Three years ago, before our honeymoon, Alex gave me a giant sun hat. He insisted that I wear it at the beach to shield my (very) pale skin. Every summer since then, I’ve worn my trusty hat everywhere: at the water, on boats, on hikes and just hanging out with friends outside. Not only does it protect your face from the sun (which is SO important), it also feels glamorous and feminine.

If you want to go for a plain straw hat, like Brigitte Bardot or the gorgeous lady above, you can find lovely ones here, here and here. Here are six more pretty hats…

1. Orange-tipped hat, 2. Yellow striped hat, 3. Floral hat, 4. Blue hat, 5. Red hat, 6. Fedora.

This is my hat. What I love about this particular hat is that it’s big and floppy but also structured, so you can shape it however you’d like when you put it on. (Alex chose well! And my sister now has one, too.)

Do you have a floppy summer hat? Which of these would you choose?

(Round-up layout by Alyson/Unruly Things for Cup of Jo. Top photo of Pina Bausch by Walter Vogel)