A Braided Crown

I’m excited to share another hair tutorial! Heidi braids, which go across the top of your head, are beautiful, but my friend Caroline wears hers in a different way: like a crown circling around her head. What a breezy summer style! She looks like a Danish princess. So I invited her over to explain how to do them, and the wonderful Jamie Beck took photographs.

Here are Caroline’s steps, if you’d like to try it out…
1. First, part your hair into two sections. To make the look softer, I like to make a diagonal part in the front (starting sort of near the arch of my left eyebrow, going towards the middle of the crown) and then bring the part straight down the back.

2. Braid the two ponytails, and secure each with a small rubber band.

3. Make sure the tops of the braids are pretty loose (you don’t want that part pulled too tight or you’ll be able to see the part line going down the back).

4. Take the braid on the right and wrap it around the front. Wrap it low and loose near your front hairline (versus on the top of your head).

5. Pin the braid in place with bobby pins. I like to use mini ones, but if you have thick or unruly hair, bigger pins will work better.

6. Take the second braid and wrap it around the back. Again, I like to keep it low and loose so it sort of flows into the front braid.

7. Pin in place. If your hair is long enough, tuck the end of each braids behind the other braid (right where they meet) and pin to hold. Voila!

What do you think, my darlings? These pretty braids are perfect for summer bike rides and taking photos around town. (Your hair stays out of your face, but you still look adorable.) Thank you so much, Caroline and Jamie. xoxo

P.S. Three past hair tutorials, including the perfect ponytail!

(Photos by the fabulous Jamie Beck for Cup of Jo. Caroline’s jewelry is from her own line Brvtvs. She also used this hairspray to make her hair shiny.)

  1. I think this hair style makes a woman sexy, I’ll try it in my hair and use along with my perfume 212 Sexy. I think it will give a good combination of feminine beauty.

  2. I tried this for a school day and it was lovely… except I kept having to re-pin it. Any tips on getting it to stay better?

  3. Hey there! Any chance to see a picture of her gorgeous hair down? I love the ombre!

  4. you’re so beautiful D: I want a little bit of your perfection

  5. LOVE this. I will definitely be trying this! Lovely!

  6. Very cute! I’m growing my hair out and this is a look that I’d like to try.

  7. Awesome!… You looking so beautiful in different hair style’s…thanks for sharing.

  8. Anonymous says...

    I LOVE what you’ve been doing with C’s hair of late! One question, is that her natural color brown (root to mid-shaft)? — it looks like an impossible color to match. SOOOOO beautiful!

  9. gorgeous and simple . a great combination . thanks

  10. This is my favorite tutorial yet! I love all of them of course but this one sooo lovely. I’m quite sad though, I thought my hair was long enough for this but when I tested it out this morning.. FAIL. My hair falls to the middle of my back/to the middle of my.. ahem, chest. but when i braided it and swung it along my forehead, the end of my braid barely made it to the top of my head :/ Am I doing it wrong?

  11. Aw, so cute! I think my hair is a little short though?! I will attempt it nonetheless!

  12. TJ says...

    Nice style!

  13. This would be awesome for summer. And quite easy too.

  14. Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing – I can’t wait to try it out!

  15. Do you know how or what program was used to create the animated gif at the end? I love seeing these lately, anthropologie had some in their spring ads this year too.

  16. A friend sent this to me, and as a result, I am wearing this right now. I feel like a million bucks. Thank you so much for sharing!

  17. Mia says...

    Doesn’t work with waist-length hair. :(

  18. I heart braids and been trying different kinds!! So this tutorial is perfect!! The gif at the end of the post is cute =p


  19. Awrrr… I love this tut! Really got me into braids again! Thanks

  20. I saw your site through because I’m addicted.

    Omg! Caroline is my old client! Please tell her Anna from Chaz Dean in Hollywood said hello and that I miss playing with her hair!! Thank you <3

    Love the photos!!


  21. I can’t wait to try this hairstyle out! Also, I love the .gif, those are SO COOL.