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  3. I’d go for the funky way of choosing clothes. I’ve been too formal when going to the office, wearing long-sleeved blouses and some skirts. I’ve found a blog about fashion stuff where they say that even in pregnancy, belts are a good choice when mixing and matching. Oh, I like the bag in the classic way, though.

  4. katy says...

    Great article. I’m currently sporting a tube dress and sneakers with my 8 month bump. I don’t usually do this but as it’s relevant here goes. I’ve just done some design work for this great rainwear brand in the UK. gorgeous stuff and perfect for wearing over your baby bump.

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  6. Jean Godfrey-June is my all-time favorite magazine writer. I always turn to her page first when I get my Lucky in the mail. The way she writes just makes me giggle, it is so perfect! And now I can add style inspiration to the list. Such a cute piece.

  7. Jean Godfrey-June is my all-time favorite magazine writer. I always turn to her page first when I get my Lucky in the mail. The way she writes just makes me giggle, it is so perfect! And now I can add style inspiration to the list. Such a cute piece.

  8. ps. my friend used to wear her husband’s white button-down shirts with a skinny belt right above her belly/under her boobs. was so cute!

  9. christine, i agree about skirts! and alice, i’m not sure which year it’s from…you’re so right about these style staying classic :)

  10. I like the funky way best!

  11. My baby is seven now — and I think maternity fashion has just gotten better and better since then. I wore a good portion of my own clothes as much as possible along with maternity jeans and vintage finds that were big enough to accommodate my belly.

    I think the skirt outfit is cute, but for some reason, when I was pregnant, I always felt that I looked really weird in skirts. Dresses were okay — I wore lots of nice airy hippie dresses — but not skirts.

  12. i love anne’s style! especially those badass thorn earrings. just curious- what year is this from? i swear i saw this years ago (like 2004) when i still got lucky (magazine that is- theres no way to say that without it sounding bad…) and loving it back then. goes to show you, striped shirts and ballet flats always look good!

  13. Half of my maternity wardrobe are regular clothes. I bought clothes from my favorite brands with a cut that could adapt to my growing belly. I am 29 weeks and it works great so far.

    As a Canadian, I notice a big difference in the choices we have. I spot way more stylish maternity wear in the USA than in Canada. I bought most of maternity clothes in NYC.

  14. those jeans are great for pregs or not! :) they look soft and flattering.

  15. Oh, by the way, there’s an etsy seller who makes really nice rose thorn jewelry, if anyone’s interested. I have a necklace and it’s awesome. Here are her rose thorn stud earrings:

  16. I didn’t realize Anne was an illustrator along with being such a terrific designer– she is multi-talented! My favorite maternity item (many years ago now) was a men’s red flannel cowboy shirt. :)

  17. i would so love to be an illistrator…sigh. she seems super duper cool!

  18. Great little feature! I really like the two very different takes on embracing pregnancy without compromising your style.

  19. there are so many good maternity options out there now. thank goodness it’s no longer just baby doll dresses! i often find myself coveting the maternity options at target. such cute stuff… one day i’ll get to scoop them up :)

  20. Wow..isn’t that a coincidence! I was just checking out that blog and it’s really unique. Do you have a favorite gift that you’ve bought for Toby for Christmas…I’m sure it’s so exciting!
    Julie xo

  21. When my friend was pregnant with her twins she had the hardest time finding clothes that would look cute on her and she would feel comfy wearing so she started to wear her hubby’s shirts and sweaters with a pair of maternity pants. She looked amazing:)…That is such a great post! Kisses

  22. Thank you for this post. I’ve been trying to make my pre-maternity clothes work (21 weeks today) but I’m starting to push it with certain things and get a little frustrated now that my options at home are dwindling. This couldn’t have come at a better time!

  23. I’m 24 weeks along, and so far I’ve survived on only 2 pairs of maternity jeans. It’s been an interesting challenge to work around the belly, and I have to spend a little more time than I like planning my outfits, but it’s a money saver in the long run!

  24. Cute story!! I think it looks so much better when women embrace their baby bump :) Why hide it? I think it’s so cute♥

    I think my wardrobe is more like Anne… although I would love to look classy like Jean… which one are you more like??