When Alex accidentally grew a beard five years ago (he had the flu), I told him he looked rugged and handsome. Surprised, he said I was the only woman he knew who actually liked beards. But since then, beards have blown up in a huge way. For the past few years, it has seemed as if every guy—famous or otherwise—has grown a beard. Do you agree?

But last week, the Guardian ran an article asking, “Have we reached peak beard?” Apparently, they have gone mainstream and now might be on the wane.

So, I’m curious: Do you still like beards? Are you sick of them? Do you just want to see a guy’s actual face for once? I’m still a super fan. Over the past five years, Alex has sometimes considered shaving, but I insist he never does!

P.S. Before and after.

(Photo by The Sartorialist)