On this dreary winter day, imagine: You’re getting on a plane tonight for a week in northern Italy, hiking along the steep cliffs and rocky beaches. You’ll have crisp white wine and fried fish for dinner. Here’s a daydreamy outfit to pack…

1. Red cardigan for a pop of color.
2. Easy linen dress for wearing to the beach and dinner.
3. Buttery soft tote.
4. Large watch for that tomboyish look.
5. Trusty umbrella.
6. Sexy sandals (or this more comfortable pair).
7. Polka-dot bikini.
8. Rolled jean shorts for showing off tanned legs.

What do you pack for vacations? Where would you go, if you could go anywhere today? Winter is getting old!!!

P.S. A genius honeymoon trick, and Parisian wedges.

(Top photo by Max Wanger; graphic design by Rachel for Cup of Jo)