Was Your Dad Cool?


The tumblr Dads Are the Original Hipsters made me laugh out loud. It features old photos of dads looking awesome back in the day, along with hilarious captions. (The photo above: “Your dad wore cycling caps before you did…”)


“Your dad drank obscure sodas before you did.”


“Your dad wore a knit cap before you did.”


“Your dad had big headphones before you did.”


“Your dad lived in Portland before you did.”


“Your dad didn’t give a f*#k before you did.”

Was your dad hip? :)

  1. HAHAHA!

  2. Hilarious. Reminds me of my friend who recreated old photos of her parents. What I like even more about her project was that the old photos were taken by her as a toddler.

  3. hahaha indeed that’s are the original hipsters! there’s no doubt about it!

  4. My dad smelled of Old Spice wore white tshirts and dark jeans and spent his time in the garage fixing up his ’67 Corvette Stingray and could fix everything! Then when disco came he wore black polyester flared pants, silk shirt and chain and always shined his shoes and I thought he was so handsome!

  5. i was going through some old stuff at my parents house in Tokyo a few weeks ago and uncovered this pick of my dad (on the right)!

    My dad smoked cigars and wore pimp suits before I did ;)

  6. Joanna!
    This is the best post.
    I happen to think my dad was the coolest.
    Check out his awesome Journey to India, Pakistan and Nepal in 1975 (all done on trains, buses and even on foot, from Europe to their destination) complete with beautiful scanned slides and his story, posted recently on my travel blog.

    Yea, dads!
    (moms are pretty rad too!)

  7. My dad was incredibly hip. He passed away five years ago, and I miss him SO much!

    This post is perfect :) thank you!

  8. My dad is a total weirdo, but yeah, I think he was pretty hip. He was both a beatnik and a hippie. he smoked pot with John Lennon. He went to film school. He had one of those totally now mustaches.

  9. This is the BEST and so utterly true. And, when you’re little, you think your dad is such a dork!

  10. Waiting for hipsters to start perming their hair…I have a great picture of my dad I can send them for one of those.

  11. Love this post and all the cool dads!

  12. awsome!:) my da was totally hip- he took part in the solidarity strikes in 1989 to break comunistic system in Poland and it makes me proud:) let’s cherish the parents till we can because they are really worth it!theu rock:))

  13. V says...

    SO AWESOME and funny!! :D

  14. My dad was really cool and really handsome in a rebel without a cause kind of way. He was, as he says, “Tough as a whole bag of hammers.”

  15. oh man this is amazing!
    mine would say…”my dad wore members only before you did…”

  16. Ah i love this! My dad was a total hipster (and still is).

    He rocked zubas in their glory day and Ray-Bans had never before looked so rad. He really was a stud though. I often wish i had more of his genes than my mom’s….

  17. Oh man, that is too funny – I love it!!
    My dad was definitely a hipster!

  18. This is so awesome!! I forget that my dad was “Mr. Irresistible” back in “his” day. Such an awesome post. Thank you so much for sharing! Makes me want to go spend some quality time with my very own Mr. Irresistible tonight. Daddys are the best.


  19. Oh man, this is the best.
    (and, holy crap, my captcha thingy says, “hankie” which my dad always carried around in his pocket and still does. I saw a few hipsters with hankies lately, too. Oh I love these sort of synchronicities!)

  20. Hilarious! I love retro photos to begin with, but when accompanied by witty captions…that’s just awesome! Thanks for the link :)

  21. hilarious! Yes – my dad was hip! He had long hair and is from England, so my mom (from Tennessee) totally fell for him!

  22. I had to forward this post on to my dad because his “hip” was seriously epic. Berkeley in the 60s, chops and a handlebar mustache, a guitar and voice to go with it, and let’s not forget his two very attractive female roomies. He later discovered they were hookers, but up until then he just really thought he was all kinds of awesome!

  23. hahahaha this post was awesome. i love it

  24. i’m tagging this one to save for father’s day. it is hilarious!

  25. Awesome, awesome Tumblr find!

  26. My dad was so genuinely hip and didn’t even know it. It’s all in the attitude. AND the mustard cords in 1978 with an eggplant turtleneck helped too. Yep.

  27. Somewhere around 1982, my dad permed his hair and rocked a ‘stache. (a la John Oats) I was totally mortified. Thankfully that look didn’t last long!

  28. anonymous, coming up, i promise!! this has been such a busy day :) xoxo

  29. i’ve seen pics, and my dad was NOT hip. we’ll keep that to ourselves.

  30. hilarious! after looking at these pics i guess i can say… yes, my dad was hip!!!

