Last week, we went to get a sonogram for the new baby. Seeing its little profile made me teary. Lying there in the hospital room, I couldn’t stop repeating, “What a sweetheart, what a dollface.” I also noticed that the baby’s sticky-out top lip looks exactly like my grandfather’s, which made my heart swell.

About halfway through, the doctor said she was going to look at the legs and write the gender on the screen, so—since we’re waiting to find out—she told me to close my eyes. Lying there, I tried to count how many times she punched the computer keys, but of course I couldn’t tell a thing. (Do you think the profile looks like a boy or a girl?:)

(My grandfather with his signature lip)

We love you so much already, little one! We can’t wait for you to join our family.

P.S. Toby’s sonogram looked like a Dr. Seuss character