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Prince George birth kate middleton dress

Last night, I was breastfeeding Anton and reading articles on my phone, when I came across this fascinating post about the dress Kate wore when the couple presented their baby to the world. “Kate’s unabashed baby belly busts the last taboo of pregnancy,” wrote the Daily Beast.

Kate Middleton dress prince george birth

When I saw the photo of her beautiful high-waisted dress, which unapologetically highlighted her postpartum belly, I was surprised to find myself flooded with relief. As a new mom, I found it enormously refreshing that she wasn’t trying to hide her shape. You still look pregnant for the first couple weeks after having a baby, and that’s normal and healthy. Obviously, this shouldn’t be a big deal, but these days so many celebrities try to show how quickly they bounce back, while, here, Kate was owning her shape. The dress was a thoughtful choice she made (versus wearing baggy clothes or holding the baby in front of her), since she’s so careful about what she wears, and she knows how much scrutiny she’s under, and I love her for that. What do you think?

royal baby

P.S. On a lighter note, George Costanza’s response to the baby’s name… :)

(Photos by Scott Heavey and Peter Macdiarmid for Getty)

  1. Alex says...

    Tbh, the one thing I’ve noticed in the first pic was the high heels. Like, high heels?!? I can’t imagine wearing them a few days post partum, ha ha!

  2. Truly, truly insane to think that women are so insecure about something so inherent in being a woman that this is actually a thing. How did that start?

  3. agree! post-preggie belly bumps are beautiful x

  4. definitelly she looks great, as a mom and also as a woman! but i have to tell you Jo that I had after birth , after few days, i had no baby belly, really:) i looked like i never was pregnant. sorry for that. maybe the reason is that was my first babybirth? maybe that I used to use put on my belly beeswax mask? maybe that I am a dancer? hm… I dont know the answer, just the life:) and iam really thankfull for that to Mother earth

  5. I feel in love with her! It was so honest, real and lovely to see her and I looked JUST alike after having our babies and I adored her so much for that.

  6. I don’t have children yet, but I deeply feel the scrutiny women are under during pregnancy and after, and it gives me anxiety when I consider my future and what all that will mean for me. So yes, when this beautiful, kind, stable, confident young DUCHESS stepped out with her natural, post-partum body, looking like a radiant new mother, I was overwhelmed as well- it was a strange comfort and I sort of got all fuzzy for this person I’ve never met. It was a step in a great direction that I hope more women/celebrities will continue.

  7. But look at her hair…. She’s hardly just rolled out of bed. She is gorgeous- love her.

  8. Yes! I had the same thoughts. Nice to know that I’m not the only one who was glad to see her looking like a normal “post-baby” mom (well, except for the fact that she looked great—I was a wreckage, both times).

  9. i love this – thank you for pointing it out. as someone who doesn’t yet have children, but is thinking about it, i had no idea a mother’s belly still looks pregnant after giving birth. kate does everything so gracefully and it’s so awesome to see her making “normal human being” beautiful again.

  10. I never really considered it, but now that you bring light to the subject, it’s true, she is always very conscious about what she wears (you would have to be), and I think, she makes impressive decisions. This one being one of the many – to relate to the public, and show she’s just like any other woman with her first baby. There’s not much not to love about Kate!

  11. Kate, all I can say is “YOU GO, GIRL!” Thank goodness Kate is willing to be real, natural, and normal in such an artificial environment as the Royal family, under the glare of the spotlight. This would have made Diana SO PROUD! Funny to think that Princess Diana would have been a grandmother! :) Thanks for this thoughtful, insightful post and all the comments in support are brilliant! :) Gwyn

  12. I thought the exact same ! It’s amazing Kate did this, such an honest move !

  13. HA I’m with you Daniella I had no idea you still had a baby bump after delivery, which makes total sense that you would. Anyway I love both Kate and William for their realness which is the same reason why we all loved Princess Diana. They are real people who just got super lucky in life to be born into royalty (well Kate is lucky to have literally have met her prince). More then just the dress I love her new mom glow. Also her hair looks fab.


