1. Birthday candles birthday party as a whole. Its only the whole mood to add to the magic light as well as special cake that is not used. There are some traditions that are associated with the birthday candles.

  2. Oh wow this is a great one!!
    love it.

  3. I think my mom would appreciate me putting these candles on her cake. Too funny.

  4. hah! Love it. Birthdays tend to lose signification once they’re not a totally positive experience anymore! :P lol! I still get the cake, but I tell the hubby to leave out the candles!

  5. I was a little weirded out by 27 as well. In fact, a few months after that milestone, I forgot I was only 27 and kept referring to myself (to acquaintances in imaginary conversations in my head) as a 28-yr old. Eek!
    I think part of the reason is that my mom was married at 27, and my boyfriend and I were not anywhere near that point in our relationship.

  6. Amazing. Will be buying these in bulk for everyone!

  7. this photo made my day, thank you so much! Don’t ever stop to blog, we need you so much, Huge fan of your work here, N. Merrynote

  8. 27 was my scary age too! I think because my mom got married at 27 and had me at 28. Great to have an “early” scary age so you can relax after that!

  9. I’m turning 27 on the 13th of February and I am freaking out! It really does sound so old! Haha! I will have to get me candles like in the picture ;-)

  10. Hi, My parents used to celebrate my b’day differently each year and I like the idea of making different B’day candles. I am just going to try it in my bro’s next b’day.

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  11. 35 years old. 2 kids. No age related freak outs yet. I kinda want to have one though just for those hilarious candles!

  12. That candles are so funny. Love them!


  13. I’ll be turning 20 this year, I’m so scared! Haha :)

  14. YES!
    I feel like I need to show these birthday candles to my parents and basically everyone else in my family. We’ve never really been much for celebrating specific ages (we tend to just celebrate another year of living and being generally awesome) and something like this would definitely get a good chuckle out of everyone :)


  15. In June it’s my 30th birthday… I’m freaking out! :(

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  18. These are AWESOME!!! I have to get these!!

    Omg I’m 27 and I’m freaking out! AHH!! =P I need these for my 30th birthday!


  19. I’ve always considered age a badge of honour; the longer you’ve been on the planet, the better you are at life (survival, anyway)! My grandmother turned 90 last month – what a badass!! So I look forward to my birthday every year. (I love presents! And the party!) And I wish it wasn’t awkward to ask an adult woman her age, because I’m getting to the age (I’m 32) where I’m not supposed to ask or answer, and sometimes (okay, often) I’m just curious and I want to KNOW; it’s about placing people in context, you know?

  20. i am really shocked at all these people who are sad or burdened at their age/birthday!!?? i look forward to my b’day every year, and i am 45! i treat each b’day as a huge loving happy celebration. I loved turning 40, i felt great and looked young (i thought)…i turned 40 on the beach with my 2 little kids — great, great day. …My best friend died last year at 42, a slow horrid death from cancer and she would have done ANYTHING to stay here, even one more year. You get one ride girls. Enjoy. oh my god – quit being sad and scared and whining that you’re 21, or 25, or 27 ??!!!!

  21. This may sound really stupid and immature but I felt really old when I turned 21 – I just felt that I hadn’t accomplished anything great and that I hadn’t done anything special with my life. After a couple of drinks, I felt better though :)

  22. my scary age is also 27 — which i will be in ten days. yikes.

  23. You’re never going to be as young as you are now so just enjoy it.

  24. 27 was my freak-out age, as well. Now I turn 30 in 6 months and I find myself looking forward to it.

  25. I totally freaked out about turning 27 too! I think it’s because I hated the idea of officially being in my late 20’s.

  26. I don’t know… I think 18 is going to be scary.
    I don’t want the be an official adult…

  27. Me too! Turning 27 made me feel so, so old. I’m hoping that it was only this birthday and won’t keep happening :)


  28. This is so funny. I turned 27 in January and I feel like this is the first birthday that freaked me out at all.

    The late twenties scare me.

  29. So true about 27, I had a mini panic attack on my birthday last July, its something about the beginning of the end of your twenties I believe.

  30. Oh dear, I’m turning 27 this year and it’s freaking me out, too! Officially “late 20s”

  31. hahah i had a panic attack when i turned 27 too! there must be something about turning 27, it’s just a pivotal year!