  31. says...

    The bathing suit in the background of the first photo is genius. Why don’t they design one pieces as hip as this one anymore? LOVE. laura@

  32. Hahaha this is awesome! My dad was in fact hip with his large belt buckles and band tees.

  33. Anonymous says...

    Ummm Helooo…
    Where is the motherhood post?!!! Got me all excited…

  34. I think that all of these hip dads probably married all of the moms from My Mom the Style Icon, the book that’s been making the blog rounds lately.

  35. I’m still laughing!!!!!!!

  36. This reminded me of my dad wearing a flourescent green Virginia Beach crop top. * My dad wore crop tops before I did. *

  37. olivia says...

    yes!! my dad was definitely hip! he had a cool ’70’s hairstyle, sunglasses, and 21 wale cord bell bottoms :) plus he was cute
    the ’70’s look so fun!! also i totally agree with kerry!

  38. *cracking up* – great captions!

    My dad was definitely hip. He climbed mountains wearing nothing but short jean shorts, hiking boots and a red bandana in his crazy hair. I love the old photos of him because it reminds me that he was my age once and probably “gets it” more than I think. :)

  39. I’m not sure he’s exactly old enough to be called “hip” but I recently blogged about this photo of my Dad at Butlins, aged about 3 and wearing what appear to be lederhosen. Excellent find, I guess my caption would be “Your Dad rode the roundabout swings before you did” xxx

  40. My dad was in no way hip… well, wait a minute while I go look at all the old photos of him. Maybe that will change my mind.. LOL

    LOVED this post!!


  41. This is amazing. Totally bummed I can’t check out the whole website right now, stupid filter at work. :-(

    Also, back in the day my dad had the same glasses and facial hair as big headphones guy. :-P

  42. Love this site. My husband and I just cam across it this weekend. LOVE IT!


  43. Anonymous says...

    brilliant! love it!

  44. This is great. As a dad myself, I’m always wondering what things I’m doing now that will appear ridiculous 20 years from now…

  45. haha I blogged this yesterday with my own pics! my dad was totally hip :)

  46. That’s hilarious! I should post a picture of my dad! He was in the navy for awhile and a dee jay for years all over the country (Denver, Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, Boise, etc). He is pretty rad! ;)

  47. ha i just found that tumblr this weekend and it’s hilarious. i have so many pictures of my dad as an original hipster. oh fathers.

  48. Susan says...

    Whaddya mean “was”, people! lol

  49. Oh my god, the “your dad didn’t give an eff before you did” had me cracking up so hard!! So funny and so true!

    My dad was pretty darn hip, he rocked the long hair, beard and mustache situation in the 70’s. There is a photo of him and my mom when they first started dating sitting on my grandparents couch and it is hysterical. Mom in her lace collar and cardigan, and dad in bell bottoms, no shirt and the long hair. They were such a mismatch it was the cutest thing!

    And yeah, my dad definitely didn’t give an eff long before I did! Still laughing about that =)

  50. My Dad had a belted orange leather jacket. It was like something out of Shaft! And he’s a neuroscientist, so it’s not like he HAD to dress hip. It was above and beyond the call of duty.

  51. Too funny! I’ve been aware pretty much my whole life that my dad is cooler than me. But I’m okay with that : )

  52. agreed, kerry! such funny comments :) i love you guys.

  53. I wouldn’t say my dad was “hip”. He was a total jock! But I love him all the same.

  54. my dad was so hip. i wish i had all of his clothes still.
    i wore his college sweat shirt for the longest time!

  55. My favorite photo is of my Dad and I sitting on Santa’s lap when I was three, he’s wearing a black leather jacket, tight jeans and long wavy hair down to his shoulders, looking a bit like John Travolta and definitely cool!

  56. Haha I love this!

    My dad was insanely hip. Long hair, leather jacket, bike, bell bottoms so wide he could fly away hehe

    He’s actually still pretty hip… he still plays in the same band and races cars.

  57. Haha, this is hilarious!

  58. OH my my! So hilarious! My dad definitely wore bell bottoms before I ever did :)

  59. That dad running with his daughter sorta made my heart melt.

  60. Love it!

    I don’t know if he was hip, but he was completely who he was (and still is).

  61. oh my god, this is amazing! i have a photo of my dad in a ripped-up band T, long hair, and turntables that i think needs to be submitted :)

  62. Anonymous says...

    Hilarious. My dad rode a motor scooter before you did!

  63. Ha! This is hilarious! My Dad was totally hip and popular. I have no clue what happened to me.
    But, really, wasn’t everything from the 1970’s hip?