  14. To clarify… “bad” that I didn’t know, not “bad” that you still have a belly, lol.

  15. This is slightly embarrassing, but I had no idea that your post-pregnancy belly stays that way for a while after! That is so bad, but after reading through all the comments, I agree! People talk all about the pregnancy, but not post-pregnancy that much, just about how their babies are doing. It’s no wonder so many people are in the dark! I feel like I really need to do my research before getting pregnant, lol. So much to learn!

  16. I think she looks like a lovely mom enjoying her new baby. What a beautiful time those first few days are. I hope they are able to enjoy some peaceful days with their wee one.


  17. She won my heart with this choice of dress. I think it shows a lot about her character which seems to be real and down to earth.

    xo N

  18. sk says...

    YES! I felt relief too. I am still embarrassed of some of the pictures we took right after our daughter was born. My belly looked like I was still 5 months pregnant! I even left those out of her baby album, and these photos of Kate make me feel SO much more normal!

  19. I agree. She looks amazingly beautiful post-delivery. It doesn’t seem fair. But great that she isn’t hiding the reality.

  20. I too, would love a story on divorce….does that seem weird? My parents divorced when I was a baby and have no memory of it but constantly still “deal” with it at the age of 33. I have always had very few friends with divorced parents and have always felt like I have no real support with this. I am currently married and pregnant with our first baby. It TERRIFIES me think I will follow in my parents footsteps. I have a great relationship with my husband but I can’t help but feel that I will repeat what I have known all my life.

    Also, I have been able to move relatively well through life balancing my seperate relationships with my parents. This was not the case with my wedding however. I am scared that I will struggle with this with the baby. For example: I would love all my parents to be there when the baby is due but I don’t feel this is possible without making someone uncomfortable.

  21. I completely agree. She is such a style icon, so this seems an active choice to show women of the world that she too is a real woman and there is nothing about a real belly post-birth that needs to be hidden. I also felt that in having William hold their son so much, they were both showing their modern values and an understanding that they would both be contributing to the baby’s care. He has such a fun sense of humor and seems so at ease in a world of paparazzi so ready to criticize and scrutinize everything about their lives that it’s no wonder she can smile too. Congratulations to them!

  22. I really admire her for showing this. To be honest, until I met a mum who’d just given birth, I had no idea that your belly still appears pregnant for a while after. More people should know about this! I read one of the comments on the Daily Mail article from a mother who said she was able to explain it to her son, after he asked if Kate was having another baby!

  23. I had the EXACT same reaction as you! Our bodies aren’t meant to bounce back overnight, afterall it stretched over 9 months! I respect Kate for being so honest. It’s so refreshing.

  24. I had the EXACT same reaction as you! Our bodies aren’t meant to bounce back overnight, afterall it stretched over 9 months! I respect Kate for being so honest. It’s so refreshing.

  25. I noticed it right away. I adore Kate – even more so now!

  26. She looks radient, and I give her SOOOO much credit for showing off her baby to the masses so soon after the birth. I was so hormonal after giving birth, as most of us are, that I would have been anxious and weepy, nevermind looking so put together, despite her NORMAL post baby belly (love that she didn’t hide it!!). I also would be so nervous walking around in public in a dress (regardless of how cute I looked – in my case, definitly not as cute as her) knowing what shape the nether regions are in just 24 hours later…but as always she carries herself with grace and beauty, and down to earth class.
    Hope you & baby Anton are well – I remember my iPhone being like another appendage during my entire maternity leave while I was breastfeeding. :)

  27. I didn’t actually think about that (of course I hadn’t seen the side profile) but you’re so right. So refreshing isn’t it?! I hope baby Anton is well xxx

  28. I just thought it was wonderful!! I haven’t had children yet but my husband and I are trying and I was so happy to see Kate proudly flaunt (or at least not try to hide) her post baby belly. I pointed it out to my husband right away, because he like most men thought your stomach went instantly flat and I was nervous about him having unrealistic expectations when my time comes.

