1. I’ve noticed your admiration for all things Ronald Dahl. Well, here is a fun book, I think you would enjoy:)

    Roald Dahl Collection

  2. The illustrations in the Roald Dahl books are by Quentin Blake – I couldn’t help notice that he is not been given credit! Sure they are from Roald Dahl stories, but shouldn’t the artist be getting the acknowledgment here? just a thought…

    Beautiful collection though :)

  3. Roald Dahl and my mum share the birthdate :D .

  4. I <3 this!! I am going to find them!!!

  5. I hope they make a “Danny the Champion of the World” one!

  6. i grew up on these books! such good memories

  7. These are amazing!!! x

  8. I love the Fantastic Mr. Fox one on the website! It’s my all time favorite book, and movie too! Go Wes Anderson!:)


  9. These are the best, can’t wait to share these wonderful stories with my daughter!

  10. I still remember my kindergarten teacher reading us James & The Giant Peach.

    Incidentally, have you read Toby “Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site”? It’s my 3 year old’s new favorite book & has become a bed time must. I think Toby would love :)

  11. NO WAY!!! These are amazing… AND you can personalize it. I think my heart just burst! Good Find!

  12. Ughhhh another impulse purchase thanks to Jo! I just bought 2 of these for my boyfriend for a housewarming gift. We bonded over our love of Roald Dahl years ago and this is beyond perfect.

  13. I read Roald Dahl endlessly as a kid… how much do I need these mugs?! They are amazing!


  14. I love these! Thanks for sharing. Also, that letter was too precious. I’ve always loved Roald Dahl.

  15. I love these – they warm my heart!

  16. These are adorable! You always find the cutest things to blog about.


  17. these. are. perfection.
    i really want the bfg one in my life, because i’ve always called myself the bfg because of my ears :)

  18. ahh love these! Can’t wait until my 3 year old is old enough to start reading The BFG or Matilda with me.

  19. Just got my nine year old hooked on Dahl. I think we may need these!

  20. Wow – I just had a little mini-nostalgic moment with these mugs. I definitely know some people who would love these as gifts.

  21. I was totally going to order a bunch of RD books on amazon since you’ve been mentioning them lately, and then I happened upon the Ronald Dahl jackpot at my local thrift store. I got BFG, Matilda & a big Willy Wonka book. So excited to read them to my kid!

  22. adore! (similarly fabulous are the eloise mugs you can get at the plaza hotel!)

  23. Oh my gosh – this is the best. I know what is going in my sister’s stocking this year! We used to read The Witches together. Did you ever see the movie with Anjelica Huston? She was perfect for the role and so scary! :)

  24. It would be so fun to have these! I loved his books as a kid

  25. These are so fantastic! HAve you read the Roald Dahl biography “Storyteller”, by Donald Sturrock? A fascinating life, though often difficult.
    Love the Enormous Crocodile mug on the website!
    Great find Joanna!

  26. These are so cute and the perfect gift for my sister (who is Roald Dahl crazy) Thanks Joanne!

  27. I need the top one! It really screams “Hooray! It’s going to be a great day!” to me. Love them.

  28. Just to be pedantic, these are really Quentin Blake mugs as he is the wonderful illustrator…

  29. This makes my heart so happy.

    My Roald Dahl books were among the earthly possessions that made the cut when I moved from Indonesia to Holland. They sit on my bookshelf like wise, kooky old friends. (:

  30. Roald Dahl’s books were my favorites when I was young (and I’ve reread a few of them more recently just to make sure they were still great). I love Quentin Blake’s illustrations, too, it would definitely be fun to have one of these.

  31. I love these.

  32. These are fantastic! I love Roald Dahl; I saved all of his books from when I was a kid.

  33. These are amazing! x

  34. Oh man, I need these in my life!