Daddy’s Boys

How is your week going? To be honest, we’ve had a few ups and downs. Overall things are good, but sweet little Anton has started grunting (!) in his sleep, and since we share a room, I’m basically averaging 3.5 hours of sleep a night, broken up into half hour chunks. Consider me totally exhausted. Did your babies ever grunt in their sleep? Our pediatrician reassures us that it’s normal, but holy smokes, it’s not ideal.

But during waking hours, things are great. One sweet thing I’ve loved watching: Our two little boys are totally enamored with Alex. Anton gazes at him, awestruck, like in the sweet photo above. And Toby thinks he’s a total hero. Toby’s favorite thing of all time is when Daddy takes him to an Indian restaurant in the East Village. They sit quietly together at a table and watch two men play Indian instruments, and it has become a Sunday ritual. In the video below, I interviewed Toby about their dinners, while my sister (whose husband’s family is from India) filmed with her phone…

P.S. I just have to remember: Babies be babies. :) Also, 8 confessions of a new dad, and what marriage means.

  1. Oh my goodness!! Toby is the sweetest! He is such a smart kid. I love how excited he is about sharing those little bits of information! Thanks so much for sharing, Joanna(: so precious.

  2. MYHEART! Toby is so precious. So smart and well spoken! Love it!!

  3. My son was a grunter too! He is STILL a loud sleeper at age 8… he sighs or snores so loud that sometimes I can hear him all the way in the living room late at night (his room is on the second floor). I will also say that he is a really, really sound sleeper – he has to be, otherwise he would wake himself up with all that noise! And it is such a blessing to have a kid that sleeps sound (as opposed to my other child, has been and still is a terrible sleeper 6 years later). Maybe try sleeping with a noise machine or fan or put him in the living room for the night! I hope you get some serious sleep soon… I know how that goes! :)

    oxo, Jill

  4. The video of Toby is adorable! It’s so sweet to see him in video, to hear him talk and see him smile!

  5. It’s amazing how those cute little babes make so much noise in their sleep! I tried to deal with it by using MACK’s ear plugs. I split one into two pieces. I found wearing them while sleeping helped me rest a bit better, but I could still hear my babe when he was ready to eat. Hope it goes well!

  6. Toby!!!!!! Such a cute guy!

  7. Grunting Baby Syndrome. That’s what my pediatrician called it. Don’t fret, it goes away, but it feels like FOREVER until they quiet down. My little Wolfie stopped around the 3 month mark.. when all the baby magic happens!

  8. I can totally relate to the 3.5 hrs of sleep in 1/2 hour chunks as I went through that back in May with my own little grunter! :)

  9. My friend’s baby boy grunted like a large seal while asleep. It was so loud and disturbing–loud enough to make me jump in another room the first few times I heard it. So hilarious too, but not so much during the night. He did eventually stop. Hang in there!

  10. I love that Toby’s little brain absorbs all of those terrific details! What lovely boys you have Joanna!

  11. Oh Tobys New York acent is so sweet! Im English and read your blog every day, forgetting you are american as I ‘hear’ your words in my english head when reading! Good work on the family. We are expecting our 2nd in December, I cant wait!

  12. Toby is ADORABLE. (So is Anton of course!) I love how well Toby speaks! He’s so sincere….love it!

  13. My daughter was a grunter– which is why she only spent one night in our room! Could sweet Anton sleep in a pack n play in the family room at night so you can get more solid sleep? That is so, so tough. Good luck! No matter how you handle it, there will come a time when you get a full night’s sleep again! Even if it’s not for a long time, it WILL happen.

  14. Awww – your kids are so adorable. No suggestions that haven’t been made by the posters above me but I just wanted to chime in my support. I remember all too well being so tired that I felt like a zombie. Could Toby’s sitter take them both for a walk while you catch a nap? Your blog and posts helped me through some tough parenting moments/hours – I really hope that you guys have a few good sleep nights coming your way!

  15. Flents Ear Stopples. Must be that brand and type. Look like double bubble. Cut one in half to thirds. You’ll still hear what you need to.

  16. My son Axel is 2 months old. He grunts, snores, and makes these really odd sounding high pitched noises in his sleep. I even recorded it for the pediatrician to make sure it was ok. She seemed unconcerned, but man…it’s hard to sleep when he’s doing that next to me. Totally feel your pain!