    Hooray for Kate keeping it real!!

  29. She was absolutely radiant and I agree that it was a brave + honest thing to do. I might have been a bit more vain if it was me (gah, the insecurities), but she’s gorgeous no matter what and a wonderful example:)

  30. I had the same thoughts about how nice her dress choice was and how refreshing it was to see an honest portrayal of a beautiful new mother. Congrats to you and the royal family!

  31. Beautiful. Fresh. Joyful and sweet. Grace in a lovely blue dress. Kate looks genuinely moved by the reception and glowing in motherhood. This is a woman to emulate, a 21st century role model to be sure.

  32. Such an interesting article! I think she looked BEAUTIFUL and I was so glad to see the belly. It was the SHOCK of my life when I still looked pregnant after delivery.

  33. She wore a bespoke Jenny Packham dress- and I was very impressed how together she looked so soon afterwards, what a trooper!

  34. it was a HUGE moment. i actually watched them come out live on e news while i was running on the treadmill at the gym, but before they did i just stared at the closed hospital door for 30 minutes and calculated what kind of baggy, camouflaged outfit she would choose to make her post-partum debut. i was totally shocked to see her in an empire waist that highlighted the belly. it. was. awesome. she’s real. love her.

  35. H says...

    Oh gosh Joanna you just made my day! My mom and my boyfriend know literally everything about you because I always talk about you and Alex and Toby!

    I was so excited about your new baby that I was annoying them both horribly by constantly speculating about whether it would be a boy or a girl, what you would name him/her, how Toby would react, the possibility that he or she might randomly be a redhead, etc. I would literally start my conversations with, “So you know Joanna Goddard?” and my mom would roll her eyes and say, “Well, not personally…”. I can’t help it though, you always post such interesting things that I can’t wait to share! It gets worse when you talk about your childhood in Paris or post photos of your vacations in England, not only do I email my mom the links to these posts but I basically just watch her read them and keep repeating, “Isn’t that cool!?”

    Lately my boyfriend and I have been loving your Motherhood Monday posts about American moms raising their kids overseas, because that’s what we’d like to do someday. The Norway post blew our minds, now he’s set on Norway! We would love to visit and then hopefully move to either Switzerland, Denmark or Norway. We have everything planned in terms of getting married and having a baby and I have a ton of your posts on motherhood and babies saved in my Favorites.

    The reason I ask about your parents is because I think you mentioned it one time a while back and haven’t said anything about it since. I just wonder how you have dealt with that because I am in a similar situation. You are such a positive and successful person and I try to not let the situations I’m in get the best of me but it can be hard. I would just like to know not so much the intense details as much as just what you did to get through it.

    Anyway! Enough fangirl! Thank you again for responding. (:


  36. I totally agree. I also thought she was very brave. I can’t imagine having to present myself and my child 24 hours after giving birth! I think I’d rather run and cry. I was very impressed.

  37. I thought exactly the same thing about this. It was refreshing!

  38. H, I actually had originally written “Toby” because I was so sleepy when I wrote the post! I weaned him at about 8 months. That felt like the right time for us. I know mothers who have weaned sooner, later, or decided not to breastfeed at all. It’s basically up to each family and what works best for them, I think!

    And I’d be happy to write about my parents’ divorce and share my experience there. I’ll talk to them about it first to make sure it’s okay with them. Thank you for the inquiry and your sweet comment!

  39. amanda, haha, i hear you! when i took walks without anton during the first two weeks, people would glance at my belly a lot, and i’m sure they were thinking, aww, look, she’s a few months pregnant. :)

  40. Kate’s the loveliest—she just radiates elegance.

  41. I thought the same thing when I first saw the pictures of her and William presenting the new baby! The post-baby body is so hidden in our society that most people (even pregnant women) don’t even know they will still look super-pregnant right after birth. I remember going to the farmer’s market 2 days after I had my son and a vegetable vendor told me my belly was cute and asked when I was due. He was sure embarrassed when I pointed to the stroller that held my newborn; it got me free veggies, though!!!

