The Baby

Last week, Alex and I went to the hospital for our second sonogram. The doctors smeared warm gel on my belly and looked at the baby on the monitor. He was wriggling all over the place! (I’ve been feeling him kick SO much lately, which is adorable and kind of feels like bubbles.) It was totally sci-fi to see his tiny spine with all the intricate bones, but the most exciting part was seeing his teeny profile. Alex jokes that he looks like a Dr. Seuss character at this point, but we think he’s beautiful and are totally enamored. This little photo makes me smile every time I look at it. I love his tiny hand just hanging out there. :)

Thanks for all your lovely comments about everything so far; it’s so much fun to share everything with you. xoxo

  1. so exciting! I’ve loved all your baby posts.

    any ideas on names yet?

  2. so very sweet and amazing! am very happy for you!! enjoy to the max! and God bless you and your growing family!!

  3. wow ok 209 comments later Im just getting the memo that you’re pregnant! Congrats!! What an awesome sonogram picture, it’s very clear and beautiful! :)

  4. a boy! and he’s perfect…i can tell. xo t

  5. WOW! congratulations joanna, this is the coolest. our images were never this clear. so excited for you guys. it seems like 10 years ago, and it seems like yesterday at the same time! wild. -MICHAEL

  6. I am so jealous! Your baby looks like a real baby. Mine always looked like an alien. A chinless, flat-nosed, long armed alien. Thankfully, when she entered the world last Sunday she was decidedly un-alien-like. Perfect and precious and oh-so feminine (her dad and I were convinced she was a boy, so we were in for quite the surprise. After all those scary ultrasounds, I was just glad she was human) :) All that to say – since your little peanut is so adorable in utereo, I’m sure he’s going to be absolutely breathtaking in the flesh! Enjoy your pregnancy becaue once it’s over, time will start to FLY BY.

    Just found your blog and am really enjoying it! Cheers.

  7. Seems So Nice~

  8. Oh geez Joanna! Congratulations!
    I haven’t stopped by for ages I guess…but how wonderfull for you guys ;o) And you look so good pregnant. Just a little bump! Cute…I wish you all the best.

  9. Yay! Your blog is happy. Love it.

  10. My son is 4 now and I keep his sonogram picture in my office. His profile is exactly the same as it is today. Funny how you get to see his precious face so soon. Welcome to the best club ever!!

  11. It is so exciting to read your updates about your growing baby. It makes me smile so big. My baby fever seems to be increases like crazy, so I could read your baby blogging all day. Thank you for sharing your adventures into mommyhood!

  12. yay!! I love it! We have ours on the fridge and I say “good morning, Little!” all day long:) We have our anatomy scan coming up in a few weeks. eek! thank you so much for sharing all of this news with us:)

  13. Utterly heartwarming.

  14. He’s beautiful Joanna, congratulations. Just wait until those kicks feel like elbows and knees in a few weeks – its’ amazing! xx

  15. Just to let you know, our son, when he was born, looked identical to the sonograms!

  16. SO excited for you, and he’s so precious! Thank you for sharing :)

  17. Ooooh! I think that he looks like Harold from the children’s story, Harold and the Purple Crayon. It’s definitely one for the library.

  18. thank you SO much for all these wonderful comments. i am so touched :) i love the idea that he’s waving! and nina, i’ll definitely check out that book, it sounds great.

  19. Adorable – congrats again!

  20. Congratulations Jo! This is great news! I think your blog is fabulous and wish you and your husband all the best!

  21. I am melting with Joy for your two!! So adorable already :) xoxo

  22. i always have the hardest time deciphering babies in sonograms, but your little guy’s first picture is as clear as day. and gosh, he’s precious. congratulations!

  23. so exciting! i’m terribly elated for you and your sweet husband alex!

  24. Laura says...

    so cute!!!!! congrats, again!

  25. Aw! It’s your little “who!”

    (Im sure somebody must’ve said that by now..)


  26. super cute baby boy!!!!

  27. He is a cutie already! The Dr. Suess comment is so funny. Though not true, not true at all. =)

  28. definitely sci-fi. really, really cute sci-fi.

  29. a boy. so exciting. i love my little boy so much. growing up wiyh 4 girls and sans the father’s involvement i was a bit worried…but he’s a joy. i rec the book “the wonder of boys” to every boy parent.

  30. Oh wow, it sounds so amazing, glad you and the baby are both doing so well!

  31. What a great picture! So clear, and I think he smiled for you! :-) It’s just incredible and miraculous, isn’t it?

  32. I seriously think he looks like you! Just wait and see…

  33. D’oh just remembered frogs, snails, puppies tails etc… HE is holding up his hand to say hi! ;)

  34. Cuteness! It’s like he/she is saying hi with that little hand :)

  35. wow Jo look at all these comments, I’m always far behind your posts due to the time difference I guess! Thank YOU for sharing all these special moments with us, it’s so cool..look at your little man, what a blessing

  36. Lol…the most adorable Dr. Seuss character ever! ;)

  37. Oh wow! I can’t even imagine how excited you must be!! Congrates again!

  38. Oh so cute! I remember seeing our daughter for the first time – it was so special!

  39. Thats amazing Jo!! :o) Bet you guys are so excited!

  40. No WAY! I’m soooo far behind on all of my favorite blogs … I hadn’t even heard! I’m so thrilled and happy for the both of you!! And yes, he is a beautiful little guy! (Aren’t those sonograms so amazing and wonderful?)

  41. great shot! we always had such difficulty getting profiles of our boys!

  42. What a handsome baby boy..he seems so peaceful! Congratulations again!

  43. you are inadvertently giving me baby fever! lol. Must. suppress.

  44. beautiful!

  45. How wonderfully exciting! It has to be the most amazing (and kinda kooky) feeling having little limbs wriggling about in your tummy :)

  46. Oh my, don’t photographs (err, sonograms) just make it seem that much more REAL? Such a treasure.

    Thanks for your wonderful blog. I’ve been reading every day for about a year!


  47. He is so sweet! The pictures have improved a lot since I had mine about 18 years ago. I just kept nodding my head, saying yeah sure I see the head and the feet, when in actuality I could tell what was what! He’s beautiful Joanna. :)

  48. Ohhh i remember that sensation… is wonderfullll!!

  49. Bonjour! c’est la première fois que je poste un commentaire mais je viens depuis longtemps sur ton blog, que j’adore ! Tu as l’air adorable et heureuse ! :) Bisous!
    ps : sorry… i’m french! haha

  50. yay for lil kicks!
    my son was so busy we nicknamed him “ninja”. funniest part was that his feet were always VERY mobile (before and after) – and still are!
    enjoy every moment. i missed those little kicks when he was born, but he made up for it by being the coolest little person i know.

  51. The only thing better is when you get to see him face to face. :) Awesome.