  17. Toby is SO smart! What a cultured little guy!!

  18. awwww this makes my day! toby is soooo cute!

  19. Toby has the sweetest little face. Anton looks wise. God bless :)

  20. Babies TOTALLY be babies! Your sister in law is so right. We have a 3.5 month old who is mostly good, but sometimes totally throws everything off and we have sleepless nights or annoying days. So have started saying ‘She’s just being a baby’ and I say it’s her fault! I find this very comforting when I’m running on empty…

    P.s. Still love the beards. Love it when my man gets all shaggy. Pity his work makes him shave!

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  22. Can you give me the name of the restaurant? I would love to hear the music. Thanks.

  23. i’m so there with you Jo. I have a 3 year old boy and 2 week old baby girl. I am exhausted. two kids are twice as hard as one! you forget the crying and the broken sleep. its so hard! but we have to remember its temporary.

  24. Foam earplugs! They let the important cries through, but muffle the grunts. I’m surprised no one mentioned this (well, I didn’t see an earplug suggestion…missed it maybe)…wait….am I a bad parent? Oh well, worked for me. The cheapo ones they give you on the plane. Doubles sleepability during those tough first months!

  25. My cousin experienced the same thing. Try a noise maker, the simplicity of it made the little one sleep soundlessly through the night.

    XO good luck

  26. Hey Joanna – Anton is gorgeous!
    I’m a new mom to an 8 week old and she grunted in her sleep and seemed to wake up every 45 min….until I….wait for it….put her to sleep on her tummy a few weeks ago. She sleeps so much better now!
    I was apprehensive about doing so, but she’s in a bassinet in our room and has pretty good head control. The grunting has quieted down so much and she sleeps much sounder.
    My mom assures me that back when I was a baby the recommendation was to place babies on their tummy at night! “They” seem to change their mind about what to do every decade…so I figure whatever works, right?
    Best of luck with the nighttime!

  27. gc says...

    My daughter did this too (she’s Toby’s age). The grunting was strictly a newborn thing and passed within a couple months. But she’s still one who talks in her sleep and moves around like crazy!

    You will get through this. Just remember, as with Toby, all of these obstacles are phases that will pass soon enough! Toby was a newborn and now he’s loving pappadam! So cute…:)

    Hang in there…

  28. Have you tried a white noise machine? You can crank that sucker all the way up and hopefully muffle the grunting. Also, remember that great tip from the book “Bringing up Bebe”, do “the pause” before picking him up when he wakes at night. I hope it get better for you!

  29. you might want to consider trying an earplug in just one ear. If the grunting is keeping you awake you roll over the unplugged ear to the pillow to muffle noise, but if the baby cries enough that you need to be woken up to care for him you will still hear him.

    worked for me in college with loud roommates. still managed to always hear my alarm.

  30. Little Anton is just dreamy:) Such a cutie. Hope the grunting improves so you can get a little bit more rest.

  31. Dear Joanna, I’ve been waking up every 2-4 hours for the past YEAR. I thought the first month was bad, until now. My baby girl is turning one year old next week and just now she is sleeping through the night. I know how you feel.

    Cheers! from,

  32. You’re not alone! I have a grunty 6-week-old, and a 3-year-2-month-old, so we are definitely in a similar situation. Also, my 3-year-old loves Indian food–especially mango lassi! :) And I appreciated the throwback links; they were timely for me.

  33. Oh, how I miss the precious swaddling phase! Anton and Toby are soooo precious!

    PS: From three children, I have one who sleeps quietly, one who made goat-like noises and one who sang himself to sleep — all during infancy. How about a sound machine to mask the non-crying sounds?

  34. Oh my! Toby has the sweetest little voice.

  35. A few things:

    1. The top photo of Anton and Alex makes me yearn for another baby RIGHT NOW.
    2. As a pediatrician, yes, babies grunting in their sleep is normal (provided they are breathing comfortably, which your little guy is!)
    3. As a mom, babies grunting in their sleep (which our son did for several weeks as a little guy) is *completely* exhausting!

    I have no idea how you are doing these posts – keep up the amazing work!