  42. I was glad she did for the conversation it sparked between me and my fiance – he had NO clue women can still look pregnant after giving birth! I feel bad for men who are so left in the dark about women’s issues and have no clue how to help or react when they really do just want to do the best they can. Same goes for women who aren’t given all the facts!

  43. I wonder if her ‘wardrobe strategists’ picked this dress out as it is very similar to the one Diana wore for the hospital exit. Oh and some women actually DON’T have a post birth stomach almost right away, and they’re not trying to show off it’s just how it happens. Just like some women get stretch marks and some don’t. I was able to fit into my ‘skinny’ skirt right after giving birth…I was so excited. but don’t hate, i gained it aaaaallll back in the 6 weeks following the birth.

  44. I couldn’t agree more and was just saying that same thing to my husband. The day after my son was born I was in the hospital elevator (without the baby) and somebody asked me when I was due. Sigh!

  45. jm says...

    I totally agree! I love that she seems comfortable with the post baby bump – even with the scrutiny she knows will come. Also, she already looks in love with her baby.

  46. Yes! Love her. She’s such a natural beauty and seems to be a down-to-earth, regular gal. All the best to them. What a sweet little family of 3.

  47. Beautiful? yes. Courageous? yes. Representative? no. Normal? no. Inspirational? maybe.

    She’s certainly got a tough job on her hands with all the attention. But remember that us hoi poloi don’t have someone to help with the hair and make-up, ironing the pretty dress, night feeds, nappy changes, sick mopping etc. Nor do we have the pressure thank goodness.

    Of course its totally normal to have a bump immediately after having a baby – doh! Its also totally normal to still be really quite curvy 3 or 6 months after having a baby! Bet Kate isn’t though….

  48. I just love them! And Kate is pure class and elegance. Loved her dress too. It made me so happy to see them normal, new parents. They both looked great!

  49. i just love william and kate, they seem so nice and so real. kate looks beautiful, and it was so classy how they embraced the interviews and paparazzi and people waiting outside the hospital, rather than pulling a kardashian/west.

  50. As my baby is due any day now, I was thinking the exact same thing. It’s great to know I’m not the only one that still looks pregnant after having a baby and it’s totally normal to have a little bump. Thanks for sharing.

  51. H says...

    Oops, I just re-read the post and saw that you said Anton, not Toby! My mistake.

  52. H says...

    Joanna, Toby is almost three now right? How do you know when to stop breast feeding him, is it by pediatrician’s recommendation? Just wondering! I personally love that Kate Middleton is so modern, she reminds me a lot of you. Would you ever do a post about your parent’s divorce? I know that you focus mainly on present day relationships and motherhood and such but I feel like that would be just as strong a subject and beneficial to readers. Hope you and Alex are enjoying your new baby Anton, too!


  54. I totally thought of that too – especially when you look at the picture of Diana after giving birth to William – even all of Diana’s maternity clothing was very much hiding her figure and I thought it was just great that Kate (even after giving birth) would show that the figure of a pregnant woman is not something that should be covered up. What a beautiful woman!!

  55. As a mom of two small children Kate’s belly and honesty in showing it was one of the first things I noticed. I too was relieved and love her even more for being so real.

  56. I love love LOVE her for doing this. Of course she still has a belly a mere 24 hours after delivery…. she didn’t get a hysterectomy for crying out loud! I love her dress, she looks absolutely beautiful and overflowing with happiness. Love it!

  57. She is cool in many ways!

  58. Do you know, I was quite surprised when I saw the photo’s that she stood there happily showing it off. BUT I was so glad she decided to, what a role model she is turning into :)

  59. You NEED that belly postpartum. It’s a natural boppy pillow!

  60. AGREED! She could’ve pulled the celebrity way of going into hiding for weeks or months until she looked more like herself but she didn’t & as pregnant woman that is so refreshing! She’s a proud mama & I love it!

