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  2. Don’t. cardigans are a time-stamped trend, but your photos last forever.

    • All wedding outfits are a time-stamped trend.

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  19. I wore a yellow cardigan for my outdoor reception in April. It was so me. It’s just my style. I loved it :) Had to take it off once dancing happened though!

  20. Absolutely a do. They all look gorgeous!

  21. Do or don’t? I did.

  22. Do or don’t? I did.

  23. The 4th couple down with the scarf and two-toned wedding dress– I sent the picture to my best friend telling her that is what I wanted my wedding dress to look like next year, but I had no idea where to get something like that. She texted back and told me that she knows that couple because she went to college with them! Now I can ask her directly where she got it. Thanks for posting it so I could make that connection!!

  24. I never go sleeveless so have knit a matching cropped cardi to wear with my strapless dress & plan to wear it for both ceremony and reception next November. To dress it up I’m beading the trim to match the belt and neckline details of the dress so it looks more like an ensemble and less like an afterthought.

    So glad this is now a trend–not that I wouldn’t have done it anyway!

  25. Aw, that’s so lovely ^_^ .

  26. We traveled by boat from our wedding to our reception so I wore a cardigan over my dress for that part of the day.

    It was a necessity more than a conscious choice although I’ve always loved the contrast between formal/evening dresses and cardigans. (And it ended up being a breezy day so I was pleased to have it.)

    This post has made me wish a little that I had chosen a cardigan that could play more of a starring role in my bridal outfit.

    Thanks for sharing Joanna x

  27. I did a cardi for my wedding! A very delicate, light teal wool cardi on top of my me-made ivory silk dupioni dress. It was cold (late October) and the ceremony was outside so I had to wear a sweater. And you know I think it looks really cute, cozy and natural… less fussy! I love all the ones pictured here!

    And I TOTALLY cried when saying my vows. I couldn’t help it. I just felt everything I was saying, the vows I had written especially for my husband, and it made me weepy with joy.

  28. I dream of having a fall wedding and would totally rock a cardigan to ward off the chill!! The first photo is my favorite. It is the kind of lovely that makes my heart ache a little bit, in a good way.

    I did not cry at my first wedding, and I think that’s because I knew it wasn’t right … but I know I’ll cry when I marry Matt!!

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  30. I wore a yellow cardigan with a jewelled Marchesa dress for my wedding this year….it was a really lovely soft thin cashmere one, and kept me warm in the evening when we were outdoors in the desert. I loved the contrast of the yellow and soft knit with the voluminous big silk skirt… it kind of looked like a 2 piece!

  31. I wore a yellow cardigan with a jewelled Marchesa dress for my wedding this year….it was a really lovely soft thin cashmere one, and kept me warm in the evening when we were outdoors in the desert. I loved the contrast of the yellow and soft knit with the voluminous big silk skirt… it kind of looked like a 2 piece!

  32. B says...

    There are no dos and don’ts for weddings, as long as it’s good for the two of you.

  33. I love it! But I prefer more non-traditional looks to begin with! I think I prefer the one with the umbrella, but also the light blue cardigan suits that bride so well!

  34. I think it could work if done right! I like the women with the umbrella! I think that one looks best


  35. Such beautiful brides!
    I didn´t have a cardigan when I got married on a very cold September day in 2008…so I think wearing a cardigan with your wedding dress is a great idea and it looks gorgeous.
    M x

  36. Gorgeous post! I love the mint green one in the fields. I’ve been having a wedding fever lately…A good number of my friends have been getting married one after the other this year. They all look gorgeous in their wedding dress that I can’t help but day-dream about my own. I always wanted a beach wedding, but after seeing this post, I’m thinking a fall wedding over a blanket of maples leaves would be just as beautiful. Thank you, Joanna.

  37. Oh my goodness I’m in love! I’m getting married in early March of 2014, so this would be so pretty in either wintery weather or the fresh air of spring!

    I love this idea so much I had to sneak some of these pictures for my own wedding blog. :)

  38. Ah that first couple are my good friends!! How exciting to see their photo on your blog, all the way from Canada! They got married at a small ceremony on one of the gulf islands in BC. Beautiful! That photo melts my heart, every time.