  36. My second daughter was very noisy in her sleep. We moved her into her own room at 6 weeks – two weeks earlier than planned so we could get some sleep. The grunting has stopped but we do wake up to her babbling in her sleep now over the monitor (she’s 9 months old now). My guess she will be a sleep talker when she is older.

  37. Yup. My daughter slept in our bed for the first 3 weeks, then started wiggling and grunting in her sleep– to the nursery she went! She likes her crib though, so I don’t feel bad. :)

  38. It is amazing how much kids pick up! Toby sounds so sophisticated talking about Indian food and music – more so than most adults! (PS if you’re ever feeling Indian but want it the cheap/easy way, the Trader Joe’s dishes are REALLY GREAT. Get all of them and have bites of each!)

  39. Oh my god, my little baby grunts too! That’s so funny! He’s my first and this weeks he becames a month old, and he grunts and make little noises while he sleeps… I’m used to it know but I woke with each little sound the first two weeks! :)

  40. Foam Earplugs help a lot. You can still hear him cry but it will block out the grunting. And yes, babies are noisy in their sleep!

  41. How cute! Sounds like it’s time to move Anton to the living room, is where he sleeps portable, where you can roll him out when you go to bed? Or try earplugs, they block out the little noises but wont block out the hungry cries!

  42. The ear plug thing worked for me too.

  43. Yep, we had a grunter too, luckily it only lasted for the first couple of weeks. Now he’s 4 months old and sleeps very quietly for 7 hours straight every night.That makes me a happy mommy. Hope the grunting phase passes soon for you too!

  44. This is an adorable video! What a smart little fellow. And I love that he is an adventurous eater!

  45. My son who is now coming up for 6 months, grunted when he was about 6 weeks old, usually when he was falling asleep or waking up!

  46. My boys are just about the same age as yours. They were born May 2010 & May 2013. My trick for sharing a room with a grunter is wearing an ear plug in one ear and sleeping on the other ear. I can hear when he wakes but not the grunting. (Works for husband snoring too!)

  47. YES! We had a grunter too. She would only sleep quietly if she was on my chest. I never meant to be a co-sleeper, but it was the only way we could all get a few hours of undisturbed sleep. We moved her to the crib in her own room at 10 weeks though (and she started sleeping through the night!!)

  48. My son grunted too! I think it was gas related. What worked for me was holding him semi upright or upright for 10-15 min after each feeding. It’s hard to stay up for an extra 10 minutes during a nighttime feeding but so worth it when your baby sleeps for an hour without grunting!

  49. Earplugs. No seriously, I have the hardest time with noises. But earplugs will help drown out the grunting but you will still hear him when he is ready to eat.

  50. Yup, my second son was a grunter too. He got booted out to his own room after a couple weeks because of it – we all got much better sleep afterwards! I don’t think he grunts as much any more (3 months), but then again, I don’t think I care to find out! :D

  51. My baby grunted in his sleep all night long when he was a newborn and we shared a room too. I feel you on that whole 3.5 hours of sleep in 30 min increments. I’ll get better soon.

  52. White noise machine!!

  53. Wow this is totally making me feel that I should take my almost three year old Felix straight to the nearest curry house! So cute. Toby’s use of language is amazing and Anton is adorable. We never had grunting with Felix but he was a monster feeder so I do empathise with the lack of sleep. Remember it’s all a phase until they’re four x

  54. a says...

    Our daughter, Isla, grunted quite a bit her first couple of months. Our doula came over for a post-partum visit and suggested tilting our bassinet up a bit so that Isla’s body would be at a slight incline allowing her to digest a bit better. It helped tremendously. We stuffed rolled up towels on either side of her so she would not lean outwards.

    We also gave her a probiotic (totally safe, but talk to your ped) to help her grow the good bacteria in her gut so she could digest better. WORKED WONDERS!

    This too shall pass! XOOXO

  55. As always I adore your honesty and balance between staying positive while acknoweldging difficulties. That said… my baby grunted like crazy! I got sooooo little sleep at first! But it only lasts a little while, probably a month tops. Good luck!!!

