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  3. how precious is this!!!

  4. Good thing he looks so cute, otherwise I think your Michigan card would be revoked… ;)

  5. Toby’s little New Balance are the sweetest thing ever!!
    Love your blog so much! kisses from Italy!

  6. Toby’s little New Balance are the sweetest thing ever!!
    Love your blog so much! kisses from Italy!

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  8. Sooo adorable! I gotta say I love this costume not only because Toby looks super cute in it but also because I’m a Giants fan and an even bigger Tim fan.

  9. So cute! But aren’t you a Tigers fan, being from Michigan? :) This must have been at least a little bit painful.

  10. Should have got a straight dark hair wig to put under the hat!!! LOL

  11. i’m a huge giants fan (sf transplant in ny), so this sooo made my day! my nephew, when he was three would say, “tince a lince sum” when asked who is fav giants player was.

  12. oh my gosh i love this! mini timmy :)

  13. oh my gosh i love this! mini timmy :)

  14. Go Timmy! Next year costume should be Buster or maybe even Wilson :)

  15. OMG- cuteness! What a little prince you’ve got there! <3

  16. aw, little mini freak. so cute!

  17. That huge hat is beyond adorable. Thanks for your sweet, honest post about regular Cup of Jo programming. As always, your sincerity is refreshing, and it’s obvious that your heart is with Sandy victims. We all know that, and we all love the regular posts, too.


  18. OMG this is amazing! He is adorable! I’m so glad to know there are die hard Giants fan all way across the country!!

  19. I wonder if he has any idea how many people think that he is the cutest thing ever?

    Joanna, for those of us all over the world that don’t have access to what is truly happening there (beyond the CNN show and tiny slices on NY Times Online) please, please, please share with us your point of view and tell it like it is!!!

    With a big thank you in advance,
    Heather in France

    • Hi Heather – The US government has shut down specific things in federal operation (like museums, national parks, bankruptcy filings in federal court) that it does not deem “essential” at this point. John Boener (Speaker) does not want to extend the debt ceiling, and the Republicans are still against a federally mandated health care system. They are trying to block more spending until an agreement is reached with the president. State operated things are running as usual. I have heard of school field trips to DC getting cancelled, and in 10 days the US government may be in default if they cannot reach an agreement.

  20. That is the most adorable thing ever! I had quite a few Little Lincecums come to my door on Halloween. They were so precious!

    -Sarah {tuckerup.blogspot.com}

  21. so cute i can’t even take it.

  22. This is too adorable!!! Love the Giants spirit. My husband and I live in NY but are from SF and have been pridefully wearing our GIants gear all week!!!

  23. I gasped when I saw his little costume. I LOVE the Giants and the Freak is such a interesting player. Go Toby!

  24. what a smart looking outfit!

  25. they had a great time! We missed you.

  26. Toby looks more like Buster to me. :)

    • I was thinking the same thing! Ha!

  27. Awesome! Tim Lincecum is my friend Jon’s cousin!

  28. so cute! the realy lincecum should cut his hair :)

  29. So cute! And that’s a lovely idea and a great happy way to overcome the recent events in NY! I hope he has a great time and lots of candy!

  30. LB says...

    Best kid costume I’ve seen so far!

  31. I LOVE his costume! He’s “The Freak” but in a mini version. ♥

  32. He is darling! And how sweet of your building to re-do trick-or-treating. :) Something every child should be able to enjoy this time of year!


  33. I liked this on FB but I had to comment on here that he looks just like you. Too cute. Also, I’m happy you got to take him trick or treating with you, so the holiday was not a total wash.