  61. I couldn’t agree more! She was positively radiant. It has been a madhouse in London the past few days — it’s been so neat to see the city so full of joy over the birth of Baby George.


  62. HA! Thank you for sharing George Costanza’s opinion. We all needed that.

    I really haven’t jumped on the Kate Middelton bandwagon yet, but these photos make me like her a lot more. I think this is the first “celebrity” that I’ve ever seen showing her *real* post-pregnancy body. Go girl!

  63. I also felt relief after seeing that. What a beautiful choice made by Kate. Next time I’m leaving the hospital with my new baby in tow I will feel better and I’ll avoid the baggy sweat pants that I wore the first time around :)

  64. I have a lot of respect and admiration for Kate – how she’s handled herself, the constant pressure & scrutiny, she must have been worried at the beginning of her pregnancy when she was so sick and then there was the situation at the hospital with the nurse and announcers, etc. Loved her little ode to Diana with the polka dots and addressing the press one day after giving birth. She and William are a class act.

  65. As someone who is about to give birth any day, this was sooooo refreshing! Great post!

  66. So great – she’s so classy, and a role model for all new mamas.

  67. I completely agree! She is so beautiful and happy.

  68. I thought it was great! Some people complain she doesn’t do much (the “Duchess Do-Little” jokes), but she’s classy, subtle, and will come into her own in the royal family. Doing this took serious guts; I think any new mom would be self-conscious, but she was being watched and photographed by thousands. And she looks beautiful!

    If you want to check out my favorite 10 pictures of the new family, you can check out my blog post:

  69. I noticed this as well! I even mentioned how refreshing this was to my husband. I am now an even bigger Kate fan! Good for her!

  70. I agree Joanna. She is beautiful and so poised and she and William really have good senses of humor. It’s refreshing to see young role models who act with thoughtfulness and grace. Over the past few days all the headlines about them have made me so happy because very rarely is GOOD news headline news, right? Further, when you compare Kate to “role modes” like the Kardashians or Miley Cyrus, it’s not even a competition. TV shows like Housewives of Beverly Hills and the Kardashians paint women in such an aggressive, superficial and trashy way. This is the view the rest of the world has about American women! If only there were more thoughtful role models out there like Kate Middleton and William Windsor.

  71. This made me tear up. That was an incredibly brave move and I have loads of respect for her. When I saw her bump, I thought to myself “It’s true! That’s what happens!” Very cool.

  72. My first thought was, “Good for you!” I have so much respect for her for showing her body as we all naturally look after giving birth, and in her case less than 24 hours ago no less. She looked beautiful. Bravo, Kate, bravo! And bravo for being able to walk around in wedge heels, I could bare lift my arms to wash my hair the day after my muscles were so incredibly sore.

  73. Couldn’t agree more! I loved the dress and have been looking for the designer of it. They looked like they just had a little vacay in Nantucket; matching in blue. Too cute!


    • Donna, the designer is Jenny Packham, but the dress is a one-off made especially for Kate. Unfortunately!

  74. I definitely agree!! I applaud her and absolutely adore how real those two are. They don’t act like celebrities all the time, they seem like normal people whose job happens to be in the public eye- yet they don’t let that shape them. So happy for them and so much respect for them <3

  75. I feel bad for Kate. I know she is privileged, wealthy, beautiful, married to a future king, etc. but she is under SO much pressure! How hard to be scrutinized in public so soon after giving birth! And also, I would be a nervous wreck bringing my newborn baby out in front of a crowd like that. I’d be so scared of germs and someone coughing on the baby or something. I know they kept their distance, but still. I would have been so stressed out to have to go through something like that with a baby so young.

  76. I think it’s also important to note that over time, maternity styles have changed such that more “bump-revealing” clothing is more on-trend. Diana may not have been trying to hide her post-baby belly, she was just following the styles of the time. My mother tells me that back in the day, all maternity clothes were like huge tents, whereas now maternity clothes are more curve-hugging.