  56. I just had a daughter the 6th of July and she is a grunter as well. The midwife encouraged me that these are all just common “baby noises” as they try to figure out their immature GI systems. My son, now 21 months old, was content to cuddle, nurse and co-sleep all night, but my daughter has been so grunty we had to move her out of our room after two short weeks! As with us, I hope this passes quickly for you all and that you are able to manage on these long days following nearly sleepless nights.

  57. Joanna I’m seriously crying as I write this! My new son is the SAME way. He is so loud and I’m teetering on the edge of my bed with anxiety every night. I got about an hour and a half of sleep last night, in like 10 minute blocks…and I’m an emotional wreck! I just feel so relieved that I’m not alone. The middle of the night can be so lonely…especially with a really loud grunting baby sleeping next to us! I hope it gets better for both of us.

    • this was me 23 years ago alexa and joanna so don’t feel alone. my first baby was premature and when he came home still hooked to oxygen i didn’t want to be away from him for more than a few minutes. after the first week and only surface sleep i was an emotional wreck also. a nurse at the hospital where he was born assured me it would be okay to move his bassinet into a different room. not that far away but far enough that his loud grunts didn’t keep me up. when we finally felt comfortable taking him out we took him with us to a movie. during the first silent romantic scene he started making his grunting sleeping noises, ha, so embarrassing. my husband ended up sitting with him in the foyer while i watched the movie alone. it was heaven. sleep is essential for a new mom. i would afternoon babysit for either so you could nap. things will get easier, it’s a learning process for everyone. xo

  58. how cute is he..i can’t believe he can pronounce all those Indian words so well. Great Job Joanna!! Adorable. which Indian restaurant is this?

  59. My baby boy grunted a lot in the beginning so I completely sympathize with the lack of sleep. I felt so bad for him though as it was attributed to his acid reflux. He grew out of it around 4 months. Sometimes I would put him in the Ergo (so I didn’t worry about him falling off my chest) and he would sleep on my chest while I would sleep sitting up on the couch! It did get better so hang in there!

  60. I had a grunter too! It’s really frustrating and I used to wonder if she was sleeping okay or if she was in pain, it sounded so awful.

    After finding out that it was normal I actually started to wear earplugs until she was moved into her own room. I slept way better and could still hear her cry. It was a pretty easy solution, and good for travelling.

  61. My son grunted in his sleep too! It was terrible. Thankfully he did eventually stop, but I remember how exhausting it was to not get a long stretch of sleep. Hang in there!

  62. My Oliver grunted from the moment we took him home from the hospital. It always peaked after his 4am feed, meaning that I essentially started my day then as I could NOT fall asleep with all the noise. At around 10 weeks, when I was finally easing out of the “is he still breathing” phase/paranoia, I would pop in some earplugs after I put him down, and finally managed to sleep that last stretch of the morning – and it made ALL the difference.

  63. That’s so weird! I had a little boy on July 13 and he just started grunting too. I think it might be gas in our case…I Googled some baby massage techniques to alleviate gas, and massage him before every night feed now. It worked two nights ago, but not so much last night. It’s nice to know there are others going through this too!

  64. I had a grunter as well! He not only grunted but snorted and made all kinds of crazy noises in his sleep. Our pediatrician told us as well it was very normal and he eventually outgrew it. It definitely took me a bit to get used to it!

  65. OMG, your boy knows more about Indian musical instruments than mine does and we are Indians living in India ! And he’s such a looker !

  66. My son was a total grunter at night! It made me want to quit co-sleeping and get him in his own room but my husband convinced me to keep trudging along, and thankfully it ended, eventually. But so annoying!

  67. i remember grunting. i remember asking my doctor if babies are really loud when they sleep or was something wrong with my little guy!

  68. Frankie our 6 month old daughter is a total grunter, sounds much like a pug! It threw me off for the first few months, but got better once she was in her own crib as I did not hear every grunt and snort. They lessen as they get older, but still happen especially when she gets upset. My husband thinks it is hilarious.

  69. I had a grunter as well! He not only grunted but snorted and made all kinds of crazy noises in his sleep. Our pediatrician told us as well it was very normal and he eventually outgrew it. It definitely took me a bit to get used to it!

