1. Anonymous says...

    Could you tell us how long hair needs to be for hairstyles. I have medium length hair and it’s thick, so I don’t know if any of the styles will work. Thanks!!

    P.S. All the hairstyles are GORGEOUS!!

  2. all those hairstyles are oh so beautiful! i bookmarked this page for future reference hehee

  3. best. post. ever.

  4. These hairstyles are amazing and the tutorials are easy to follow. Thank you for for all the great ideas! :)
    I will definitely be placing your link on my blog.

  5. thank you so much for the sharing. I love this post very much as I have always wanted to do something like these

  6. Thanks for all of the hair-do ideas! I love that they all work for a night out or a lazy day :)

  7. thanks jo! these are wonderful!

  8. really like the photos, you look very pretty! :)



  9. A little like Inspiration partout I really need to have a go at these.

    X x

    Ps any uk blogger don’t forget to enter my blog birthday give away.X

  10. Really want to try some.

  11. ive been needing some hair-spiration. thanks!!

  12. Erica says...

    I have been agonizing over how to perfect the “messy french bun” for years given my straight, thin, yet plentiful hair. I FINALLY rocked it and got a compliment the minute I walked out the door. I will officially be rockin this look for the next month. It’s also a great way to disguise those much-needed touch ups on highlights that a grad student like myself tries to hide for as long as possible.

    Thank you for the fabulous tips!

  13. love the visuals! i tried the gibson roll and started twisting even sooner and it created what my sister and i like to call our ‘pride and prejudice’ looks

  14. I recently cut my hair and am kinda regretting it. I have no idea what to do with it. Would love a post on hairstyles for shoulder-length hair!

  15. Oh man … I’m missing my long hair again.

  16. great idea! I love these hairstyles!

  17. My favourite is the three twisted ones. I’ve been doing it since this July, and everybody adores it. Definetely gonna wear it to the office party; I wear my hair really messy normally :P

  18. Very cute ideas!

  19. Three twisted buns – my favorite one :D

  20. I LOVE the twisted buns!

  21. Thanks for the reminder. P.S. loved the feature on Refinery today!

  22. these are gorgeous! i wonder if i can actually pull these off on my own?

  23. I always love your hair posts! :)

  24. I’ve never known of these hairstyles by their formal names, but I love so many of them, especially the chestnut bun. I think I’m going to give it the a try.

  25. Anything for super curly haired chicas? Sniff…

  26. nicole, thank you!! so excited to be on their site:)

  27. awww, love+cupcakes, that’s so sweet!

  28. haha, erin, i know! i LOVE that chair! thanks for these sweet comments. so fun to know you guys are doing these for dates, weddings, parties, just for fun! :) more to come in 2012!!

  29. I’ve LOVED all of your hair tutorials and have actually used them on several occasions. In fact, just the other day, I wore my hair in a pretzel braid and met my husband for dinner and the first thing he said to me was, “cute hair”!

  30. Oh my… I love the 3 twisted buns. Now to see if my skills can pull it off!

  31. I remember when these first popper up on your blog! She made me insanely jealous of her perfectly ombre’d hair!

  32. Perfect holiday hair tutorials. I needed these!

  33. The three buns has been my go to hairstyle since you first posted it! Thanks for all the lovely hair tips!

  34. Great ideas, but my short and curly hair it’s a chaos :)

  35. I love each of these tutorials!


  36. They are all so cute! Thanks for sharing.

  37. H says...

    Oh, I always look forward to these, my favorite is the messy side ponytail!

  38. I love these, Joanna!

    And congrats on the R29 feature! LOVED IT!

  39. I so needed these tips. Thanks for sharing!

  40. Your Nightwood chair is stealing the shot on that second picture (no offense to Caroline’s adorable hair twists).

  41. so great!

  42. These are all so gorgeous.

    Come and stop by my blog for some Christmas 80’s hair throw backs, benders and crimpers included!

    Certainly not as classy as these!


  43. I went to a wedding this past weekend and did the gibson roll. It was so beautiful and I got lots of compliments, people couldn’t believe I had done it myself. I LOVE the hair tutorials, I would love to see more sometime :)

  44. I adore the three twisted buns. It’s such a snazzy do:) Have a great Monday. xo

  45. these are all so pretty, I hope I can muster up enough coordination to pull some of them off this season! thanks for putting them all in one place!