    That said, I agree that it’s important for people around the world to recognize and accept the fact that, as the Beast article says, “It takes at least two to three weeks for the uterus of a woman who has just given birth to return to anything like its pre-pregnancy shape, and the effect on the outside of the body is obvious.” Makes total sense!

  77. yes, totally agree – love this!

  78. rose, i hadn’t realized that—what a sweet tribute.

  79. haha, oh yes! i meant breastfeeding *Anton* — man, i am so exhausted :)

  80. She’s the best, isn’t she?
    But I bet you were breastfeeding Anton, not Toby! :)

  81. I thought the exact same thing. It’s so refreshing, and she looked absolutely gorgeous!

  82. I noticed this, too!! I love that she’s comfortable with her body, and she is positively GLOWING. Also, did you notice that Princess Diana also wore a baby blue dress with polka dots when William was born? Very touching tribute to her!

    Blonde in this City

  83. That was one of the first things I noticed as well! I was really impressed, especially because it was an even bolder statement coming from her (because she’s typically very conservative). I found it totally refreshing :)

  84. I LOVED her dress choice. I wondered if they had a pink one picked in case it was a girl.

  85. As a woman who doesn’t have kids yet, it’s nice to see people being more honest about the process – even the belly you’re left with afterwards. Leave it to Kate, though, to make it look adorable. ;-)

    I mean, walking out of the hospital the day after you have a baby to a wall of cameras? She’s gotta have some brass balls to handle it as well as she does. ;-)

  86. You nailed it and I couldn’t agree more. She looks BEAUTIFUL and of course she isn’t rail thin after a baby! I LOVE that last photo of her, she is so beautiful. Motherhood looks great on her!

  87. I was watching that live with the two guys in my office and they both were SHOCKED that she had any kind of belly. One asked if she was having another (hello, health education!). These are smart guys, but we work in TV where everyone shows up the next week in 4+pairs of Spanx and then claims they lost the weight immediately. I think she did a very great thing, but I love her, so it doesn’t surprise me at all!

    • That’s so sad but true. I am a petite woman and when I gave birth to my son my stomach looked just like Kate’s after he was born. A couple of days after my son’s birth we had to have his blood drawn to test for jaundice. When we were at the lab one of the nursing assistants looked at me and said, “Girl, you pregnant again?” I was so saddened and angry by the ignorance and stupidity of her comment I didn’t know what to say. Yeah, because I’m supposed to have this magic flat stomach when its all said and done and on top of that lots of women can become 5 months pregnant two days after giving birth. I applaud Kate Middleton for what she wore but I am more disturbed by how many people are shocked by her post-partum stomach being exposed.

  88. This comment has been removed by the author.

    • Wait what? It was inappropriate because it didn’t hide the bump? She had anorexia which caused her to lose a pregnancy? I’m confused about all of this.

    • Yah.. all of this is totally untrue…

    • Ok I expressed myself badly: I just wanted to show an example of other opinions. My mum and grandma said a less revealing dress would have been better, maybe because they are from an older generation and they said it was more common not to make their bump obvious then. (My mum said her neighbours hadn’t even noticed that she was pregnant!) But luckily things are changing and we are more free now. After controversies on Kate’s physical appearance (being too meager, blablabla), I’m very glad she appeared in this cute dress and looked so radiant and confident. :)

  89. cg says...

    I couldn’t agree more, I think it’s so awesome that she did that, the first thing I saw when I saw her was OMG her belly looked the same way mines did, it seriously brought tears to my eyes!

  90. This comment has been removed by the author.

  91. Definitely like. Go Kate and other new moms!

  92. i was kinda surprised that she wore a more form-fitting dress too, but then i thought it was so awesome too. i’ve never had a baby but i know how much pressure there is to be your old size again in a few weeks. so i love that she didn’t cater to that.
    — jackie @ jade and oak

  93. Oh I didn’t notice the name slip until I read some comments. My second boy is five months old and I STILL sometimes call him by his brother’s name. In the beginning (more sleep-deprived) it was terrible and I felt bad sometimes as if I had forgotten this new baby was a different person – haha, even more silly anxiety due to sleep-deprivation.

