Rainy Wedding

I keep coming back to this rainy wedding in a California barn. The couple looks so blissful, and I’m in love with the bride’s cream-colored wrap cardigan.

P.S. Apparently when they rowed to the middle of the lake, it was just a drizzle…then suddenly the skies opened up! What a cute candid moment.

(Photos by Braedon Photography)

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  5. The pictures are fabulous. I remembered my wedding while watching these pictures. Really , that days are memorable in my life..

  6. It’s stunning. The couple really looks to be in love, and her dresses are beautiful. The wrap is cute too.

  7. how great that they didn’t let the rain ruin their picture in a boat, instead turned it into an amazing snapshot. really sweet.

  8. lovely couple & a very natural wedding.I loved their ease and coolness ,just enjoying their big day.

  9. I love how they embraced the rain and just went along with mother nature…not many couples would have that reaction! What a fun shoot

  10. Gotta love a wedding at DP Ranch my favorite location in Santa Barbara! (You should see the 1880 house on the property, gorgeous)

  11. this is precious.

  12. What a gorgeous couple! I love these pics, exactly what wedding pics should look like. And the bride…love everything from the hair to the dress. The rain could’ve added a damper on things but this couple makes me want to get married on a rainy day:) They bought the sunshine!

  13. Anonymous says...

    Wow! Was there been a better wedding shoot in 2009. Perfect combination of beautiful couple, exquisite taste, rainy day, couple joyfully embracing rain and talented photographer.

  14. this is beautiful!

  15. To have a man who will proclaim to the world that he loves you…not via a pre-written vow, but to the pouring rain. That’s romance, right there. :)

  16. Hey awesome man!!!Cool pics….Loved every bit of it..

    This is one of the coolest shoots ever! I love the vision!
    Cabo Wedding Photographer

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  18. She looks like Kiera Knightly in Love Actually!

  19. very touching- what a beautiful couple they are

  20. I’m not sure how I’d handle the rain but I certainly love that bouquet! Happy New Year to you my dear!

  21. I love that they are reveling in rather than despairing over the weather! And cloudy days are better for photos anyway . . .

  22. What a beautiful set of wedding photos! Our older daughter and her hubby had a Dec 31, 2008 wedding that turned out amazing! And thier phtographer did an outstanding job. They went to their “mini-moon” to New York City and this one year anniversary, her hubby is surprising her by flying them back to New York. (her blog is

    Mele Kalikimaka & Hau’oli Makahiki Hou! (Hawaiian for Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!)

    Blessings & aloha!

  23. GORGEOUS WEDDING!! I had a bright summer wedding, I’d love to do it all over again and have a sweet, cozy wedding like this.

  24. Anonymous says...

    Joanna, do you know where this lovely bride’s dress is from? I would LOVE to know!!

  25. Joanna you always find and post the best photography websites. Thanks so much for sharing! Your blog is a encyclopedia :)

  26. Katie says...

    Those are amazing shots… and I agree, the dress is beautiful

  27. I LOVE it– what a great illustration of unstoppable optimism and determination to have a great day! :)

    And yes, the photo on the lake is one in a million.

  28. Awww I LOVE these photos, thanks for posting! I love your blog; I just stumbled across it yesterday and had to follow! :) Have a very happy new year.

  29. Ok, if I could have a wedding that looked this fun I might want to plan another wedding. The coolest bit; it doesn’t look planned.

  30. How darling! I love how happy they look! Like nothing could ruin their day. Beautiful! xo.

  31. This is the most gorgeous wedding that I have ever seen! Truly.

  32. so beautiful! i agree about the cream colored cardigan, very chic. i love the jars of flowers as well, they are super pretty.

  33. Anonymous says...

    I love her wrap too!

  34. so precious! i’d like to imagine this is the first scene of a beautiful story they are starting together where they laugh and smile during all the rainy parts…:) the sweater is to die for!

  35. oh my gosh she’s adorable! so gorgeous!! and the wedding is amazing!

