Family Vacation Idea: Positano

Courtney Adamo of Babyccino lives in London with her husband and four children—ages 8, 6, 4 and 6 months. She and her husband first visited Positano ten years ago, and they loved it so much, they vowed to return every year. The locals now joke that Courtney and her husband show up with a new baby every summer! Here are her insider tips…
Where we stay: Before kids, we stayed in hotels. But once we started coming with children we found it was easier to rent an apartment so we could cook meals, keep food in a fridge, do laundry, etc. (We’ve rented through Summer In Italy.) The last few times we’ve been, we stayed at Residence Alcione, which offers serviced apartments with little kitchens and laundry machines. We ask for the apartment with the big terrace (Serena 1), and that enormous terrace overlooking the sea is really the reason we keep going back.

Where we play: Our favorite thing about Positano is that we do the same thing every day. We wake up, eat breakfast on the terrace (Nutella sandwiches!), and then head down to the beach, searching for lizards along the way. We arrive at the beach, set ourselves up on the sun chairs and spend the day in and out of the water, hanging out until the sun dips behind the cliff. Then we walk back through the town up to our apartment, always stopping for gelato on our way. We are totally predictable—the locals could set their clocks by us—but we love this simple daily routine.
Where we eat: We always eat lunch on the beach at Il Puppeto. The food is so good! We dream about the bruschetta and the caponata salad all year long. For dinner, our favorite restaurant is Da Vincenzo—their fried anchovies are out of this world (even our kids devour them!). The best place for pizza is the pizzeria at Covo dei Saraceni on the pier. We sit outside and let the kids play on the beach until the pizza arrives. Le Tre Sorelle on the beach is always delicious, and it’s where all the locals eat. And our favorite place for gelato is Bar Mulino Verde, across from the bus stop. My husband and I joke that even the gas stations have good food. Even the Naples airport!
How we spend the evenings: We aren’t too rigid with our bedtime schedule on holiday, so we just sort of wing it from day to day. Some days we stay at the beach so long that we’ll stop for pizza on our way back home—then my husband and I will put the kids to bed and sit out on the terrace with a glass of wine. Some days we pick up food from the little delis and make a simple dinner to enjoy on our terrace. Sometimes we come home from the beach, shower and get dressed and head back out to a restaurant with all the kids; then we’ll all come back home late-ish and go to sleep at the same time. And at least once or twice we’ll get a babysitter to watch the kids. A bit of everything I guess!
Favorite moment that we’ve had there: One year we took a boat tour to Capri that stops along the coast and lets you swim in the grottos and caves. I remember diving off the boat and swimming in the emerald green water inside the dark cave. It was such an incredible experience—I can’t wait to take my children there someday.
Any insider tips about Positano, or things to pack, or advice overall: Because Positano is situated on a cliff, you’re always walking up and down stairs to and from the beach. So if you have a baby, it’s best to bring a baby carrier instead of a stroller. Also, I always feel like warning friends that it’s not a luxurious resort type of holiday destination. It’s not the Mai-Tai-on-a-sandy-beach type of place, but a bit more rustic with its rocky beaches, antiquated decor and funky shops. (If you want luxury and fancy shopping, Capri is probably a better choice.) But it’s incredibly beautiful and charming.
Anything tricky about going to Positano with kids? Kids are allowed everywhere, even in the nicer restaurants, and while nothing is overly kid-friendly (they might not have kid’s menus or highchairs or baby-changing facilities), they go out of their way to accommodate children. But because of all the stairs, it might not be the easiest vacation spot unless your kids are independent walkers or your shoulders are sturdy! And depending on where you’re staying you could be a long walk from the beach so you have to remember to bring everything you need for the day when you set out in the morning. Between the stairs and the carrying of beach bags and children, you’ll really earn that daily gelato…

What you love about Positano: Where do I begin? The beauty! The food! The people! The sunshine! My kids love Positano so much that they have all decided they’re going to live there when they grow up (I think I’ll join them!).
Do you have any vacation plans for this summer? This looks like a dream—thanks, Courtney! (Courtney is one of the founders of Babyccino, and here’s her gorgeous Instagram.)

P.S. 10 tips for traveling with a baby, and 10 ways to entertain a toddler on a plane. And we went to Positano on our honeymoon!

