The funniest thing we discovered in Amsterdam was definitely this classic children’s book. The title? “About a Little Mole Who Wants to Know Who It Was that Pooped on its Head.” Look inside…

Written by a German author, the book tells the story of a mole who wakes up to discover poop on this head. Furious, the mole sets out to discover who did it…

He approaches various animals–birds, cows, rabbits, horses, pigs–and asks them if they pooped on his head. To prove their innocence, the animals poop so that the mole will see that their poop looks different! (!!!)

Finally, he comes across a dog and realizes he has found his culprit.

To get his revenge, the mole (you guessed it) poops on the dog’s head.

That’s it! How hilarious/awesome is that? I LOVE that it’s a classic. We of course brought a copy home for Toby, who doesn’t understand it right now, but it will no doubt be his favorite book once he wises up.

Have you ever heard of it? Did you read it when you were little? You can find it in English here. It’s officially my new go-to birthday present for little dudes:)

(Photos by Laura Ratliff for Cup of Jo. Thanks, Laura and Ryan!)