My friend Jenny is expecting her first baby (a little girl!) in September, but as her bump grew, she didn’t know what to wear. So! Just for fun, we decided to do a little makeover…


“Since I work in fashion, it’s my job to ‘look the part,’ ” says Jenny, the senior fashion sales director of style website Refinery29. “But now that I’m pregnant, I have that moment every morning where I open my closet doors and just stare…” She was relying on flowy tops and leggings, but needed something more elegant for work.

Happily, HATCH, the gorgeous maternity collection based in New York, offered Jenny three pretty pieces to round out her wardrobe, and the lovely Kelsey Foster took photos…

Here, Jenny wears the Afternoon Dress in navy. “I wear larger necklaces and jewelry now that I’m pregnant,” she says, since they help balance out her bump. (Btw, how cool is it that she can bring her dog to work?!)

Here, Jenny wears the Dinner Party Dress in tan stripes. “Bright nail polish also makes me feel more pulled together when I’m pregnant,” she says.

Finally, Jenny wears the ADORABLE jumper. How cute does she look?! She wore a chunky necklace and sky-high heels to make the look feel chic and grown-up. (Tip: She made her awesome bun with a rad bun donut! They come in small and large.)

If you are pregnant (or have been), what did you like to wear? I wore the same blue V-neck every day. :)

P.S. My Pregnancy Survival Guide, and more maternity wear.

(Photos by Kelsey Foster. HATCH is a Cup of Jo sponsor; Hatch did not pay an extra fee for this post, but did generously provide the clothes for this post. Additional thanks to B Bar for letting us take the final shots on their shady patio.)