What did you pack for the hospital when you had your baby? For Toby’s birth, we brought tons of unnecessary things—like a mix tape, a tennis ball for massaging, even a movie. You never know what you’ll need, right?

But we didn’t bring a few necessary things. After Toby was born, I just hung out in the hospital gown, but I felt a little naked in it. It would have been so nice to have something more comfortable to wear.

Well, the maternity collection HATCH just came out with a HATCH-to-Hospital Box, which is a gorgeous package of a soft nightgown, a cozy robe, a black brief, and cashmere socks. The pieces are so luxurious and would make you feel pampered during the hospital stay.

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful baby shower gift from a few friends? You’d feel cozy and comfy, while you’re resting at the hospital and taking care of your sweet little one.

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(Top photo from the first days with Toby. HATCH photos by Julia Robbs for Cup of Jo. Thanks, Julia! HATCH is one of my beloved long-term sponsors)