As everyone knows, Hurricane Sandy has done so much damage and the heartbreaking stories just keep coming. It’s been a crazy week to say the least. We were very lucky to get through it safe and sound and were incredibly grateful to get our power back on Saturday morning and our heat back this morning. We literally jumped around the apartment when the hallway light clicked on!

It’s hard to know how to write about everything on Cup of Jo and what balance to strike. Our thoughts and actions are consumed by the aftermath and ways to help, but also there’s value in trying to keep positive and creating a place where people can come for a little pick-me-up, especially during a tough time like this.

So after thinking a lot about it, I’m planning to keep regular posts going on Cup of Jo, and I’ll be posting about relief efforts on Twitter and Facebook. And I’m very happy to be co-hosting a fundraising bake sale in Soho this weekend, so I’ll keep you guys posted on that (and would love to see you there!).

Thank you so much. Hope you are safe and cozy today, and lots of love to you.