  32. It’s so funny you say you randomly freaked out when you turned 27. Birthdays have never scared me or made me feel old, but for some odd reason this year, turning 27, I very suddenly feel like I’m truly getting old(er). It feels like an age at which I should definitely have my stuff together. Thankfully, I’m happily married, living abroad, working a great job and thinking about babies hopefully in the nearish future – so I guess I’m doing alright :)

  33. I also freaked out when I turned 27. (I’m 28 now :) I think I’m going to start saying I’m 30 when I turn 29, to get use to it.

  34. I just turned 27 and it was a hard one for me especially being a single girl in NYC! eeekk

  35. I have yet to have a “freak out age.” I think it’s mostly due to my mama, she always said it wasn’t a big deal & it was just a number! Thanks mom!! ;)


  36. I love this idea for candles, definitely way better than broadcasting and age to the party guests! I wish I’d seen this before my friend comes into town for her birthday this weekend! haha

  37. hahaha. love the sense of humor, whoever created these candles :D

  38. Psssht, girl you think twenty-seven is bad, try twenty-EIGHT!

    I’m kidding. But I do feel old :) I’m looking forward to 30, however. Something about entering a new decade seems refreshing.

  39. Odd numbers always seem to freak me out.

  40. One of the most beautiful women I ever met was a 70-something Peace Corps volunteer who lived life with such gusto and verve that it irradiated her face. When we asked her what her life philosophy was, she replied adamantly that it was always to move forward, keep turning corners, never look back or live in the past. By that point in her life you can be sure she’d dealt with her share of sorrow and heartbreak, yet she invariably had a zest for the future and for adventure that propelled her forward: she traveled extensively, went to plays with her grandson and his girlfriend, football games and rounds of golf with her friends, and volunteered with several community organizations. So, so cool, and so impressive. I resolved then that that was the way I wanted to be about my birthdays: setting goals, always turning those corners, having some kind of little adventure every day, plus making bucket list items happen—and hopefully never being afraid of what the future might bring, but accepting all of it as part of a life fully lived.

  41. I just turned 24 last Monday and had the major age-freakout!
    But only because this year came along with my little baby sister turning 16 (Jesus Christ..) and the sudden realization that I won’t be a student anymore after summer. This kind of struck hard, haha.

  42. 26 was really hard for me. Now I’m just worried about all of the gray hairs coming in!

  43. 27 was my hard age too! I turned 30 last year, and it was a piece of cake compared to 27! I think the late 20’s have to be the worse….just thinking about what’s to come. I’ve heard 31 is tough too (because you’re for reaaaal in your 30’s), but I ain’t skeeered. :P

  44. kg says...

    I had a hard time with 27 too – I felt like it represented my passage into the ‘late twenties’- and panicked because I didn’t have things figured out yet. Heading into 29 I embrace the uncertainty – not totally grown-up yet!

  45. Haha those are great

  46. I lost my head at 27 too! (this past October). As I said to my mom… I felt like life was “done” – I had graduated college, got a “real” job, got married, and I don’t want children.. so it was like “what is there left to look forward to?” Sometimes, I still say that, but I’ve gotten a better grip on it hehe. We’ll see how 28 goes, though!

  47. I got upset at 26… I’m not entirely sure why! I’m 31 now and love it!

  48. 27 was the worst for me too! For some reason, when I was little, I always had 27 in my head as the age that made you “old,” so when I hit that, I lost it a little. Now, 28 is fact approaching, and for some reason, I’m not nearly as weirded out about that.

  49. I just turned 31 and it freaked me out (in the past year we relocated, got new jobs, got pregnant, etc.). 32 scares me more because I remember when my mom was 32. (And she already had 3 kids!)

    My husband’s birthdays upset me more than anything. He turned 33 in September and whenever he says his age I want to weep. So silly.

  50. Wow, 27 scared me as well. That was a tough one! Definitely my worst so far. But then, 28 was amazing. I wish I could just keep turning 28 for the rest of my life. I’ll be 30 in September and I’m nervous. I love my late 20’s. I have to keep reminding myself that 27 terrified me, but it turned out to be a wonderful year and 30 is going to be the same.

