Do you ever get in a food rut? We find ourselves cooking the same few things for dinner, going to the same few restaurants, and eating the same snacks over and over (I’m looking at you, hummus). So, this past fall, I was psyched to discover the snack subscription NatureBox. Have you heard of them? They send you…

…five bags of natural snacks every month. Suddenly we found ourselves enjoying blueberry almond bites, cinnamon-spiced almonds, banana chips, vanilla granola, lemon pucker pistachios, yogurt pretzels, dried pears and all sorts of treats. Toby loves them so much that it makes my heart sing. The snacks are so much yummier and healthier than some of the other kid and grown-up snacks we’ve eaten in the past.

You can sign up for the regular NatureBox (5 bags for $19.95), the Family Snacker (10 bags for $29.95) or the Professional Snacker (20 bags for $59.95). To be honest, I initially wondered if the snacks seemed expensive, but they’re actually comparable to buying from Whole Foods or gourmet groceries. It works out to $3 or $4 per bag, which is amazing. And you can choose the exact snacks you want or let them surprise you.

Anyway, I’d highly recommend them:) Bonus: NatureBox is offering $5 off your first box with the code CUPOFJO, good for two weeks.

(When we were taking these photos, I think Toby couldn’t believe that I was randomly letting him just tuck into a whole bag of crackers himself. He was like, “Really?! You’re sure?! Okay then!!!”)

(This post is sponsored by NatureBox, whose mission and snacks I adore. Photos by Alpha Smoot for Cup of Jo. Thanks, Alpha!)