The other morning, I gave my hair a makeover…

My hair was looking terrible (Toby agreed:), and I wanted to do something for myself. Partly to combat winter blues, partly for a relaxing break, partly to look my best, partly just for fun, I gave myself a special treat and went to Drybar

Drybar is a salon just for blow outs. Have you heard of it? A stylist blow dries your hair so it looks gorgeous, for a price tag of about $35, depending on your city. The splurge isn’t just about your hair (which can last for two days if you sleep very still), but also about the rad experience. First, when you arrive, the salon is really pretty, with cookies and flowers in the waiting area.

The stylist washes your hair, gives you a 10-minute head massage if you’d like, and brings you a cup of tea or coffee. (I chose mint.)

While the stylist dries your hair–which takes about 30 minutes depending on the length–you get to watch a movie! The Holiday was playing when I was there, which was a funny one to watch. Kate Winslet is the best (and Jude Law is such a cad).

The final result! I instantly looked polished, even in jeans and sneakers, and felt pretty for the rest of the day. :)

Drybar would be great before a hot date, party or wedding, or if you just need a little breather from work, babies, life:) I’m keeping it in mind for future birthday gifts (it would make a great bridesmaids or new mama gift!). I’d also love to take my sister when she next comes to town. Have you ever been? Would you want to? xoxo