1. I am the same way. I am also a HUGE San Francisco Giants fan. Die hard since birth (thanks to me pops). 2002 almost killed me….2010 brought me back to life. 2012….still so far to go. Tell the hubs…hat is a must now for game 3 on Saturday!

  2. HAHAHA! My husband totally just asked me the same thing!

  3. Haha this post is so hilarious and yet so true! This is exactly my husband except he roots for the Oakland A’s! I try to not be around when he’s watching a high-stakes game because if they don’t win, then it’s not a happy household for us all. :)

  4. cg says...

    Go Giants!!! So, for this series, I’ve noticed that the Giants do a lot better if I don’t watch the first two innings. In fact, in game 7 of the NLCS I didn’t watch until the third inning. So, for the WS I’m going to keep up “tradition” (not superstition, heh), and not watch the first two innings.

    Giants all the way!


    • cg says...

      PS: BTW, it’s not just husbands (wife speaking). In fact, my husband chuckled at my “tradition” but now he tells me I mustn’t watch any of the first two innings of the WS. Lol

  5. I love it! I’m a big SF Giants fan living in NYC. Please let him wear the hat anytime he wants!!!

  6. I am married to an ex-baseball player. He kisses me the same way everyday when he leaves and I once had to stand for the majority of a Cavs playoff game cause they did better when I stood next to the couch.

  7. An hour before Game 6 started, my family happened to be driving by our go-to donut shop. My husband suggested we pick up some “Rally Donuts”.
    (Rally Donuts, because we needed to do our part, of course. Take some donuts for the team.)
    I started eating my favorite coconut cake donut in the second inning (that was the big inning of the game). Every time I took a bite, we got a hit or scored. The Giants were playing awesome, and definitely(!) it was due to the Rally-ness of the donut.
    Soon, I was in a panic that my donut would run out. My husband was yelling, “Save some for later!”
    Huh? With one bite left, I froze up, not knowing if I should finish the donut.
    The batter got out, the inning ended. But it was enough. Thank God for that yummy little donut.

  8. Sports bring out the superstitions in my husband too! We’re huge Giants fans so the past few weeks have been stressful. He and group of fellow fans are convinced our house is “lucky” so all games have been watched from our living room. They all wear the same pair of underwear (clean or not!), eat food in the same order, high five in the same order…

  9. My husband is really superstitious about sports! At one point during a Stanley Cup playoff game he decided to stand in the laundry basket, and when they scored he decided he had to stand in the laundry basket for the rest of the game.

  10. as we were watching the game last night, i asked my husband why the players don’t smile after they hit a HOME RUN, for goodness sakes?! he said, very seriously, that you canNOT celebrate until the game is over…no jinxing. crazy hoo haw.

  11. My husband is really superstitious about sports! At one point during a Stanley Cup playoff game he decided to stand in the laundry basket, and when they scored he decided he had to stand in the laundry basket for the rest of the game.

  12. Go Giants! Thanks for the good luck, Alex!

  13. I love that baseball fans (and players) (okay, baseball people) are so superstitious. I think we are more superstitious than other sports fans. :) Not sure what it is.

  14. LB says...

    I am so glad he put that on! (sorry if he jinxed your team…) Go Giants!

  15. hahahaha go Tigers!!!

  16. michelle, omg, i’m laughing out loud. these comments are hilarious. i love you guys:)

  17. Ha ha, at one moment when the giants were in a rough patch, my husband said he might have to turn it off and leave since he was “upsetting the universe”. But then they got a run and he stayed.

  18. Yea!!! He didn’t jinx the Giants! People are funny about their sports, aren’t they?

  19. GOOO GIANTS!!!

    x’s & o’s

  20. My partner and I are both like that when we watch football. I have switched jerseys from one player to another mid-game. Jersey on, switch jerseys, jersey off – shitputitbackonputitbackonquickly! – jersey back on. But we also yell at the tv and I have been known to talk about the “pit of despair” I exist in when the Packers aren’t playing well. He’s just as bad during MLB playoffs, but I don’t bother because the Red Sox haven’t gotten far enough for me to worry about them since 2007. Sports really do make people weird.

  21. That hilarious! It probably helped because they won!

  22. Once my friends made me sit in a bathroom for an hour because our hockey team scored a goal while I was in there. I literally sat on the floor and listened to them enjoy the game. If I even tried to step out with one single toe, I was screamed at and sent back into the bathroom. The team won an important playoff game but really… it was not so much fun for me.

  23. I can’t stop laughing! husbands are funny creatures…

  24. Go Giants!!! Alex should wear the Giants hat for the WS.

  25. My dad is the same way when he watches football…jersey on jersey off hat on hat off if their loosing he has to sit on a different couch….#sportsmakepeopleweirdforsure


  27. Oh, is he a Giants fan?! Now I like him even more!! We are thrilled for this win out in San Francisco. World Series here we come!!

