The New Baby

Last week, we went to get a sonogram for the new baby. Seeing its little profile made me teary. Lying there in the hospital room, I couldn’t stop repeating, “What a sweetheart, what a dollface.” I also noticed that the baby’s sticky-out top lip looks exactly like my grandfather’s, which made my heart swell.

About halfway through, the doctor said she was going to look at the legs and write the gender on the screen, so—since we’re waiting to find out—she told me to close my eyes. Lying there, I tried to count how many times she punched the computer keys, but of course I couldn’t tell a thing. (Do you think the profile looks like a boy or a girl?:)

(My grandfather with his signature lip)

We love you so much already, little one! We can’t wait for you to join our family.

P.S. Toby’s sonogram looked like a Dr. Seuss character

  1. Briana says...

    Wow, looking back at old posts. Amazing how much his profile already looked like current day Anton! At our 12 week ultrasound I had the same thought about our boy’s lip. Looks just like his great grandpa, and my husband.

  2. Umm… I just came over from your England visit post and the lip is just too much. How amazing and special!

  3. I wanted to wait to find out BOTH times and both times, alas, I was told. The first, I could tell by the look on my sister’s face. The second time, the tech wrote it on the sonogram photo! SMH!

  4. Love this! With our first we waited to find out but I knew… I just KNEW he was a boy. With our second we are waiting again but although I feel girl I don’t feel like I KNOW like with our first. I keep analyzing the new baby’s sonogram profile against my son’s. And oh my goodness, I have so much anticipation built up I can hardly stand it! I can’t wait for the moment my husband looks at me and tells me what we are having. Only 16 (or less!) weeks to go!

  5. This is so sweet. Congrats, Joanna!

  6. Oh, that lip thing just made my heart swell!

  7. I exactly knew that its gonna be a boy when i was pregnant. Didnt went to sono till 8 month. And when doctor made me sono he told me as the first- You were right. Its gonna be a boy:) and i knew it. Just knew it. Let it leave in your Intuition !!! It will tell you right!

  8. you grandfather looks like the sweetest! i love that the baby has his signature lip. so heartwarming.

  9. girl! adorable and such a clear scan…good luck enjoy that gorgeous bump xxx

  10. Hi Joanna! It’s so funny, we went in last week for our ultrasound and the baby totally has my father in law’s upper lip…very much like your baby’s! So crazy what we can see on the screen! We waited to find out the gender with our first (we have a 2 year old girl) and my husband was dying to know this time around so we opted to find out and we’re having a boy! Very excited! :)

  11. Just from the profile alone, i’d say it’s a baby boy. Love that you can identify the lip trait. So wonderful. Congratulations :)

  12. Congrats! Soo precious! For some reason I’m thinking girl.

  13. seeing the resemblance between your grandfather and your new little bean made my morning. how truly special. congratulations to you and your beautiful family!


  14. Congrats to you and your sweet little family.

    Its amazing how they keep their sonogram profile throughout their babyhood isnt it?
    I look at my baby’s profile now & look back on his sonogram pics and really its uncanny.

  15. I think the sonogram looks like a girl. If you look closely there is a shadow on the sweet baby’s jaw that looks like a woman holding a baby. I swear look again!

  16. The chin and neck look so delicate, I feel like it has to be a girl!

  17. Thanks for sharing this special moment Jo! When a mom gets to see her baby via sonogram, it’s such an emotionally touching time.

  18. I immediately and strongly thought “girl” – I am ALWAYS right!!! ;)

  19. How terribly tempting to peek. They don’t even check the sex here if you don’t want to know. If you do have a boy would you name him after your grandpa?

  20. Something about the chin says to me…little boy. But who cares! He or She is precious already! Your grandpas lip huh, they say features jump generations. However my old boss’ little girl comes up to her one day and jumps on her lap “I used to be your Mommy, and now your my Mommy! That’s funny!” She was four and just learned to form sentences. Who knows!

  21. Hi Joanna
    I was wondering where you stand on genetic testing and/or amniocentesis while the baby is in the womb. Did you have these with Toby or do you plan on having them with the new baby? I just found out that I am pregnant and am 34 years old so its something that keeps coming up.
    Would be interesting to hear your opinion on this!