  1. Jackie says...

    Hi! We are planning to spend 5 weeks in Italy, traveling between Rome, positano, Tuscany, Venice, with our two girls (3&5). Do you have any tips on packing, luggage, transportation? Xo, Jackie

  2. Thank you so much for the lovely blog, as a Travel Consultant for 27 years I so appreciate your view of this amazing place…

  3. Your family look adorable! We have stayed in Praiano a couple of times over the past 10 years. The Italians always make us feel welcome. Thankyou for bringing back some very fond memories

  4. Thats so beautifully place. how about the hotels? everything is good?

  5. What a lovely experience for your children. My family and I visited Positano in April/May 2013 and it was an amazing place to be. Infact Italy is an amazing place to be. With all those steep walkways we sure did do lots of walking and notice how the locals calves are the size of quarterbacks!! lol. Beautiful Positano.
    Cheers, Anita.

  6. I loveee Positano! Definitely my favorite place in Italy, the people are lovely, the weather is always great, and the water is so inviting. And of course, the food is splendid. I would love to go back every year.

  7. This has given me a major travel bug, the photos are lovely. And how nice to have a tradition for the whole family!

    And a random aside, but her children are absolutely beautiful.

    If anyone wants to check out my newish blog, I’d be so grateful! xoxo

  8. A wonderful post with beautiful photographs. It reminds me of our visits to Villefranche sur mer (between Nice and Monoco); you are correct that baby stollers have few uses with all the verticle and ancient steps. Kudos to you for including your children on these fantastic journeys.

  9. incredible. I second that it should be a series. I love new family travel ideas.

  10. Beautiful post! And such a strange coincidence…I’m vacationing with my family in and around Positano this week! It is indeed so lovely here :)

  11. Today’s resorts are splurging on amenities for parents and young children, offering kids’ menus in gourmet restaurants, family events like bonfires and clambakes, even free access to baby gear. CHILD reveals where to find a slice of paradise.

  12. SO AMAZING pics:) I really love your blog and your sence of style.

    If you want some European travel inspiration…check out my blog:)

    Have a great day dear

    LOVE Maria from

  13. This looks amazingly fantastic and oh my her kids are all beautiful!

  14. What a beautiful family and such a sweet post. I will definitely add this to the places I would like to visit one day.

  15. I love this! Adding Positano to my list of places that must be visited.

    Also, all those photos are adorable but the one with the baby in the suitcase is just too cute for words. Love it!

  16. We went to Positano last fall – it’s as good for “Seniors” as it is for young families. The food… the scenery ….. the food … the people ….. the food…. did I mention the food? Take good walking shoes and a smile to paste on when you’re in a cab going up a vertical road big enough for one large or two small cars and a motorbike makes it a 3 lane!

  17. C says...

    Positano and the Amalfi Coast is stunning! I wish I could have spent more time in Positano and would have loved to stay longer. Definitely great info to plan a future trip there :)

  18. I love Positano, i went in my honeymoon; but my husband only remeber the steps…hr doesn,t like it to much because here in spain we have better beaches; but it is not the beach itis everything in Positano that are magic!i will try to come back again asap

  19. I’m in love with all of these pictures, and Courtney’s Instagram! Stunning family, beautiful adventures

  20. With our first due in August this post makes me feel less overwhelmed about losing our sense of adventure. Thank you for sharing.

  21. Aw, what a fun idea. I love love LOVE the Amalfi coast, such an amazing place.

  22. looks amazing!!!


  23. Great post. I visited Sorrento (near Positano) when I was 17, with my grandmother and aunt. I remember the trip so fondly. The Amalfi coast is a truly magical place. If you have the chance, go. You won’t be disappointed.

  24. Great post, thanks for sharing these beautiful photos and letting us in on your favourite spots!

  25. Wow what wonderful trips and what a lovely family!

    • *tips, not trips… although what a wonderful trip indeed.

  26. I really love this too. I work for a company where our motto is ‘Bring the Kids’ – if you’re daunted about going on holiday as a family, I think Courtney has done a fabulous job of showing just how perfect it can be : )

    Laura –

  27. I adore this! It looks like such a perfect place and family to be a kid:)

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  29. love positano. one of my fave destinations in the world. cant wait to take my little one there x

  30. such a beautiful family…i’ve been in positano, it takes your breath away <3

  31. lately southern coast of italy has been the place for my dream vacation. positano looks great for that! but i’m worried about language. are you able to talk english with locals? is it hard to communicate?