  70. That video is precious! I miss our Charlies little baby grunts. <3

  71. Our first baby was a grunter and we shared a room in a tiny NYC apartment too. My husband and I started alternating who wore ear plugs so one of us could get some sleep. If I had ear plugs in, he’d wake me up when the baby was actually awake and ready to eat. So much better to get a 2-3 hour stretch!

  72. so sweet!
    and i had a grunter also! he is now 11 months and the grunting has ended…though now he is a very loud crier! :)

  73. Same here! Our little guy was really noisy, only at night of course. :) He snoozed in our co-sleeper next to our bed for 6 months (and still would if he hadn’t learned to crawl out of it, ha!). He made all kinds of grunty noises in his sleep, but I think he grew out of that around 8 weeks or so. It’s tiring, omg, soooo tiring, but I sorta miss all those sweet newborn noises. It’s over in a half a blink of an eye, as I’m sure you already well know! :)

  74. Yes, our newborn was so noisy at night! One of our friends bought us the Homedics SS-2000 sound machine, and it was a LIFESAVER. We cranked it up all the way (on the rain setting) during the nights, and only “real” cries woke us up through it. Maybe give it a try? XO

  75. Graham was sooooo noisy. So noisy. It was a bit better once we started cosleeping. I think it was sort of reassuring for him.

  76. Our son Baptiste did. We then decided to put him in his bedroom because we could not sleep!! I still woke up a few times for a while but at least I was sleeping well for those hours!
    In France we typically put babies in their bedrooms earlier I think..

  77. My son grunted in his sleep too… I don’t know if you’re using a pacifier, but once we started using one ( when our doctor told us it was ok, when he was about a month old), it stopped. I don’t know if it was a coincidence, or if it actually helped.

  78. My boyfriend’s parents say that he grunted so much and so loudly in his sleep as a newborn that they had to move him into the bathroom at night so they could get some sleep! I guess they were alarmed at first but it was totally fine and normal, just disruptive :)

  79. Typically grunting isn’t anything to worry about unless he does it with every breath, that can be a sign of respiratory issues. As a neonatal nurse, we have babies who have ‘floppy airways’ and grunt if they’re really struggling to get air in. But if he seems comfortable & isn’t using his chest & belly muscles to breathe (it’ll look like work!), I’m sure he’s just a noisy lil guy :)

    • Yes, my second son has a floppy larynx, or laryngomalacia, so if you are at all concerned, Joanna, get a second opinion. His LM is moderate, and at 18 months old now, he is a billion times better. His LM showed up at about ten days old, and at two weeks old he had a scope done and they confirmed the diagnosis.

      Anton is darling!

  80. Holy vocabulary! Toby just made my day – I watched twice just to hear “tandoori chicken” again. SO much cuteness!

  81. OMG you just have the most absolute cutest boys ever.

  82. Both of my boys (ages 1 and 3 now) grunted in their sleep. I think at one point our pediatrician said it could be caused by gas bubbles stuck in their tiny digestive systems. So before middle of the night feedings I would lay them on their backs and move their legs back and forth slowly as if they were doing bicylce style sit-ups to try to help those bubbles out. I’m not sure if it helped, but it was so satisfying when I would get little toots out of them. :)

  83. Oh my goodness, this is the sweetest thing! It completely made my Thursday. Echoing other’s sentiments, I love how you speak to him like a peer- it’s so sweet and refreshing. I die at mango lassi, and I love at the end when you say “you bet!”

  84. Toby is SOOO CUTE! I love that you actually teach him the proper words for these things, instead of dumbing it down for him. Children have such amazing intelligence and I’m glad you don’t underestimate that. Too many do!

  85. N says...

    Toby is adorable (and so smart)! Hope you get some sleep soon. :) Natalie

  86. Joanna, I had my first boy a few months after you had Toby and my second in mid-May, so boy, can I relate!! So much grunting and straining. My pediatrician affirms this is so normal, too, as their systems are so immature, and my husband calls it a sign of future manliness!
    So sorry to hear that you are exhausted–I’m right there with you. All that we’ve got is the assurance that it WILL get better….right?? :-)
    This is such a great time for boys to bond with their dads. I admit, I’m a little jealous of the time my husband now gets to spend with my two-year old, but it’s all part of finding the new balance to our lives.
    Congratulations on little Anton, and all the best to you!