  64. Kerry says...

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’d love to have the swimsuit worn by the woman in the background of the first photo. Seventies hotness!

  65. your dad lived in portland before you did.

    ahhhh hahaahaha….oh portland, land of the hipster.

  66. How fun! My dad was a hip. He used to make his own leather flip flops, take rides from place to place around the country and had the biggest round black power style hair I have ever seen. And all that in Brasil.

  67. Ahaha what a great post! Love these photos! My Dad was definitely a hipster back in his day. Going to check out some more photos now…

  68. My Dad was hip! I had no idea until I started collecting photos for our wedding slideshow… What a (hilarious) surprise! Great timing seeing your post today!

  69. I love this!! My fiance and I are in constant debate about the definition of a hipster.

  70. awww, made me smile today! and appreciate my Dad.

  71. LOL! I love the last one! I’d really like to include a pic of my dad in a trench and nerd glasses. Oh and my dad was freaking handsome back in his heyday (he’s turning 70 this year and looks no day older than 50)… But I don’t think he’d like to have a picture of himself floating around the net. Sigh.

    Relatable Style

  72. Hilarious and totally true! My parents were so hip. They shopped at farmer’s markets, made their own yogurt…they were total foodies before it was vogue. I have a pic of my dad in NYC looking just like a hipster.

  73. Hahaaahaa I LOVE old photos of our parents! My parents were so hot! I even have a semi-crush (kind of Freudian?) on my Dad as he was super hot. He was in a band – the drummer and wore Buddy Holly glasses with thick rims and tight button down shirts with super long, stiff collars. My Mom wore the SHORT-EST dresses ever and was so cute and curvy – very Brigitte Bardot – it makes me question fashion today – there’s nothing as sexy as the 60’s and 70’s… i guess it all went wrong in the 80’s, 90’s…! Love this post!

  74. hihi so funny! My pictures of my dad looks almost like yours, you give me an idea to do also such a post.
    lovely x

  75. *love* this~!

    My dad seriously looked like a lost member of the BeeGees LOL

    long feather hair? check.
    open button polyester shirt? check.
    gold chain necklaces? check.

  76. Lol! On the knit caps, I thought it was gonna say “He had some captain in him before you did” lol

  77. AH! this is awesome and my dad was totally HIP!

  78. ha! such a great post. my dad was totally hip before my siblings and i were around. he wore bell bottoms, had long hair and listened to the band.

  79. “Your dad lived in Portland before you did.” Ha!

  80. oh my gosh – the knitted cap could easily be “your dad was into Jacques Cousteau before you/Wes Anderson”. So funny!

  81. This is the perfect illustration of the irony of “hipsters” – none of these dads were hip, they were just wearing knit caps when NECESSARY (like on a fishing boat), or drinking a soda that was available (that’s only “obscure” now), etc. etc. Hipsters are trying too hard – these dads were just doing their thing :)

  82. My dad was into That 70’s Show before I was. In fact, he and his friends were probably the inspiration for it. Smokin’ doobies in his friends’ parents’ basement and everything. Except he refuses to admit it now, but his best friend has told me all the dirt, lol.

  83. yes, my dad was! :-)

  84. My dad was totally the original hipster! And he’s from Portland :) – wayyyy before it was trendy.

  85. This is fabulous. My dad was in a garage band so that is kind of hip. He was also on the debate team which might negate any of that hipness.

  86. I love this tumblr… spent hours on it the other night and then linked it to my boyfriend who did the same!

  87. ah-mazing! my dad definitely thought he was hip. a beatles hair cut, Coke bell bottoms…these photos are too funny and i feel like my dad woudl fit right in!

  88. My Dad was totally hip. He wore short shorts and cool sunglasses and loved skateboarding and surfing! (Still does love to surf!)

  89. Haha, love this! Especially the one of Larry Bell. I know my dad was into craft beer before I was. (I’m a Kzoo, MI native and I wish Bell’s would distribute to NY!)

  90. Hahah..those photos are so cool:) My dad used to have long hair and play a guitar! Kisses

  91. If coincidently looking like Kenny Rogers for 30+ years is hip, then yes, yes, yes!

  92. My dad was so hip — a skinny Asian dude who cut class to buy Beatles records? Oh yes.

  93. Haha these photos are lovely. I have a photograph of my dad when he was in high school. He was wearing plaid bell bottoms, rocking the afro and an old Monte Carlo. I think my dad was pretty hip!

    XO Hilary Nicole

  94. i love that tumblr! so clever!