Hair Tutorials

For holiday parties and dinners (and even the flight home), feel free to look back through Caroline’s hair tutorials. Wouldn’t it be pretty to wear three twisted buns with a sparkly dress, or a mermaid braid with a wool sweater? You can find all fifteen tutorials here

* Mermaid tail braid
* Half-up braided crown
* Braided top bun
* Four-strand braid
* Braided crown
* Pretzel braid

* Messy side ponytail
* Ponytail twist
* Sleek parted ponytail

* Three twisted buns
* Top knot
* Rope bun
* Gibson roll
* Chestnut bun
* Messy French bun

(Photos by Jamie Beck for Cup of Jo)

  1. The messy side ponytail ALWAYS comes in handy when your hair is dirty. I spray it with dry shampoo and pin it up. Works well and people compliment me on my dirty hair :)

  2. I love that small round-up bun. Guess that will look great for my next summer trip


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  7. These are such beautiful pictures. Wavy hair was amazing… I wish my hair could look like that, but it always ends up looking like crap. Lovely though!

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  9. Thanks for sharing this post! It’s definitely helpful for when it’s time for holiday pictures! One Christmas I was having the worst hair day imaginable and so I borrowed my cousin’s bobbi boss wig and although I never wore a wig before, I loved it! That wig saved my bad hair day!

  10. So lovely.. I’ll definitely ask my stylist on the hair salon to view these holiday hair styles for professional recommendation on what will be the best hair style that will fit my facial structure :)

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  13. This is actually very useful. I’ve learned to do my own hair a long time ago but I must admit that I still don’t have it all figured out yet. I still need some new input in order to improve my style in different ways. I have a personal hairdressers adelaide to make it when it’s rush though, it’s quite convenient.

    • The holiday hair tutorial is shared on the post here. Know all about it
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  14. so lovely..thank you for sharing.. |ti

  15. Yessssss I’m in the process of revamping how I style my hair and this is providing me with some great motivation!

  16. I love those twisty buns. I’m so rubbish at doing my own hair! :(

  17. I finally mastered the Messy French Bun–thank you Joanna–these tutorials are wonderful!

  18. The messy side ponytail is my favourite! And the only hairdo of your 14 tutorials that I can do without bobbypins injuries!!! ;-)

  19. Love these looks! Could you do a short hair tutorial sometime? I have a pixie cut, and I am always wondering what products are best to use. I have trouble finding styling products that give my hair texture without making it look spiky or stiff. Just a post with a bunch of cute pixie cuts that I could show my stylist would also be great. Swanks!

  20. Alas! If only I had long straight hair :o) Bring on the short and curly tutorials!!

  21. I can’t wait for your gift guide to begin! It’s always so fun and inspiring.

  22. Yay for the gift guide! I need some help this year.

  23. This is literally my favourite post! Absolutely love it.
    Each and every one of them is lovely, everyone at work will be shocked when I wear each of these for the next two weeks…
    Jenni xo

  24. Love the messy buns tutorials! I will have to try these different styles than my usual sumo wrestler top bun :)

  25. Ahh all in one place beautiful. I shall bookmark this post :) cheers Jo X

  26. I love hair tutorials or tutorials of any kind but I rarely get them right! LOL! But these are fantastic. I will surely try some of them.

    Divine Confessions

  27. Love playing with my hair and have a few holiday shindigs coming up! :) x

  28. I wish you (and every other blog) would do a few hair styles that someone with slightly shorter hair can pull off. My hair is a couple inches past my shoulders but I can’t do most of these. Also, some hairstyles down instead of up always?

    • ditto. i need ideas for my short hair too!

  29. love these!!!

  30. The messy side ponytail ALWAYS comes in handy when your hair is dirty. I spray it with dry shampoo and pin it up. Works well and people compliment me on my dirty hair :)

  31. will definitely be making use of this ….thanks for the round up will be playing around with these all evening !

  32. All of these are so beautiful!! I have such long hair and styling it takes forever but it is so thick that some of these styles cant even contain it…I am going to try them. This list is very comprehensive, Thanks for posting!


    The Criminally Expensive

  33. Thanks for doing this round-up. I’m growing my hair out of a bob now…can’t wait to go back to being able to do these styles again. I especially love that messy French bun.

  34. This post is sure going to come in handy!!

    Thanks for sharing!

    -Sarah {}

  35. Any chance that you could do a hair tutorial for shorter hair? My hair comes halfway between my chin and shoulders (and is slightly layered), so it is too short to do any of these. Oh, but they are so, so beautiful (and so is your friend!). How do some people make beauty look so easy? So jealous. :-)

    • Ditto this!

  36. Ooh, thank you for making a round up of all of these. I’ve been experimenting with my hair more and more recently, and it’s gotten to the point where it’s successful about 30% of the time instead of 3% of the time. :) Thanks!

  37. Aww, they are all brilliant and the three twisted buns make my heart skip a beat. It’s so romantic yet so easy:) Kisses

  38. I love these tutorials! They are so pretty, and easy enough to follow. Thanks for posting again, I will be trying out the three twisted buns for a holiday party!