Baby Belly

Since those Jenga photos a couple days ago mysteriously hid my giant belly, here’s a shot that I took that same night to send to my mom. (I wasn’t going to post it because I have a weird expression and the lighting is all yellow, but oh well, here you are!) I snapped it in our living-room mirror while Alex was cooking dinner.

Recently the baby has been kicking SO much, and it is ridiculously cute. He’s so kicky that if I lean back while watching TV, my tummy will actually ripple, like waves in the ocean. It’s really sci-fi and awesome to watch him bumping around, and, needless to say Alex and I find it endlessly endearing.

Thank you so much for being so sweet, as always; it’s such a treat to share everything with you. xo

  1. Oh my goodness. You are so gorgeous. Please make more babies.

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  4. You’re beautiful! Did you know a pregnant woman produces extra collagen (which is why so many pregnant women look so good)? Isn’t that the coollest?!

  5. you’ve got that glow!!! just beautiful and your bump is super cute!!!

  6. Comment # 192:

    OMG YOU ARE HUGE (how did I miss this post?!)! haha, this might be the only ok time to say that without horrific backlash. You look just beautiful, I can’t wait to meet ’em! It’s so close!


  7. you are so incredibly beautiful.. pregnancy suits you my dear…xo t

  8. This is exactly what they mean when they say you have that baby glow. You look beautiful!

  9. J says...

    Sorry-I was signed in under my husband’s account!
    That was JENNIFER, not Jeremiah!!


  10. I really miss that! We could make an evening of watching my belly do amazing tricks! It was so awe inspiring to know that the tiny human we made was alive and kicking inside me, I still will never get over that.
    I’m so happy for you, that you get to experience the joy
    of being pregnant! It’s wonderful and enjoy it. I’m sure you’ve received tons of unsolicited advice, as I did, but really enjoy this time, before you know it you’ll be spooning mashed sweet potatoes into his little wide-open mouth and wonder, “Gee, how did that happen?” Every stage is pretty great though!


  11. Anonymous says...

    You look GORGEOUS. Your face is glowing.

  12. you look amazing!

  13. :) I love babies! You and Alex are going to be a great parents!

  14. I have to repeat, you look so pretty especially showing off that baby bump! :)

  15. You look amazing! I hope when I finally have kids I will look half as great as you do! :)

  16. Aww, you have the cute baby bump! I dread that if I ever have a baby, I will just get wide. :)

  17. Question: could you be any cuter?! Your belly’s like a teensy tiny bowling ball! You look fantastic. So happy for you, Jo, and glad you’re feeling well!! xo

  18. you look beautiful!

  19. Jeej a picture of your (still) growing belly! I was wondering how it was looking now! You look great!