Wondering if you (or a friend) are having a boy or a girl? Here are 12 funny old wives tales that might give you a hint. Take the quiz, below…

Answer yes or no…
1. Have you been craving sweet (not salty) foods?
2. Did you have lots of morning sickness?
3. Are you extra moody?
4. Is your face rounder than usual?
5. Are your hands soft, versus drier than usual?
6. Did the man initiate sex at the time of conception?
7. Is your right breast larger than your left breast during pregnancy?
8. Are you graceful during pregnancy, versus clumsy?
9. Is your belly low versus high?

More yes answers = It’s a girl!
More no answers = It’s a boy!

Plus, here are three tests:

Chinese gender chart: This ancient method of predicting the gender has been around for more than 700 years. You just need to know the month the baby was conceived and the mom’s birthday. Take the test here.

Salt test: In Romania, they sprinkle salt over a pregnant woman without her knowledge, and wait to see if she rubs under her nose or her lower lip first. If she brushes her nose, it’s a girl. If she rubs her lower lip, it’s a boy.

Necklace-over-the-belly test: Find a necklace with a pendant, or put a ring on a string. Lie down and have someone dangle it over your pregnant belly. If the ring swings side to side, you’re expecting a boy; if the ring swings in circles, you’re expecting a girl.

Have you done any of these? Were the predictions correct? They were scouted from around the Internet, so they must be true! :)

P.S. We are waiting to find out our second baby‘s gender, but I’m guessing boy. Look how masculine the profile is here and here! We’ll find out any day now:)

(Photo by Brooks Dierdorff)