1. So funny! You’ve gotta look at “kid snippets” by boredshortstv on youtube–it’s children telling stories, acted out by grownups using the voices of the kids. So hilarious!

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  3. lol that made me laugh so hard that I started crying! reminded me so much of my bossy two-year-old…thanks for the laugh! :)

  4. This was amazing and super funny! Kids can be so evil, but they’re so cute that you sometimes don’t even realize what they’re saying. The delivery of the lines was perfect! :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. This made my day – she’s the princess right now.

  6. This made me bust. Holy hell, that’s funny.

  7. It cracked me up too ! Greatest midweek breakfast ever with this movie !! Thanks joanna !

  8. I can’t wait for the next one!

  9. Too cute!! Waiting for episode two now. The acting was also top-notch. Hehe..

  10. Thanks for sharing!

  11. CC says...

    I love this. It was hilarious. I can’t wait for episode two. Thanks for sharing it.


  12. I adore this adult perspective on a 2 year old! They are so vocal and self centered it is soooo funny and you just have to accept them and remember it doesn’t last long! My mom tells me I was Ivan the terrible!! LOL! Hilarious post!

    Lauren at adorn la femme

  13. This is so hilarious!! Little kids can get away with anything haha

  14. my fav is the heart locket lol

  15. Haha, oh my god this is hilarious.

  16. Thanks for the laugh! That was hysterical.

  17. Isn’t this brilliant!! Matthew Clarke is my good friends older brother! His family is beautiful and Matthew’s talent and love for the arts truly shines through this short video post.
    So excited you posted this one your blog <3

  18. I saw this a bit before coming to check aCoJ and it is absolutely brilliant. Children do say some things sometimes that if coming from anyone else would be terrible!


  19. This is genius! Thanks for sharing and making me laugh!

  20. Ha ha!! Love this! Thanks for the laugh.


  21. jm says...

    That is so funny!

  22. That’s hilarious! I agree with everyone else here, I want to see more! Now! (Brought out the inner 2-yr-old in me too!)


  23. I found this t’other day and am so conflicted! It’s amazing and I love it, and I’m glad that I’m not late to the party on this as it was the first one – but simultaneously I’m upset there we’re lots more for me to watch straight afterwards.

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  25. I want to see more videos!! This brightened up my Monday afternoon no end! :)

  26. This is too funny! I can only imagine what other toddler conversations would look like if you had an adult act them out!