  87. My Zoe was a grunter too! I remember asking my ped about it too. He mentioned turning down the monitor but she was sleeping in our room at the time. I did learn to sleep through it after a month or so. I learned which grunts meant what and what grunts turn into I am awake and hungry. Zoe did stop by 3months or so. Take care and I am taking notes from you as I ponder a second child~

  88. OMG! Toby is so cute!! My husband is Indian (and plays the Tabla) and I’ve been able to enjoy all those things that Toby is referring in the video, so I feel extra good that I at least recognize everything he says. :)

  89. sk says...

    Toby is adorable!!!
    And yes, my daughter Lina, now almost 1!, grunted in her sleep when she was little…maybe 1 or 2 months old? I think she stopped by around 3 months. We co-sleep, so I was just miserable at the time! I remember laying there thinking, if it would just get light outside i would be okay. There’s something truly awful about being tired yet awake in the middle of the night. Hang in there!

  90. Could you put a little bit of white noise on – like a fan or a white noise machine? May be enough to block out the grunting but not too much that you won’t hear when the babe wakes up for a feed.

  91. Abby used to make what we called “chicken noises” – clucks, smacks, etc in her sleep – which got her kicked out of our room pretty quickly! I couldn’t sleep through it at all! Also why we’ve never used a baby monitor. Hope it gets better soon!!

    • Our son was the same. My husband and I used to say he clucked like a chicken too, ha ha. We were both waking up at every little noise so we moved him into his own room after a couple of weeks…much better! Sleep is definitely a precious treasure when they are babies.

  92. Omg that video of Toby is too. much. Honestly, I couldn’t have told you what those instruments were called and I’m a full-grown adult. He’s so stinkin’ cute!

  93. My son was a HUGE grunter. He slept in our room in a co-sleeper that we turned into a mini pack and play about ten feet from our bed and what helped me so much was putting on a noise machine. We have this one and still use it all the time.
    This way you hear the cries but you don’t hear every little grunt. Worked for us!

  94. Joanna, this might seem silly given that we don’t know each other, but through your blog I’ve come to care for you and your family so much! I’m sorry you’re not getting much sleep, but these days will be behind you soon :) Not too long from now, Anton will be guiding you through his own experience at that Indian restaurant. I hope your next nap is deep and satisfying!

  95. My son is 8 weeks old and around 2-3 weeks he started flailing, grunting and making a lot of noise while in active sleep. This has started to taper off, but it was definitely hard to get sleep while he was doing that. Glad you are enjoying things when you can!

  96. Toby is whip smart, Joanna. And an adventurous eater to boot. You have lovely little boys and a precious family. Thank you for sharing.

  97. What a cutie! I love that smile at the camera.

    We are all thinking about you, Jo. Best wishes!

  98. Oh Johanna, my heart goes out to you! Your boys are darling and I’m so glad the days are good. I agree Kathryn above, how about trying a white noise machine? Or ear plugs (for you.) Or both?

  99. I’ve watched that video several times! Truly a child in the age of globalization!

  100. My child grunted from birth. We realized at about five weeks that my husband was jumping up to get the baby as soon as he heard a peep and probably WAKING him before he was actually waking up. While we anticipated keeping him in our room until he was a few months older, he moved to his own room. He slept through the night that night! I know this isn’t an option for you, but I feel your pain!

  101. My Henry was the loudest baby sleeper! And as new parents we were up all night checking every grunt and ended up waking him up too. It was horrible. The best thing we did was move him to his own room. Everyone slept better and was happier. Good luck! And congrats!!!

  102. That video’s ridiculously cute. Love the tandoori chicken part! The Anton pic reminds me of the way my 4mo daughter stares at her papa. I could watch that all day long and I know you’re having a blast watching your littles stare at their dad. Sending best wishes for good naps and less baby grunting your way!