  32. Thanks so much for this post. I love the Babyccinokids blog and the ladies writing is and was always curious about Courtneys trips to Positano. I really would love to go there with my family next year and now I know everything I have wanted to know! Thanks!!!!!

  33. HY says...

    Courtney has a beautiful family!

  34. I am DYING inside reading this. Thank you for posting. I blame Under the Tuscan Sun for this faraway love of Positano I have, and this post tells me of course a family holiday there is possible. Love the pictures and the children are adorable.

  35. Gorgeous place and what cute kids. I enjoyed reading this.

  36. I do think Positano is overrated by Western tourists. Maybe it’s good so they won’t litter the nicer places. Luckily my bf is from Salerno, so I get to visit the Amalfi coast every year.

    I don’t see a reason why families with kids shouldn’t go there…I have a friend who was born and raised in Maiori, so I can only imagine sissy people complaining about the Amalfi coast being not-so-child friendly.

  37. Those views!!!! Looks so gorgeous! xoxo

  38. This post was so beautiful! I am so inspired by this family! Thank you for sharing.

  39. This looks like the perfect, relaxed vacation spot! I would love a laid-back week on a beach, with plenty of gelato (and plenty of stairs to work it off). :-)

  40. I been dreaming to visit Positano since I was fiftheen… this is such a cute post. I want to go there so badly that mabye this year is the year I finally do it, and of course try all that food recomendations yum!

  41. jm says...

    I bet the children love going back to the same place they love each year!

  42. Just got back from a southern Italy trip which included the Amalfi coast and Sicily. We used Air BnB everywhere we went (including Positano) and felt like it was a SUCH a great way to find afordable places in beautiful locations- often with kitchens, washers, etc. Can’t recommend it enough!

  43. Positano is one of the most memorable places I have ever been!! I was there for only a day back in 2004 with my husband (who was my new boyfriend at the time!) and we LOVED it!! We were poor travelling students at the time lol. I would love to take our family there someday! We are pregnant with our first right now… sounds like a great first family vaca to me!! Bookmarking this post for future reference….

  44. Just wanted to say how much I loved this post :) What beautiful photos and a wonderful vacation idea.

  45. Joanna I loved this feature! Hope you make it into a series! I loved living through their pictures. Simply gorgeous :)

  46. What wonderful memories for their children.

  47. Courtney is just as lovely of a gal in person as she is on the Babyccino blog!! Love the family holiday recap!

  48. Omg I want to eat those children up they are adorable!! And I can’t wait to go to Positano one day!


  49. Sold! How beautiful. If she can take and manage 4 small children, I can take and manage my one! Definitely adding to my “go/do/see” list. Thanks for sharing!

  50. okay first of all, those kids are gorgeous. second of all, i LOVED Positano when I went a few years ago but never thought of it being kid friendly. I will now though! And over the age of 3 and under the age of walking seems perfect.

  51. Oh my goodness I love this post. I recently just discovered her blog and now reading about her here too! Great info and beautiful pics. Loved it!

  52. I am dying to go to Italy … that looks amazing.

  53. These tips are great- I’ve wanted to go on my honeymoon to Positano forever, so I’m going to keep this bookmarked! :)

  54. Oh my! That’s the perfect family on the perfect vacation! We went to the Amalfi coast in our honeymoon and fell head over heels for its little villages. Positano was so beautiful! No wonder they want to go back every year!

  55. Fantastic pictures… I’ve always wanted to go to Positano, but this has pushed it higher up on my list

  56. What beautiful children – the picture of the little girl on the stoney beach is just gorgeous (her little bum!). I would love this holiday. I bookmarked it all!
    Joanna, you might like Noodle Pudding in Brooklyn Heights. I was there last week with my husband and it is a noisy family friendly restaurant, very reasonable and good food. Lots of kids and big tables of families. The owners are from a small Italian island but I can’t remember exactly which.

  57. Bellissimo!
    My husband and I spent time traveling in Italy before we had kids and last Summer I took our 2 year old on a whirlwind trip to Tuscany for a wedding.
    Italy really is such a great place to travel with kids. Everyone is so accommodating of kids even if though aren’t really set up for little customers.
    I can’t wait to go back to Italy one day and take both of our kids this time – oh, and the husband too ;) The missed out last year as my trip fell within the first week of school.