  22. It looks like a healthy baby…which is of course the best regardless of the gender

  23. It’s so amazing that you can already see what your little one will look like, just from an ultrasound! (And I see the similarity to your grandfather!) Congratulations!

  24. Hi Johanna!
    Very cute pictures!! You’re right, this baby top lip looks so much like your grand-father, it is awesome!

    I understand your choice to wait to know the sex of your baby but I have chosen to know. I had my 17th week sonography just 3h ago (so weird you write this post today!!) and the doctor told me my baby is a boy. I know it is totally stupid, but I am disapointed… I already have a wonderful 21 months boy, and because my baby will (most probably) be the last one, I think I wanted a girl. Actually, I discovered just today that I wanted a girl, I thought it doesn’t matter! I know the most important is that the baby goes well (and doesn’t have my mother’s nose :-)).
    Probably tomorrow, I will feel very happy to have a second boy, but today it is very weird in my head.
    Perhaps your choice to wait is the better, because you can’t be disappointed with the baby on your chest, in your arm. Now, I am alone with the idea, it is strange.

    I would like to hear about Tommy as a big brother, does he realize?
    And thank you for sharing these beautiful moments with us!

    • Awww :((( !

      PS. My mum was told the same by the doctor and I turned up to be a girl!

  25. How exciting – thank you for sharing this happy moment with us!

  26. I love this. I’ll never forget my husband’s fascinated gasp when he first looked at our baby on the monitor.

  27. How exciting! Isn’t it amazing that we can see them in the womb? I just had my third ultrasound (b/c of low-lying placenta earlier in the pregnancy) and it was just amazing – I could see him playing with his toes and sucking his thumb! My first guy is turning two this week and I’m due with the second at the end of May – so I love to read all your parenting posts! xo

  28. Beautiful precious wee one – so exciting and lovely to see the family resemblance already!

  29. Congrats, amazing the family similarity! The lord works
    in mysterious ways! Such a special time in your life…
    My girls are now 19 and 16 and it seems like yesterday!

  30. This is really sweet. I’ve never seen such a human-looking sonogram! They normally look like blurry barcodes to me! Congratulations x

  31. so happy for you to hear that the baby is cute and fine! as for the sex thing i so didn’t want to learn it’s another boy (both when being 2nd and 3rd time pregnant)that i prefered waiting with finding the sex out. My Finnish friend told me that in her country it’s normal not to ask about fetuses’ sex. Asking is perceived as… well, weird. On the other hand, in Poland NOT asking is perceived as weird.

  32. Congratulations. so exciting!!

  33. What an amazing time in your life! You are so lucky and they are so lucky to have you!

  34. I don’t know you and never will, but this was such a sweet and touching post/story. Much love awaits this little one. Cheers!

  35. The lip is identical! So sweet. It looks a lot like Toby too. I can’t believe you’re waiting to find out, it must be tough. I’m guessing boy. :)

  36. Ahhhh sending so much love your way! What an exciting time for your beautiful family :)

  37. I am so happy for you and your family!!!

  38. oh congrats! new baby and spring coming up, you must be flying :)

  39. Their lips match! too cool! I’m so happy for you:)

  40. You are stronger than I. There is no way that I’d not be able to know.

  41. The lip comparison is awesome. Such a sweet post.

  42. How sweet! We love to read your stories and blog. I love being to get a different perspective on being a mother. Also, I love that you write about things other than the traditional motherhood/ pregnancy stuff, ya know? It makes me feel like I’ll be a little more prepared when we finally get pregnant. Thanks again!

  43. so exciting!!

  44. Oh, this just makes my heart swell! I am so excited for you guys!

  45. Aw. This post made me all warm and fuzzy. Right after dealing with bedtime battles, at just the moment when I needed a sweet reminder of how darling our babies really are. I’m so happy for you. Thx for sharing. xoxo

  46. Sweet family! I follow you from argentina and I love your sweetness and candor.

    I’ll be visiting NYC next week! I hope to bump into you and say hi.

    What should I wear? Is it cold yet?