    Now I’ve stopped doing it so much or worrying very much when I do. Sometimes I call my husband by one of the kids names :)

  94. Could she be more beautiful? Not just physically but she seems beautiful within. It really shines from her smile! I agree, that dress is amazing on all the levels you mentioned.

  95. You still breast feed Toby?

    • I wondered about that too. Maybe she accidentally called the new baby by Toby’s name??

    • Make it three.

    • Haha! Me too! Tiredness :)

  96. And she wore polka dotted dress. Just like Diana did when she brought William home :)

  97. She’s a beautiful girl. And she made a thoughtful, lovely choice in what she wore. I love her (even more) for it! Any media scrutiny otherwise is so totally inappropriate. Three cheers for William, Kate and baby George!

  98. I agree. Kate is just so sophisticated and is such a real example of true beauty.

  99. I thought it was so great, such a wonderful example. It is not realistic to think any mother should be back in her skinny jeans immediately after giving birth. She looked beautiful and real.

  100. Breastfeeding Toby??

  101. I haven’t had kids yet, but I have heard other women in my life saying that they were surprised (and sometimes very upset) to still have a tummy for a while after the baby. Good for Kate for reminding us all that it is normal and healthy! It even happens to royalty! She looks beautiful!

  102. I had the same thought when I saw her and her outfit, just brilliant. And what’s worse than celebs warping women’s ideas of what is reasonable after having a child, is that men’s ideas get even MORE warped because they have no clue what normal is. I wanted to send this around to every man I know so that they understand that women don’t have flat stomachs once the baby comes out! Great post as usual Jo!

  103. i agree! she was so classy, regal, yet so real. she is just a person after all who deals with the limelight with so much grace.

  104. I am not a mother, but I 100% agree that the pressure that the media that the expectations of new mum’s should be back ‘in shape’ within a short amount of time from what I am shown from the ‘celebs’ is wrong. Kate is down to earth and like any other new mum who had given birth 24 hours before hand, she looked, happy, healthy and relaxed and that is the main thing. There is no need to cover up something that happens to most women (giving birth) and be thankful that the whole family is safe and sound.

    Lovely post.


  105. Ehh I meant Diana wore that dress when she showed William and left the hospital.

  106. I thought the exact same thing when I saw her in that dress! To be honest, like all new mothers she probably didn’t think she’d still look so pregnant after giving birth. I remember packing my yoga pants for the ride home — what a joke! Much respect goes to for sticking to her well-thought-out dress, and being so upfront about her shape. I love this Royal family!

  107. I thought she looked beautiful. It didn’t occur to me that she would try to hide her belly 1 day after having the baby, but now that everyone is commenting on it, it made me realize what false expectations a lot of people have surrounding women’s size after baby (already realized about their wrong expectations for during pregnancy). I’m 9 months pregnant now, and hope to go back to semi-old size at some point, but not 1 day after having the baby! :)

  108. Awwww!!! I completely agree! I just love Kate, she is so lovely, brave and real. Good for her for proudly displaying her postpartum body.

    I understand that Kim Kardashian’s career is largely based on looks but I was saddened to hear that she refuses to step out in public until losing the bulk of her baby weight. Kate provides a much better example for new moms everywhere to appreciate and love their bodies.

    PS: I had to re-read the Toby breastfeeding comment a few times, too. I think it’s cute that you have him on your mind… here is written proof Toby, your Mama loves you just as much, even with a new little man in town!!

    • That’s why Kim Kardashian hasn’t appeared in public yet?! Holy cow. I didn’t know that. I thought it was because she’ll get a hefty sum from whatever magazine she sells the first picture to. Being embarrassed of her body just makes me sad.

  109. I surely agree with you! Did you know/notice that William’s mother, Princess Diana, also wore a blue dress with white dots on it? Beautiful tribute Kate made…

  110. She looks beautiful, her joy comes through her gorgeous smile!

  111. That was one of the first things I noticed when I saw her! The other thing I wondered was “how is she walking so well only a day after”? I remember being very sore “down there” and not quite shuffling along nicely. She carried herself so well and continues to be the class act, yet completely down-to-earth and relatable Duchess!