  58. Maybe in a rich family’s dreams…I’m still sweating the $90 per person ticket increase to Disney World.

  59. We went to Krakow when our eldest was 11 months old. People in Europe LOVE babies… :) Now, we are about to be a family of 5, and I look forward to taking the kids to Europe again. The key is relaxed expectations and to be as prepared as you can! (I agree with having a baby carrier! It will be a life-saver– if you go to a big city like Krakow or Paris, you can bring your stroller but bring the carrier anyway!)

  60. That is such an incredibly gorgeous family!!!!!!!!

  61. Looks beautiful. We just returned from a vacation in Maui with our 14 month old and I think it might become our yearly destination as it was so perfect.

  62. PS I have to say I wonder how they manage that balcony with all those little ones, that would worry me a little! I’d be on full alert the whole time!!

  63. A beautiful post, lovely children & great photos…the apartment looks amazing!

    We do a very similar holiday every year in Villefranche Sur Mer which is on the French Riviera, we self-cater, rent an apartment, have the same routine pretty much every day….it’s blissful!

    Positano is very expensive though, the euro exchange rate is not cheap & eating out is expensive for sure.

  64. Looks amazing!!!
    I get a lot of families vacation here in the USVI and I love it when people do family photos together on the beach to help remember the holiday:

    Makes the vacation last a little longer to have professional photos of it ;)

  65. Positano is extraordinary! I spent some time on the Amalfi Coast with my parents after studying in Italy, and have been dreaming about it ever since…

  66. i have such a love affair with italy and i am now making it my goal to find my own little nook there to vacation with my family. does anyone have a clue as to what a weeklong trip like this one would cost, considering food, travel, lodging, etc.?

    • Europe is not cheap – I live in London & we go to either France and/or Italy every year, the euro exchange rate has been terrible for some years now!

      Italy is very expensive, in particular Positano, Capri etc.

      This apartment does look quite expensive – although for a family of 6 it’s certainly cheaper (and easier!) than a hotel, the website quotes euro250 per night for the apartment the author stays at, that’s about USD$326. Eating out for a family of 6 would also not be cheap.

      Positano is THE most gorgeous location though, well worth it…if you can afford it :)

    • I also love the idea of vacationing with my family and returning to the same spot, summer after summer. It’s not something that I have quite been able to do.
      Part of the problem is that there is so much to do and so little time! There really are so many amazing destinations, and friends and family to visit!
      Cost is also a realistic issue.
      We’ve been rotating the vacays so that we can return in a couple years, or maybe every three.
      Still there’s something about “Every” year.. that gets me!

  67. I adore this post – so much so I sent it to my husband as a reminder that having small children doesn’t have to mean becoming stay-at-homes. Home is bliss, but everybody wins when there’s a little new adventure in life. And what incredible fun for the kids!

  68. What a beautiful family. Bless you all. :)

  69. What a magical place and such a beautiful family. Makes me think 4 children doesn’t look so hard. I will have to remember this place for our next family vacation.

  70. We were just there last week!! It’s the most beautiful vacation spot and I can definitely understand why they visit year after year! We saw lots of families enjoying the little town. We stayed in a lovely place called Hotel Reginella…no matter where you stay there I would definitely recommend a balcony. They view is breathtaking and its fun to be able to enjoy it from your room!

  71. that might be the most beautiful group of kids I’ve ever seen. what a lovely place to vacation.

    • I was thinking the same. They should model or something. :)

  72. That is one of my fave blogs for Mommies in Europe (we live in Denmark) and now after reading this I love her even more! What a stunning and adventurous family – four kids!? I don’t know how they do it! Travelling in Europe is so fun – we’ve been to Italy twice since we moved here (10 months) and it is soooo kid friendly mainly because as she said, the locals LOVE kids. I’m backpacking around Europe solo with my 3 and 5 year old this summer – looking forward to similar adventures! Best wishes with your labour! Can’t wait to read all about it!

  73. Great post! It is wonderful to have insider tips. I was in Positano three summers ago, and it was beautiful! We were in a road trip in the Costiera Amalfitana so we were only there for 1day. We would like to come back again so the tips are really handy!

    The cat, you and us

  74. It looks so incredibly lovely! I hope I can find the money to go to Europe someday. The view from their terrace!! Wow!

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  76. positano is one of those amazing places I’ll never forget but man my thighs are aching just thinking about all those stairs! adorable kiddos!