    Loved this post and the first pic of your baby….girl!

  47. Congrats! We’re expecting our second in September :) :) Isn’t it crazy how intense the love is even before the baby is born?! So wonderful! XO

  48. Oh how sweet! So funny how you made that association between grandpa’s mouth and baby’s! Great post.

  49. Aren’t genetics AMAZING? I just love what a powerful and immediate connection you made between your grandfather and your precious new baby! How miraculous it ALL is!

  50. RG says...

    That’s so funny. I’m due at about the same time as you and I was just commenting to my husband that it looks like our little one is getting his grandmother’s overbite. So cute!

  51. that so touching… your baby is already blessed.

  52. I really love sonograms. They are kind of haunting but so beautiful for all they represent. So excited for you and your family!

  53. oh my goodness how sweet is that…i am so in love with the outty lip grandpa thing. too cute.

  54. So exciting!

    When I had my first sonogram it felt like I was meeting my baby for the first time without actually having birthed him yet. I felt so many emotions during that time than I expected I would. :D

  55. Uncanny the similarity that you can notice already :)

    Go you for not peeking…I totally would have!

    Manda from Eat Cake

  56. So sweet that the new baby reminds you of your grandfather! So excited for you and your new addition!

  57. So much fun! It’s so amazing how much detail the ultrasound picks up.

  58. Wow what a delight already being able to see features that mirrored in the old ones… that is going to b e one fine baby…. thank you so much for sharing, its just a joy to be able to learn all these things on blogs, I hope that you enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and that you have an easy delivery… that delightful pic will stay with me now… hugs from across the pond.janzi

  59. Nothing makes tear up faster than seeing a little baby in a sonogram photo. Congratulations! I hope all goes well!

  60. Oh wow, baby really does look like your grandfather! Congratulations again, I don’t think I would be able to keep the gender a surprise, I’m just too Impatient! xxx

  61. Awwwwwwwww! I’m amazed at how you ‘CAN’ see the signature lip!!!!! ^_^

  62. How absolutely amazing, so perfectly formed, technology can sometimes overwhelm and take over our lives but when it comes to this type of technology it’s just incredible.

    Thank you for sharing such a personal moment.

    Lee :)

  63. I hope it’s a boy, that’s such a good lip for growing a moustache.. ;)

  64. So sweet! Love the lip. It is so exciting to wait. We didn’t find out the sex with our first or our twins…..even the doctors in the delivery room were excited about not knowing and getting to tell us the big news. It will be awesome.

  65. Congratulations!!!

  66. So exciting! I can’t imagine being ready for number baby two! AT 15 months in, we are still just enjoying number one. ;)

  67. Congratulations – how gorgeous! I thought you had announced that you were having a girl (maybe that’s a sign?!), but I think it’s really exciting and sweet to wait. Can’t wait to hear!

  68. That is so sweet!!! When my sister in law had her sonogram they noticed my niece had the same nose as my dad! When I saw it brought tears to my eyes :)

  69. Congratulations! I love your blog! this story is so sweet:) The part about the the baby’s lip being like your grandfather’s is so cute…. 1 1/2 yrs ago, My husband and I didnt find out the sex of our baby up until birth last year! Trust me, the anticipation of not knowing who you will be bringing home, boy or girl, and just the surprise is so worth it.

  70. Oh lucky You!!!!
    I too went to have a scan last week (so we must be due around the same time) When are you due again?
    My baby was not in the mood for the scan, it curled right up into the fetal position and hid it’s face behind it’s arms and tuck it’s legs up under it’s belly and laid on it’s belly.
    So instead of having a profile like the above. I got some awesome pictures of the spine. Strong sturdy spine so thats good HAHAHA.
    The scan was so unuseful that my sonographer wants me back in a few weeks because they couldn’t get a good look at the heart.
    When I told my mum she said it must be a girl. She’s difficult just like her mother. I just laughed.
    It’s such a long time to find out. It’s my first so I might not be able to wait and find out at the next redo scan.
    Toby will be such a great big brother, I bet he’ll be very protective.