  51. I just had my birthday last week and turned 29. I finally feel like I have caught up with how old I feel (sort of). I have always felt older than my actual age, even when I was a child (had to grow up fast). My actual birthday is always a disappointment to me. Not sure exactly why, I think it may be that I never had parties for my birthday when I was a child and now that I’m an adult and can celebrate however I want, it still doesn’t make those negative birthday memories from childhood resolve or go away. I wish I could feel like a birthday princess, but those days are past me now. At least I made a cake with bright pink buttercream this year. ;)

    x, C

  52. I turned 27 two weeks ago and I’m totally freaking out!! Only three years until I’ll be thirty and so much left to achieve…

  53. 40 and 41 were pretty tough – next one is 42 and i’m feeling better about it – hopefully an upward trend!

  54. This made me laugh out loud. Thanks for the pick me up!

  55. I hated turning 26 but at the same time I look forward to my 30s. I think it depends on what I accomplish,it bummed me out because “omg I’m turning 26 and I haven’t done anything! I have nothing to show for it!”

  56. I’m turning 18 on Sunday and I’m going through such anxiety over getting older. I somehow can’t get over the fact that I will be able to do all of these things without legal consent from my parents. I mean, I could get MARRIED and not even have to tell them about it. Flip.

    • I turned 19 in December and I’m still recovering from legally being an adult and be allowed to vote. I’m NOT prepared to be in my 20’s yet. SO yeah, I totally feel ya.
      Happy early Birthday though!

  57. hahah super cute! :) i am not worried about my age, but i am only 24, so i suppose if i was it’d be weirder.
    kw, ladies in navy

  58. When I turned 25, I called my mom in hysterics because I was too old to have kids. Hello, crazy biological clock.

    I’m 32 now. I think this is the age I’ll stay ;)

  59. hilarious! i’m approaching 35 and i really don’t want to admit it!

  60. I freaked out when I turned 26. I hadn’t found a full-time teaching job yet, my boyfriend and I were the only ones in our group of friends to not be engaged or married yet, I didn’t have much money, and I hadn’t done a lot of the traveling I had planned on doing by the time I got to that age. Lo and behold, a few months into being 26 I found a full-time teaching job, my boyfriend proposed and he and I have now gone on a bunch of small trips and one honeymoon. I’ve learned to chill out so much more since then and I’ve enjoyed getting older with each subsequent birthday. :)

  61. haha..brilliant!
    Age doesn’t really worry me. Yet!

    Joanna, I loved your NYC Date photos this week. My husband and I were just talking about dream destinations, places we’d love to visit one day if we can afford to, and New York was at the top of both of our lists!! ;-)


  62. While only 27 myself, I admire the women much older than I who embrace their age and aren’t afraid of it! I only hope I have that same courage as I count the years.


  63. I just turned 43! My boyfriend and I share the same birthday even the year. I am 45 minutes older so birthdays are okay now! 25 was my worst. I still feel 20 :)

  64. I originally set my scary age to 25 (probably when I was 15 or something) but having just turned 25 it really wasn’t so scary. 25 in no way looks like I thought it would but I can’t complain!

  65. My next birthday is 30. A few years ago, I was really scared about being 30 and not married (which is silly). As fate would have it, I don´t have to face my fear because I´m getting married in July, just in time :)

  66. I love birthdays (I’m 31), I think it is really special that everyone has one day a year that they are celebrated. Aging is an accomplishment, not something to be upset about – if you’re not having a birthday, then you’re having a funeral. I’ll take birthday :)

  67. I’m about to turn 28, and somehow it annoys me more than ever.

    haha Getting too close to 30! But then I think now I feel lots better than when I was 20. :)

  68. Any age past 30 has scared me! I really need to get those candles as I’m hurtling towards a BIG birthday with a 0 on the end!

  69. I completely lost my sh*t when I turned 25 (Quarter life crisis perhaps?) and every birthday since has just been wonderful. I was so excited about turning 30, I was really ready for what the next decade held and felt that my 20s were a wonderful chapter of life that I was ready to be able to reflect on. I also think that my mom was so beautiful in her 30s (her 50s were pretty killer too) and I see aging as a privilege–certainly better than the alternative. ;)

  70. I used to fret about getting older when I was in my 20s. I have one more year until I turn 40 now, and I am having mixed feelings about it. There’s not really much I can do though, that birthday is coming weather I like it or not!

  71. I’m not looking forward to turning 27 next month, saying goodbye to the midtwenties is going to be hard!

  72. Absolutely hilarious!!

  73. these are awesome, i had to buy them for my mom whose birthday is in two weeks! thanks, joanna!

  74. I just turned 26 in December and it was the first year I genuinely got upset. I wanted to boycott the entire thing.