  28. My fiance plays professional baseball…so you can imagine the superstitions that I live every day from March til October! :)

  29. HA! My hubs is totally strange when it comes to sports too. I have to admit though, I got pretty excited about the SF Giants’ win too. Maybe it’s rubbing off!

  30. i am the same way…midway through the national’s game 5 i put my dog’s nationals shirt on. they lost. i was sure i jinxed them :(

  31. m says...

    That said, starting tomorrow, that cap on Alex’s head should be a Tigers one…

  32. m says...

    The best thing I ever heard about superstition: “it’s only weird if it doesn’t work.”

  33. This is hilarious and so true. I’m not a superstitious person at all… unless it comes to baseball playoffs. Example: Oh, I wore that shirt when they lost. Can’t wear that shirt again unless it’s an off day. Yesterday my mom wisely said, “What you wear will probably not affect how the Cardinals play.” Yes, I’m a big Cardinals fan so I’m licking my wounds.

  34. LOL my husband does, everythime he wears his dc united shirt they loose!!
    PS you husband looks like Toby with a beard(hello halloween costume…he could go as daddy!)

  35. But it worked! guess you’ll be seeing a lot more of that hat :)

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  37. my ex partner used to never wear his manchester united shirt when they played on their home ground. and another football fan only watches the highlights as they always lose when he watches a match!

  38. Sports superstitions are no joke. My friends and I all make sure we’re wearing our gear before a match. and if one of us forgets and we’ve started off poorly, we dash to get it. This Wednesday with Champions League, I’m going to be wearing all of my gear. :)

  39. ‘Husband Moment’ you seem to love your two boys so much Joanna & i love you family :)

  40. This made me giggle this morning, so thanks for that.

    And I totally get what he means. The World Series is no joke!!

  41. Make sure he wears that things for the next week and a half!

  42. Definitely, I agree with Jocelyn about sport and how it gets you weird. My hubby is doing the same, only with t-shirts “it’s time for football, darling” – he says. :))))

  43. HAHAHA – this made me laugh out loud. Sports does make people weird, and is always something that makes me laugh, but I also find it quite endearing.

  44. Thanks for not jinxing the game Alex!

  45. I love it :) I had no idea he was a fan. GO GIANTS!! I hope he wears the same outfit, same chair, same everything on Wednesday! We’re a superstitions bunch.

  46. He’s wearing the right hat tonight! Go Giants!

  47. I would like to convey solidarity with your (clearly genius and discerning) husband, but feel it would be remiss to not let him know that this photo added to my already-up-to-11 stress level for the past two innings. #OrangeOctober #OMGanxiety

  48. Since that we won tonight’s game by such a large margin, tell him he needs to wear that hat (and preferably the same shirt) all throughout the World Series. If we lose, it’s because of him!

    • Agreed!

    • Agreed!

  49. Oh my god! I thought I loved this blog before, but now? GIANTS GIANTS GIANTS!!!

    • I thought this exact same thing :)

    • You guys are Giants fans?! Yay!! I love you more now too :)

  50. Ah yes, the ridiculous belief that I-must-not-ever-change-anything-mid-game/season-or-my-team-will-self-destruct that many men have.
    I am married to a hockey-loving man in a hockey-crazy city so I feel ya.

  51. My Man Friend wore his all night, too. HA! What is with these sports dudes? I really don’t get it :)

  52. so it’s his fault my cards lost? I thought it was because they forgot to show up…:( good job Giants

  53. hahaha thats too FUNNY!

    XO, Adropofbliss.blogspot.com

  54. my husband got excited after watching the cowboys win on tv, saying,” the cowboys won and i watched the whole game,”…he thinks that his team loses only when he watches the game.

  55. hehe. It is apparently normal behavior around this house too!

  56. Clearly it was good luck for Brandon Belt! Keep that hat on!

  57. d says...

    Ok, 9-0 he can wear the hat….

  58. What a relief! I thought only my husband had that lost expresion while watching a game…any game!

  59. LG says...

    I totally know where he’s coming from. I’m here in SF watching the game in my living room and as the game has progressed, it’s gotten dark out. I literally considered not flipping the lights on. Gotta keep the environment the SAME! Ha! :)

  60. Hahaa! My boyfriend was convinced his “football” (aka soccer) team lost on Saturday because he was accidentally wearing green -one of the other teams colors! totally craaaazyyyy

  61. If the Cards comeback from a 0-8 bottom of the 8th deficit, we will all know that it was Alex’s hat. #gogiants!

  62. When the Red Wings lost the Stanley Cup a few years back, my husband was wearing his Red Wings t-shirt, he bought me one to wear (which I did), and then he put his lucky Red Wings puck on the coffee table. After they lost, he said, “I should have known. The puck was too much.” He was dead serious. As if a puck in a random coffee table in Virginia Beach would do that? Haha, them husbands are so cute.

  63. d says...

    YES HE CAN TAKE IT OFFFFFFFFFFF #oopsdidisaythatoutloud?