know I will buy your friend Samantha’s book because I also bought “Brooklyn Girls” which you recommended recently and it was wonderful. Thank you for the ideas!

  6. Oh, I really enjoyed these links! I need to find time to read more often.

  7. I’m normally the one that scoffs at movies and says … the book was better … but I really think The Shining with Jack Nicholson was a million times better than the book!


  8. I just got your friend Samatha’s book in the mail today! I read half of it on the way to a baseball game with my boyfriend and can’t wait to endulge in the rest. I’m in love with the watercolors and am determined to read what I haven’t already.

  9. Some of the best books to read are 5 People you Meet in Heaven,The Alchemist, 11 Minutes, Fault in the Stars and etc.. Those books that are written by Paulo Coelho, Nicholas Sparks and John Greene.

  10. this was my favorite post for this entire month. books are my treasures and i love the shelving idea. in fact, i just finished installing my own design of clear shelves on which i stack all my paperbacks – you can see it on my website :) since i shared the design

  11. It’s funny to see that the movie Mary Poppins was one of the hated (by the actual author) book movie versions. I did not see the film although I heard a lot about it.. I thought it was too overrated because people kept on talking about it, and some people were even recommending it to me. Nothing, just a random thought.

    I honestly enjoy reading. A great way to make your mind wander.

  12. I am on the floor over the Hollywood men one! Clearly, I have a two year old. Hilarious!

  13. Books! I love reading and really need to find more time for it.

  14. book looks great, any idea on the UK release date anyone? amazon just says ‘preorder’, no date.

  15. I loved the 11 authors who hated the movie versions of their books, it’s so interesting. My parents were awesome is also a very cool page!

    Beyond Bally.

  16. I love that pic of Pilar Guzman’s reading nook in her apartment! I devoured that issue of Martha Stewart Living when it came out. I knew I wasn’t the only one!

  17. A great iPhone app is Goodreads. You can make lists of books to read, books you have read, see what your friends are reading, and read reviews. It’s addicting for bookworms!

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  19. Please keep the book posts coming! This year I’ve been challenging myself to finish the classics I never read in high school/college. I put down Jane Eyre to take a break and read Cup of Jo, and now feel inspired to pick it up again and keep reading. I also laughed out loud at the sexy men reading children’s books!

    – Megan

  20. I’ve really enjoyed this posts, specially the 11 authors who didn’t like the film versions part because I never like the films if I’ve read the book before!

  21. Love the reading nook!

  22. As an avid reader I was so excited to read this post! The images are wonderful also. Cheers Jo!

  23. pick up Dad Is Fat by Jim Gaffigan! you two will love it!

  24. I love to read! I’m almost finished reading all of the Sherlock Holmes books (free on Kindle). Think I might go for something modern next.

    I just got a print from Litograph for my brother. Such a fun idea.


  25. I want to thank you for your post a few months back asking for book recommendations — I relied on it heavily when choosing books for a two-week vacation, and I ended up reading 6! (I get bored easily at the beach…) My favorites were Rules of Civility and Where’d You Go, Bernadette?

  26. K says...

    Love this. I’m adding onto my house and adding a window seat because I always dreamed of having one as a place to read when I was little. That reading closet may be even better though!

  27. Yeah- let’s talk about books. It’s basically all I wanna do when I’m not reading or writing. I love the Audrey Hepburn pic is lovely!

    Love from Europe,

  28. Great post — love these book-related tidbits!