I Took a Break From My Phone

I Took Morning Phone Breaks and I’m a Happier Person

Can this morning ritual really make life better?

Waking Up Early

Monthly Challenge #7: Become a Morning Person

What happened when Caroline embraced the morning.

Monthly Challenge: Become an Early Bird

Monthly Challenge: Wake Up Early

In which Caroline decides to learn to love mornings.

Monthly Challenge #6: Try to Meditate

I tried meditating for a month, and here's what happened.

Monthly Challenge: Try to Meditate

"A happier outlook is yours for the taking," say researchers, and pretty much everyone who has ever meditated.

Weekly Challenge #5: Interview Your Parents

Gregory Peck. Her adult celebrity crushes have included Patrick Stewart, Niles from…

Weekly Challenge #5

How much do you know about your parents? Obviously, you know the…

Weekly Challenge #4: Stretch Your Vocabulary

Last week’s challenge was to use vocabulary words in regular conversation. How…

Weekly Challenge #4

The other evening, we were hanging out, and Alex busted out the…

Weekly Challenge #3: Eat Something New

Remember the weekly challenges we started last fall? When the hurricane hit…