  103. haha, i love that video. it made me think of a poem my sister wrote about me when we were little. we grew up eating a lot of indian food.

    gabrielles not mean, shes real nice

    she dosnt like chicken but she dose like rice

    except for tandori chicken with not too much spice

    gabrielles not mean, shes real nice

  104. Oh my goodness – Toby is adorable!

  105. Your kids are so cute! My son grunted in his sleep for what seemed like forever (actually only 3 months or so). I really wanted to have him sleep in his crib in his own room from day one! lol. But he wanted nothing to do with it…. He is 13 months old now and he is still a ‘grunter’ – only now he doesn’t while awake! :)

  106. Oh my, that is adorable!

  107. Try putting a white noise machine in your room. I like the graco one.

  108. Ha, so cute!! What a smart little guy.

  109. Aww so adorable. I love NYC kids and their insane vocabularies! Get some rest. xx

  110. Oh Toby. How cute are you?
    Hope you get some rest soon Joanna!

  111. So adorable! Get some rest :)

  112. Awwww, Toby is too cute! I just love toddler conversations!

    Congrats, too, on sweet little Anton! I haven’t had a chance to comment in a while since I’m also knee-deep in the ‘new baby’ life…our 3rd, a girl, was born in May. She also is a very noisy sleeper with all her grunting and stretching. She’s been sleeping in her crib in her own room for a while now so I could finally get some much needed sleep. I would wake at every little noise or move! I think (knock-on-wood) that we’re finally on the other side now, as she’s been sleeping through the night for the last couple weeks. So, hang in there, mama! Catch those z’s when you can… ;)

  113. My little girl grunted too! I was up googling it in the wee hours of the morning too! We called our sweet little girl a wombat for the first two months! At least you know they are ok and don’t have to peer in to see if they are still breathing!!! I hope you get more sleep soon!! Xx

  114. My baby boy used to grunt also in his sleep, but the dr says it was probably colics. He doesn’t cry, just moans, and makes a lot of noises. I slept with him for two weeks in the same room, and I know how it feels. I woke up at his every sound, just checking to see if he’s ok, but then I got used to it. Now he sleeps more quietly, I give him colic medicines, 3 times a day, and it seems they are working.
    It shall pass :)

  115. Oh my gosh, that video is the cutest!!! Toby is just precious. And I love the picture of Alex and Anton! I love how newborns can just stare right into your eyes like they are learning and memorizing every detail about your face. xoxoxoxo

  116. My 7 week-old daughter is a noisy breather – we took her to an ENT and she was diagnosed with laryngomalacia. Basically her airway is floppy. This is no big deal and they grow out of it. But her noisy breathing kept me awake too when she slept in our room those first few early days. We moved her to a crib in her nursery at 6 weeks and we’re all sleeping better. But while your little guy is in your room with you, you might try white noise on a low volume. You’ll still be able to hear him when he stirs, but it might help you sleep a little better.

  117. So so so cute

  118. I hadn’t checked your blog in a while and was delighted to see the new addition safe arrived. I just wanted to say that I have a four year old called Anton and it has been such a great choice for us. We live between Istanbul, Finland and England and everybody we come across can pronounce his name and likes it. Really really hope you get some sleep soon (also hoping I do too!!) xxx

  119. That video is the cutest! I love when he says Mango Lassi.
    Hopefully the grunting will subside a bit, so you guys can get some more sleep.
    xo Quinn

    Quinn Cooper Style

  120. Oh no! I remember my son (now 11 and some) making a lot of noises at night, and we moved him to his room after a couple of weeks so that everybody could sleep better. Also, I took naps in the afternoons just like he did, I did the same with my daughter, naps helped a lot. Anton has such a serious little face, reminds me of my daughter, she used to look so serious as a baby, but now… she’s a funny little monkey!!

  121. both of my girls grunted (is that even a word) while they were newborns and sleeping. Its awful and it to will pass! You should get some sleep, thats the most important!

  122. Toby just stole my heart! (For like the 900th time…)

  123. So sweet! What a fun saturday tradition – I love how into it he is.

  124. “Um…sitar!” Love it! And yes, my daughter was a very grunty/noisy sleeper. I hope you get some rest soon.

  125. That video is devastatingly cute!! Go Toby go!! Thanks for sharing all these little details – so helpful in thinking about prep for our baby #2 in a few months. So sorry about the grunting :D Baby sleep can be such a raucous thing… take a nap when you can!

  126. Oh my! Toby is just pure cuteness! I adore your kids!

  127. Toby! I love the earnestness with which he says “Tandoori chicken”! This is so very sweet and I’m also super impressed with his vocabulary–especially for a 3.5 year old!