How much do you know about your parents? Obviously, you know the basics, but how often do you really ask them about themselves? Here’s the fifth challenge…

Interview your parents.

Ask about their childhoods. Their hopes and dreams. Exactly how they met and their first impressions of each other. Whether they were nervous to have kids or what they wanted to be when they grew up. What their favorite book is and why. Where they would go on vacation if money were no object.

It’s surprisingly easy to get in a conversation rut with your parents, don’t you think? My mom and I talked ALL the time, but we mostly talk about day-to-day happenings, not bigger picture stuff. My mom could come visit for a week, and we’d chat non-stop, but I wouldn’t think to sit down and ask her real questions. Plus, let’s be honest, with most parent/child relationships, you talk mostly about the child, right? My mom will talk endlessly about whether I like the book I’m reading, or if I should cut my hair one inch or two, or if I’ll choose to get guacamole on my Chipotle burrito. And she really cares. But now I want to turn the tables and know every detail about her.

So this week’s challenge is to interview your parents. Ask them questions that you normally wouldn’t. I bet some answers will be surprising! (We did this with my grandparents once and it was awesome! Apparently when my grandfather asked my grandmother to marry him, she said, “I reckon so”:)

Are you game? Any ideas for good meaty questions?

P.S. Dads are the original hipsters, and you ever pay for your parents?

(Photo of my parents. Graphic design by Rachel for Cup of Jo)