So. Last Saturday, Alex and I took a trapeze class, and it was wild…

So. Last Saturday, Alex and I took a trapeze class, and it was wild

We had signed up months earlier, during an alcohol-fueled moment of bravery. “Let’s do it!” I suggested, after a boozy dinner one night. “Yes!” agreed Alex, momentarily forgetting his pathological fear of heights. So we registered for the class, joking that it would like an episode The Bachelor, where a couple will do scary things (climb bridges, go spelunking) on their first date and get so invigorated by the end that their endorphins are flowing and they’re suddenly madly in love.

So, months passed, and finally we found ourselves at the New York Trapeze School last Saturday evening, with our friend Rebecca, who had kindly agreed to take a few photos. Note that the school is on the roof of a building, which makes the trapeze itself feel even higher!

We took off our shoes and put harnesses snugly around our waists. Then we learned how to reach for the trapeze one hand at a time. The other students were two former gymnasts and five friends from Montreal, who were on a weekend bachelorette party.

Alex hardly said a word. He mostly just looked like he was going to throw up. I asked him if he was scared, and he said no, but I knew better. Heights are his big phobia–as much as elevators and subways are mine. Seriously, what a champ.

Then it was go time. The platform suddenly looked very high.

Up I went! You climb a steep ladder, pull yourself onto the platform and put chalk on your hands to keep them from sweating. Then you put your hands on the trapeze, while an instructor holds you back. I was surprised by how heavy the trapeze felt–it almost pulled you off the platform.

And then I…jumped! When you fly through the air, you’re supposed to curl your legs against your chest, so that they’ll naturally swing under the bar, allowing you to hang upside down from your legs. This, above, is the highest my legs went:)

Then the instructor yells, “Hep!” and you drop the bar and sit down, so you land safely in the net. It was invigorating and terrifying at the same time.

Next it was Alex’s turn. He climbed the ladder slowly, and on the platform, I could see his face had turned white as a ghost. I wondered if he’d climb back down–trust me when I say that heights are literally his number one fear. But then he JUMPED! YAY!

Everyone went a few times. The other students were doing knee hangs and flips. “I feel like I’m flying!” one girl said, “It’s the best feeling!” But Alex and I just continued to swing out and then drop. Still, we were proud of ourselves for trying!

In the end, Alex and I sat together, laughing about how we were wusses and couldn’t do all the tricks. We bonded not over conquering our fears like Bachelor contestants, but instead over being equally lame. In its own weird way, it was a great and hilarious date night. And we also realized a new thing we shared: a hatred for trapeze. :)

Would you take a trapeze class? Yes, or no way? Seriously, I would highly recommend it, especially if you’re braver than we are:) A trapeze class would make an amazing for a birthday present or thrilling date. And the evening class is particularly gorgeous, since you’re flying through the sky during the sunset. xoxo

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(Photos by our friend Rebecca Baust from The Daily Muse–Thanks, Rebecca!)