  36. Beautiful wedding! My husband and I took wedding pictures in a rowboat – my hubby is brave, because he can’t swim and all I thought about was having to jump in the lake in my wedding dress and pull him to shore.

  37. So rad that they turned the rainy weather into something special…And I LOVE rowboats at weddings.

  38. Wow, definitely a risky move. As much as I love being enveloped in rain, in my wedding dress, the hair and make-up that I paid for, the shoes, and everything else, I don’t think I’d be too happy. But then again, what can you really do? You can’t exactly push back the event to the next day, might as well make it your best.

  39. I love-love-love that first photo! Its so cute, it almost makes me want a rainy wedding! (But only almost)

  40. Thank you for sharing — and what a breath of fresh air! There’s a line from “The Lion in Winter”: “Nothing in life has any business being perfect.” This lovely, lucky couple seems to have taken that to heart and found something in the beauty of imperfection that will serve them well throughout their lives together.

  41. I have looked at this wedding like 50 times this week! It’s so cute.

  42. Her cardigan is so timeless and lovely! She looks almost like a modern Jane Austen character… This wedding made me swoon the moment I saw it. Such wonderful inspiration for my upcoming wedding!
    XX Kate

  43. These are beautiful even more so because of the rain!:)-Jennifer

  44. i know, melisa!!! every year would work for me :)

  45. It’s so BEAUTIFUL, and it gives you a happy feeling inside.

  46. I love that these two made the most of the rain. They got so many absolutely incredible photos from being willing to get a bit wet…a metaphor for all of life, no?

  47. I love love LOVE this!! Such a beautiful photo… & an adorable couple!

  48. I want a wrap like that even if I am getting married in August!

  49. Really lovely! I wish I could say I would have been this graceful if it rained on my day!

  50. Not to mention they’re both drop-dead gorgeous! Doesn’t it make you want to get married every year? I tried asking Paul if we could do it all over again but he wasn’t quite as enthused by the idea.

  51. what a beauty!
    everything looks great. and she looks incredible natural.

  52. This gorgeous wedding looks straight out of the movie “The Notebook.” And they look so happy! Made me smile.

  53. What a pretty ballerina cardigan…

  54. oooh, megan, good to know! thank you!

  55. I fell in love with those photos too! A great way to keep a wedding beautiful despite the not-so-beautiful weather. xoxo

  56. WOW! So. Lovely. And Charming with a capital C! Makes me want to re-do my own wedding day, it’s so perfect. Thanks for sharing

  57. The cardigan is such a good idea!!!

  58. this is such a beautiful wedding! i hope you had a lovely christmas!

  59. Oh she is such a doll. I would LOVE to have it rain on my wedding. It’s supposed to be a good omen, right?? :)

  60. Ohhhh romantic

  61. I really can’t imagine a more adorable place, or charming atmosphere to have one’s wedding than in a barn during a drizzle. Tres adorable!! :)

  62. These pictures are gorgeous! This makes me think of my wedding day and everyone around me freaking out that it might rain… I didn’t really care one way or the other because we’d just have a good laugh if it did hehe

  63. oh my gosh, they are so cute! and she looks remarkably put together after being out in the rain….even with an umbrella! they say rain is good luck!

  64. They are gorgeous!

  65. Ohh I agree, this is just far too pretty. She’s absolutely stunning, but really it’s her smile that gets me. She looks positively radiant and elated to be celebrating her new marriage. Love love.

  66. That girl is gorgeous! If I could have one speck of her beauty on my wedding day, I think I’d be satisfied.

    Also, she really has some guts rowing out into the lake wearing that white dress… If that was me, I wouldn’t look glowing and happy, I’d look ashen and panicked. “Dont.Tip.The.Boat!”

  67. I absolutely love this wedding, and the wrap is from anthropologie. I saw it when I was there yesterday.

  68. The first picture is breathtaking!! To me it reads TRUE LOVE – I HAVE FOUND IT!

  69. oh god, these are so romantic pics!!

  70. yes, she does look like a ballerina!

  71. She’s is so beautiful and I love the ballerina style of her dress and cardigan.

  72. rain or shine…love is still in the air~JOY*