Rain Room

This week, the new interactive exhibit Rain Room opened at the Museum of Modern Art. Heavy rain pours down in an enormous room, but when you step into the rain, the area directly over your head dries up. So you can walk, dance and kiss in the rain without getting wet!

“The overall effect is mesmerizing,” reported Gothamist. “A semi-blinding white klieg light at the back of the room disorients your field of vision while highlighting the millions of individual raindrops showering down around you on all sides. The motion sensors are so sensitive that you can sweep your arm through the deluge and still keep your shirt dry. Move too quickly, however, and you can get good and soaked if want.”

The lines are going to be insane, especially since only 10 people are admitted at a time, but it would be worth waiting. Since MoMA members get priority access and exclusive viewing hours, it might even be worth joining.

How cool is that?!

P.S. Cool art exhibits: Swings, slides and marrying Prince William.

(Photos by Random International, MoMA and Katie Sokoler/Gothamist)

  1. Wow that’s really awesome. I wish I lived in NYC for the art and culture. One day I hope to go there and explore all it has to offer. Thanks for this magical post!

  2. This looks amazing! Wish I was in NY to go visit. So gorgeous.

    Mostly Lisa

  3. we went on Thursday night during the opening reception and LOVED it. definitely check it out! so beautiful and magical :)

  4. I took my 2 kids twice to the rain room in London – they loved it! It was really fun watching them interact with the exhibit. The queue was long but everyone was prepared with snacks and card games and the wait became part of the day out. Would definitely recommend.

  5. I took my 2 kids twice to the rain room in London – they loved it! It was really fun watching them interact with the exhibit. The queue was long but everyone was prepared with snacks and card games and the wait became part of the day out. Would definitely recommend.

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  7. Love it–that certainly would brighten spirits here in Texas! With a large portion of the country experiencing extreme drought, it seems worth mentioning that the water is recycled.

  8. I visited this in London and it was brilliant! The line took about three hours but we had coffee and snacks so we survived. One tip though, the sensor works less well on black clothing. So I was wearing a black coat / dark jeans and even moving slowly I did get pretty wet! The staff said bright colours are best. Enjoy! :)

  9. Wow! This looks wonderfully amazing and so romantic :)

  10. This looks incredible! I’d love to try it

  11. This is so cool! Reminds me of the art exhibit where they made clouds!

  12. Oh my gosh this is dreamy!!

  13. Interesting. And I was thinking of going to the MOMA too… I fear the line’s length but…maybe later in the summer?

  14. Last semester, I studied abroad in London, and this exact same exhibit was at the Barbican Centre in London. I was able to check it out, and it is beyond amazing. I only had to wait 2 hours to see it, but I think it’s definitely worth the wait.

  15. Oh my GOODDDD that sounds awesome! Makes me REALLY wish I lived in NY.

  16. I queued eight hours for this in London… still trying to work out if it was worth that long!!

  17. This sounds so amazing. Do you know how long the exhibit will be open? I’d love to see it.

  18. So cool! I’d fly to NYC if I could just to try this out!

  19. amazing!! Sign me up! :)

  20. This is amazing — thanks for reminding me that it’s open now!

  21. AH! I want to go right now!

  22. I just went yesterday! So much fun!! I posted some pics if you’re interested in seeing them!!

  23. oh my god, I read about this a few weeks back and I immediately want to book a flight to NYC and spend my days in this room. i love art when it’s not just boring paintings but interactive awesomeness! ♥

  24. This looks amazing! I would love to go. You’re right, the wait doesn’t matter. People are so creative.

    I just recently launched my own blog!

    xo Molly

  25. I wish I could be there! That looks life changing and so exciting.

  26. i made a post about this a while ago. i thought it finished in march. i’ve been and it was absolutely amazing.

  27. This looks absolutely exquisite! I hope to go soon! I loved catching up with your blog! Love, Jamie Herzlinger

  28. I saw this when it was in London, it was incredible! They only admitted 5 people at a time so the queues were pretty long, but we arrived half an hour before it opened and got in about an hour later. As long as you go with some friends it’s not so bad! I posted some photos here if you’re interested, it was such a brilliant experience!

  29. oh, i visited this when i was in london last year. it’s so much more intense than words can describe…we went there very early and only had to wait for about an hour but is was deffinetly worth it. if you have a chance to go, eevryone should try it, especially those who love the strong rains. i can’t imagine how awesome it would seem to a small child, pretty sure toby will go bananas over it.

  30. The exhibit is until when? I’m arriving in NYC in early June.

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  32. Oh my gosh this sounds so cool and romantic! I want to take a vacation just to experience it!
    Much love,

  33. This is too cool!

  34. I really wanted to take my daughter this summer on a weekday with the hope that it goes by faster early in the morning but who knows. I think she would LOVE it. I can’t wait to check it out myself.

  35. That sounds absolutely amazing! I’d love to try it, it sounds surreal. :-) x

  36. this sounds amazing! And the pictures are incredible!

  37. I went when it was in London earlier this year – we had to wait 4 hours to get in, but with tea & cake in group of friends we just turned it into a 4 hour moving picnic. It’s definitely worth the wait :)

  38. I remember hearing about this. It looks really cool. I was just at the MoMA this past Friday but I obviosuly need to go back and check this out.

  39. Please go and tell us how it is! I tried to go in London and the lines were crazy, crazy, crazy long.

  40. That looks incredible! The skies over London are trying for the same type of installation art piece but haven’t quite got the sensors sorted yet! :)

  41. my friend + i are driving down JUST to see that exhibit this summer. it looks absolutely incredible. i can’t wait!! :)

  42. Wow this looks amazing. I’d wish we had such an exhibit in The Netherlands. I would line up right away!

  43. Wow. This sounds like a more magical version of a fog installation Anthony Gormley did at the Hayward Gallery in London a few years back (Blind Light). And that was pretty wonderful!

  44. jm says...

    This looks amazing!!!!!

  45. I read about this a month or so ago. It looks insane. There is a video you can watch where the artist explains the exhibit. Pretty interesting.
    I’m definitely going to try and go, maybe on a weekday before it opens. Hopefully the lines won’t be as long.
    Pretty cool though,
    xo Quinn

    Quinn Cooper Style

  46. That sounds magical.

    I wish it was in Sydney, I’d love to go.