  112. I blogged about that very thing on! Having had 2 girls myself, it was incredibly refreshing to see how natural Kate was with her post-baby belly. I, for one, just about had a heart attack in the delivery room when they handed me my precious girl and I looked down at my stomach thinking I was so huge, I must be hiding another baby in there! Kudos to her for being the natural, lovely, secure woman she is, and for all the world to see!

  113. The front of OK magazine here in the UK ran a story on Monday (published prior to her actually giving birth), that spoke about how she would be getting back into shape. Of course, none of it was quoted, because as if the Duchess of Cambridge would be sharing her thoughts with OK, so, as ever, it was just cheap journalism, and worse than that, it was offensive! They have since apologised but it just goes to show the hateful attitudes the media have.

    Kate, on the other hand, dealt with it all spectacularly. We are all very proud of this little royal family! :)

    Janey x

  114. I agree! Also, did you notice that her dress (the print anyway) mirrors Diana’s, who posed on that same spot when presenting baby William?

  115. i was so happy when i saw that bump! so brave and forward. this is reality and i love kate for showing it. she is beaming!

  116. She is as she has always been, graceful, honest, lovely, loving. William is a lucky man.

  117. I saw that story this morning and I agreed with the woman quoted at the end, who basically said it’s ridiculous that we even need to make a big deal out of the fact that Kate wasn’t hiding her postpartum tummy. That said, hurrah for Kate. I really like her a lot anyway!

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    • Completely agree. Seems ridiculous to be impressed that someone isn’t hiding the fact they were pregnant two days ago.
      Says a lot about the effect the media has had on our culture don’t you think?
      That said…I do feel a bit of a shift recently…I get the impression that we (women) are finally saying ENOUGH!

    • When I was pregnant the first time around, I had read somewhere that I would look about 7 months pregnant after giving birth, and that is pretty much what happened, so I didn’t feel too shocked when I saw that I still had a big belly. There’s something to be said for being an overzealous new mother and reading every book out there before having a baby… LOL.

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  119. She’s wonderful and she looked amazing! I can’t imagine how much pressure she must feel to always look perfect. Good for her for taking the opportunity to give the world a reality-check about the post-baby-bump!

  120. I just adore her. Think of how raw and vulnerable she must have felt after what she had just been through and to then have to present her child in front of the world like that? It would have been tempting to wear spanx or a large dress to try to hide but she didn’t. I really admire her for her choice and for how she carries herself.

    • I totally agree. I even loved that she looked as though she might cry, which made me cry watching the video. I have so much respect for her and how she handles herself (and little baby George is beyond adorable).

  121. Hahaha, breastfeeding Anton. I think it is sickening that people around the Internet are commenting on her stomach area at all. I can’t believe that many people thought it would shrink back after only 24 hours. You enjoy this time, little family.

  122. I’m not a mom, so I’ve never experienced giving birth and all of the joys that come with it ;) but I too had so much respect for Kate for not trying to hide her postpartum bump. She is such a class act! (And people wonder why the world is so enamored with her??)

  123. J says...

    Besides giggling at the image of Toby being breastfed, you are 150% on the mark and I was just talking about this with my bestie yesterday! :) Love it.

  124. Agreed!!! She looks stunning. Love her so much

  125. I reread that twice too – I think it’s hard adjusting to two kids. Breastfeeding Anton! :)

  126. I thought the same thing! Refreshing to see somebody embrace their body like that. ;)

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  128. Breasfeeding Toby???.

  129. You were breastfeeding Toby?? Hahaha, you must be tired!!!

  130. I completely agree! I also love that she wore polka dots presumably as a nod to Diana who also wore them when she presented William

  131. I agree completely! My first impression was that she looked impossibly fresh and gorgeous, and then noticed she was proudly showing the bump. You really can’t help but like her.