  71. Awww, the part about the lip gave me goosebumps! Babies are amazing.

  72. The hyperlinked text where you wrote “we’re waiting to find out” shows up pink on my screen – so i’m putting my guess in as “girl” :)

  73. I don’t think I’d have the willpower to keep my eyes closed! The sonogram is so cute!!!

  74. so exciting!! love that you can see the little one’s profile so clearly already. the miracle of technology. just adds to the anticipation! congrats again!

  75. Congratulations Joanna!
    I discovered your blog not so long ago as I was looking for a great “one day trip” around NY – I always like all the topics you write about!

  76. Omg, please find out if you are having a ‘gyurl’ :)

  77. awww! that’s pretty awesome that you can liken the baby’s profile to your grandfather’s! the science behind genetics is pretty amazing eh??

  78. Congrats. I wouldn’t have been able to stand not knowing!!! More power to ya. I think it’s a little girl though… :)

  79. Congratulations! What a beautiful photo and such an amazing comparison to your grandfather’s. Can’t wait to learn more about new baby!

  80. I just had to comment because we still talk about how our little guy’s profile resembles his sonogram (he’s 19 months old now). And he made no attempt to hide his boy parts during the scan (which amused the technician). Luckily, I did want to find out!

    Thank you for bringing back some lovely memories. Congrats!

  81. Congratulations! My daughter is 19 years old today. Seeing this made me all misty/nostalgic. Enjoy every millisecond, I know you will.

  82. so exciting! my baby boy’s 20 week scan was crazy, he kept sticking his head out at us and looked like he was laughing. the sonographer thought it was hilarious and prodded me for a good 5 minutes longer just to keep watching him to do it! makes it all the more real…

  83. the sonogram makes it so real right? atticus has the same nose (and whole profile really!) as he did at his 19 week sonogram.

  84. How sweet. That pic of your grandfather is so adorable. I remember that overwhelming feeling of seeing your little baby on the screen. Oh my what a rush.

  85. Oh how exciting! Well done you for keeping your eyes closed, I would have been SO tempted to sneak a peek!!! x

  86. How sweet!! Awww so happy for you!! That’s crazy cool about this new one’s upper lip!! =)
    So exciting!!

    Ergo – Blog

  87. This baby is already beautiful! My daughter looked like an alien in her sonograms (and I’m so not kidding, lol). Congrats again!

  88. How extremely precious!

  89. Hi Joanna! I really love your blog, and it’s so exciting to see the sonogram of your new baby. Congratulations!

    I just wanted to tell you that the “gender” of your child isn’t something that you can find out from a sonogram. It is only correct to say that you can find out the sex (the biological and physical characteristics of your baby). The word “gender” means the socially constructed behaviors, roles, and attributes that society (somewhat arbitrarily) assigns to male and female people. So you’re going to have to wait until the baby is born and develops a sense of self to truly find out what their gender is!

    Something to think about.

    • Great comment! Too often we blur the lines between sex and gender and its true gender is completely different from sex (as per the above definitions) Some very interesting food for thought!

    • Thank you so much for this! It’s so strange to me when people use the word gender when they mean sex.

  90. I meant to say “both my husband and me”

  91. The little hands or feet (i can’t tell!) are so cute!!!!

  92. When we had the 23 week ultrasound with my son and saw a good profile pic, both my husband said in the same moment that the baby has my nose.
    Now our son is turning 4 and guess what – he still has my nose.

    I am sure, you grandfathers lip will live on! Congratulations!

  93. Congratulations! It’s always so cool to see how much like a little person they look even in the sonogram.

  94. pretty amazing

  95. Precious! Congratulations!

  96. Congrats! I hope Toby’s getting psyched about being a big brother!

  97. yeahhhh! you can tell he/she is going to be adorable!

  98. congratulations! baby already has a great profile and love the link to your grandfather
    kw ladies in navy

  99. Awww what a great profile! My babies would not show me good profiles of themselves on the sonograms!!

  100. I love that the baby has the same lip as your grandfather and you can already tell!
    So sweet!

  101. This post is beautiful. Congratulations! x

  102. so precious!!!

  103. Such an exciting time, congratulations!! :)